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   Chapter 159 Exposure of Identity

A Lifetime Love By Liu Lici Characters: 9862

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Wendy received a call from Gretel, "Bride, shouldn't you be with your husband at this time? Why did you call me? "

"Wendy, I just saw you talking with Addy? Do you know each other? "

Wendy said, "She and I were classmates in primary school. What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. I just want to tell you that you have to be careful of this person. She has a lot of ideas. I'm afraid she'll cause you some trouble. "

"Oh? You don't like her? She is your husband's cousin. "

Gretel said, "Well, don't blame me for not reminding you. She is more likely to have a crush on your man. Just now, she asked her brother to secretly take photos of you."

Wendy sat up in shock and asked, "What did you say? Did you really see it? "

"Why should I lie to you?"

"Well, I see. What does she do?"

"An entertainment reporter, a well-known paparazzi!"

Wendy's mind went blank. She should have checked the calendar when she went out today.

What she didn't know was that the news on micro-blog had exploded in such a short time.

On the top of the hot search, there was a title, "The daughter of a rich family has been regretted marrying. Is it possible that she has an affair before marriage?" The pictures were taken when Sam was whispering in her ear. They were taken from a very sharp angle and didn't take the figure of Addy. It seemed that a couple in love were whispering in each other's ears.

The dubbing not only revealed her family background, but also made her engagement with Marvin popular.

The words were extremely sharp, revealing that Wendy's private life was extremely chaotic. The article said she hooked up with two men and also involved the cause of David death. David died of brain bleeding because of Wendy's bad behavior.

The comments below were also full of curses and all kinds of offensive words.

Of course, Wendy didn't know that she had become an Internet celebrity.

When she came home, she found that Coral was sitting in the living room with a pale face.

"Mom? What's wrong with you? "

"Wendy, did you meet someone today?" Coral looked at her worriedly.

"Mom, are you..."

Coral opened the micro-blog app and put it in front of her. Wendy's eyes widened.

Sam grabbed her phone and asked, "Is that your primary school classmate?"

"It should be her..." Wendy said in a low voice.

"What primary school classmate?" Coral stood up.

"Mom, don't worry about it. Is there anything wrong with my sister?"

"She came back early in the morning and went out until now. I'm afraid she is in the company."

"I'll call her." Wendy dialed Camila's number, but no one answered.

She turned to look at Sam and said, "I'm afraid something bad will happen to our family again, you... You'd better go back first. "

Sam answered without hesitation, "I've already been one of the main characters of the accident. Now you want me to stay out of the trouble. It's obvious that I can't even protect my w

e the two were.

"Ladies and gentlemen, could you please ask me one by one? I will give you a satisfactory answer. "

The reporters swarmed up and surrounded Wendy. From time to time, there were flashlights on her face. Wendy was dizzy because of the light.

"Get out!" An angry roar came from the hall, and the mechanical sound of the noisy people immediately stopped.

Everyone turned around. In a huff, Marvin kicked down a chair, pushed them away and walked to [李婷].

"How dare you ignore my fiancee?" His voice sounded like he had been sleeping for a thousand years.

These reporters were all smart. They had heard of the name of Marvin. Although his family was founded in another province, the business will be flourishing if he married Wendy. Even if there was really something shameful about Wendy, he would not break off the engagement easily. After all, no one would refuse her in front of interests?

"I think there are some misunderstandings among the media. I have told you that my right leg can't stand up because of the car accident, so I have been doing rehabilitation treatment all the time. The man in the photo is my family doctor. Today I'm going to attend my good friend's wedding, and my doctor hasn't finished his daily task yet. He was asked by Marvin to accompany me to the wedding and took care of me all the way. I didn't expect that he would be so unreasonable really want to say sorry to my family doctor. "

The reporter asked, "Then why didn't Mr. Marvin go with you?"

Wendy looked at Marvin and said, "He's not like me. He needs to work. He's too busy to have time."

Marvin rubbed her hair, squatted down, held her hand and kissed it on the lips. "Sorry, it's my fault."

Wendy smiled back sweetly.

This scene, of course, didn't escape from the camera. It seemed to have stopped at that moment. The affectionate gaze of the two had been shown on TV all the time. Sam unconsciously clenched the remote control.

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