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   Chapter 158 Wedding

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The wedding venue was located in a hotel connecting city C and the neighboring city. It was not a big hotel, and the wedding site was very warm.

Wendy was pushed in by Sam. Gretel and the bridegroom were standing at the door to receive the guests. They were shocked to see Wendy. "What's wrong with you? Why are you sitting on the wheelchair? "

Wendy smiled, "Nothing. I just fell down accidentally. Wow, you are so beautiful today. " Wendy praised sincerely.

Gretel raised her eyebrows complacently, "You think so, don't you?"

"Yes. I've known you for so many years. You're the most beautiful girl today."

"Hey, what do you mean? I used to be ugly? " Gretel pretended to be angry.

Wendy immediately apologized, "No. No. The groom has a good taste."

"Dr. Sam also has a good taste." Gretel whispered in her ear in a voice that could only be heard by two people. "Dr. Sam, please have a seat inside."

Sam nodded politely, "Happy wedding."

"Come on in. Our friends have arrived. They are waiting for you."

As expected, as soon as Wendy entered the banquet hall, she heard someone called her, "Wendy, this way."

Unable to see where the person was, Sam pushed Wendy over.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? How long have I just left? Why did you end up like this? " Lily looked at the people in the wheelchair in shock. Her friends were all surprised. Wendy smiled and comforted them, "Nothing serious. I just fell down the stairs by accident. I need a wheelchair these days. It won't be long."

Only then did everyone feel relieved. They blamed her for being too careless. Wendy frowned and looked helpless.

Lily lowered her head and asked in a low voice, "Didn't you say that you had broken up with him? What's going on now? "

Wendy glanced at Sam and sighed, "It's hard to say."

Seeing that Dr. Sam was standing awkwardly, Rachel pulled him to a chair and said, "Oh, Dr. Sam, please sit down. What about? When will you have good news with Wendy? "

Wendy was choked.

"Ouch, Wendy is anxious." Ray always said inopportune words...

Sam patted Wendy's back and looked at her dotingly. "I'm okay with it. The sooner, the better. I just don't know what Wendy thinks. "

Wendy looked at him in horror, and then saw a group of gossip women staring at her like wolves and tigers.

"Well... I don't have such a plan yet. "

Christina said, "You don't have such a plan? Wendy, you have liked Dr. Sam for three or four years. Do you remember who was obsessed with his photos every morning? How could you say that you don't have such a plan now? "

Wendy regretted taking him here. If she had known it earlier, there would have been so much trouble.

It was no wonder that Ellen was good at fooling people. She said, "Wendy want to get married after her legs recover." Everyone stopped talking this topic.

"Really?" Phoebe raised an objection.

"Yes, yes. How about you?"


"Oh, what's wrong with your leg?" Addy glanced at her wheelchair.

"I fell down accidentally. what about you? Are you here for the wedding too? "

"Oh, the groom is my cousin."

"Oh..." Wendy nodded.

"Wendy, it's time to go." When Sam walked out of the bathroom, he saw Wendy chatting with a strange girl. "Who is this?" He asked

As soon as Addy saw that he was a super handsome man, she couldn't wait to introduce herself, "Are you Wendy's boyfriend? I'm her primary school classmate. My name is Addy. "

Sam nodded and said politely, "Nice to meet you." He turned to Wendy and asked, "Can we leave now?"

Addy immediately took the stand of the host, "Why are you in such a hurry? We haven't seen each other for so many years. Let's have a talk. "

Wendy was a little annoyed, "I'd like to, but I have a lot of things to deal with at home. Let's go. "

"Alas..." Addy still wanted to ask her to stay, but she had already left. She straightened her bangs and walked towards the crowd.

A handsome boy handed the phone to her.

"Have you taken any photos?"

"Well, sister, why do you want these photos? Was it...? Is that woman a big shot? " The boy asked.

Addy sneered, "Have you forgotten that I'm a reporter? You will know who she is soon. Wendy, you finally can't think of it, right? You will fall into my hands one day. " Addy looked through the album and sneered.

She was a reporter and an entertainer who specialized in digging up gossip. Recently, the news of Wendy was not very fresh in the circle. Most people knew that there was no news about her engagement with Marvin, but if the daughter of a rich family was suspected that she had an affair before marriage, the century wedding would be ruined.

Thinking of this, Addy couldn't help laughing. Gretel didn't like this cousin, because what she liked most was to tell right and wrong. Gretel called Wendy and asked her to be careful of Addy.

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