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   Chapter 156 Pestering

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Stroking her cheek, Sam said, "Isn't it my duty to take care of you?"

"Does your job also include bullying your patient?"

"Well, Wendy, don't deceive yourself anymore. You are so honest. How can I believe that you really want to break up with me?" Sam said.

"Break up with you. Did it matter with this? If I don't love you, I would break up with you. Do I need to think too much?

"You don't love me anymore? Don't you love me anymore? If I don't love you anymore, why did you enjoy the kiss so much just now? If you don't push me away, do you want to go on? Huh?" His voice was tempting.

Sam suddenly stood up, his face deadpan. He respectfully looked at the woman behind her and said, "Aunt."

Wendy's mind was in a shock. Sam was so... Don't he really need to see if he has schizophrenia?

With a slight smile on her face, Coral said, "It's so hot. You guys really don't make good use of the living room. Why do you have to come out? Haven't you been exposed to the sun?"

"It's better to bask in the sun. It's good for her health to promote the absorption of calcium." In fact, the subtext of Sam's words was that there were too many people in the room, so it was inconvenient for him to take advantage of her from time to time.

Wendy despised his hypocrisy.

"Well, you have spent enough time under the sun. Don't make our white and tender Wendy a little tan girl." Coral wiped her daughter's sweat gently.

"Mom, I wear sunscreen every day, okay?"

Hearing this, Coral looked at her in surprise. She thought to herself, 'My dear daughter, can't you see that mom is rescuing you?'

Sam looked at Wendy with a meaningful smile.

Wendy immediately understood the meaning of his evil smile and immediately changed her words, "I mean I'm not exposed to the sun as a little tan girl..." She really wanted to bite off her tongue. Why did it seem that she liked to stay outside alone with him?

Coral covered her face and walked back. 'My silly daughter... Are you not determined in just two days?'

Sam laughed hysterically. No. Crazy!

Then the most direct effect was that they continued to stay outside, and Coral did not come to disturb them, directly encouraging someone's evil behavior.

When he helped Wendy walk, his hands always swept over some parts of her body, and he always looked very serious. His expression means this. Look, I was afraid that you would fall down, so I expanded the scope of support.

It's not a big deal. What's more, someone is actually taking care of the child as an excuse. To live in her house! How could this be!

In fact, that was the truth.

Noticing that it was almost time for Sam to leave, Wendy started to ask him out. Without hesitation, Sam packed his things and was about to leave. But when he passed by the living room, Coral was holding Amanda in her arms and playing with him. Thinking that he should say goodbye to his son, Sam kissed Amanda on the cheek. He stood up and was about to leave, but Amanda quickly grabbed the

ms to be very busy recently. Wendy, don't waste food. "

Wendy rolled her eyes at Sam and said, "I can't even help Camila."

"What can you do? If you take good care of yourself, everything will be fine." Sam suddenly said.

Wendy replied fiercely, "You have no right to speak here!"

Sam didn't respond.

The meal tasted like chewing wax, and Wendy was not full.

After taking a rest, Coral went upstairs. Wendy left Sam alone in the living room and went back to her room to turn on her computer. Sure enough. She was reported again. This terrible game. When she was reported, her enemies who were watching the fun gave her thumbs up.

Then she was caught by Ellen on We Chat and taught a lesson.

"What happened? Is it easy for me to help you upgrade? Is this how you lose your own share? I have counted several times. You are almost banned! "

Wendy didn't want to listen to the voice, but she didn't reply for a long time. The game fan Ellen called her directly, and Wendy couldn't run away.


"What's wrong with you? Do you know that I have guaranteed with my character that you and my account have been reported? Do you deserve me?"

"I was wrong..."

"It's useless! But what's wrong with you?"

Recently, Ellen had been obsessed with the game regardless of the common affairs. She had overturned the positive image of the goddess of the past and opened a new mode of the house maid.

Alas, Wendy sighed heavily. Now Ellen didn't know anyone except the game.

"Honey, do you care about me?" Wendy really wanted to find someone to confide in.

"…… That Da Qian was just like the bug of the game. MD, I was about to defeat the opponent's Crystal Tower, but at the last moment, she sent me back to the city madly! What? What did you say?"

Wendy was in a mess. Game was really a magical thing.

"What are you going to say?" Ellen hadn't got any reply from her for a long time. Then she remembered that she had said a lot, but Wendy didn't seem to understand.

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