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   Chapter 153 Sam Is Here

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Camila was frustrated because of Marvin. After several days of depression, Coral finally found that something was wrong with her daughter.

"Honey, what's wrong with you?" When Coral was tidying up the clothes in the wardrobe, she took a glance at Camila who was lying on the bed like a corpse.

Camila turned over and said, "Mom, I'm crossed in love."

Coral didn't stop what she was doing. "Hum? When did you fall in love? "

Coral didn't believe what Camila said.

Camila rolled her eyes and thought, 'Are you sure this is what your mother said?' "Mom, why are you saying this?"

"Honey, come and help me with these clothes. Which one is suitable for Wendy to wear at the wedding?"

Camila slowly got up and asked, "Why didn't she choose by herself?"

"She is still in rehabilitation."

"Marvin is also here?" At the thought of this, Camila knew that Marvin wouldn't miss any chance to be alone with Wendy. He would appear at home on time every day when Wendy did the rehabilitation, which was more punctual than the alarm clock.

Camila couldn't help pouting. She walked to the window and opened the curtain. Sure enough, in the garden, Marvin was carefully lifting Wendy's right leg.

"Come on, it doesn't matter. Lean against me and lift your legs." As Marvin held her waist, he put his hand on the knee of her right leg and slowly lifted her leg.

"You just hold me. Don't grab my legs. I'll try to push myself." Wendy was sweating heavily. These days, Marvin came to do this with her every day. At the beginning, she was not used to it, and asked him to go to the company more often. Camila needed his help more.

They didn't live in the David's house, but bought another one. Although it was not as luxurious as the previous home, it was full of warmth. Wendy liked this small garden most. Claire couldn't change her habit of living abroad. Coral planted lots of flowers and plants which filled the little garden. The previous house was rented to Joyce. Wendy just wanted to find a person to look for a house for her temporarily, so the rent was not very high. Speaking of this, not long ago, Wendy received a call from Joyce. She said that a police came to her and said that she was illegally occupying the guesthouse. Therefore, she immediately called Wendy. It turned out that Thomas moved away all the valuable things before he could sell the house. And this place was rented to Joyce by an old worker under Thomas's instruction.

After figuring out everything, Joyce cried and told Wendy that she had no place to go. Wendy was not in the mood to live here, so she continued to rent it to her at the lowest price.

Since then, Wendy had never asked about it.

She asked Marvin, "When are you going to help me pick up Amanda?"

Marvin froze, "Aren't you going with me? I want to go there when you get better. "

Marvin was referring to Wendy's leg.

"It doesn't matter. It's the same to sit in a wheelchair. Let's go now. " She couldn't wait any

it was swollen like a bun. It seemed that she couldn't walk now.

"Let me hug you. You are still like a child at this age. Why can't you walk on a good road?" Then he put his hands under her armpits and knees, and lifted her up in an extremely ambiguous posture.

"Okay..." Camila looked at him with a smile. There was an alarm bell ringing in Marvin's heart. He pretended to put her down. "Hey, hey, hey? I can't even walk. You, you, you... You can't leave me here! "

Marvin rolled his eyes at her. "Why are you wearing such high heels? What did Sam say to you just now?"

Camila rolled her eyes and said, "Well... He said... Well. Let me think... "

"Don't keep me guessing. I can guess what you are doing."

"Then why do you still ask me? In fact, what you really care about is how I get my sprain, right? " Like a docile kitten, Camila pressed her head against Marvin's chest.

The sunshine was just right and Camila was not very light. The direct consequence was that Marvin's back was exposed to a thin layer of sweat, and there were one or two drops hanging on his forehead. Camila wiped his forehead with her hands.

"Take your hand off me," Marvin said with a grim face.

Camila was not happy. She hugged Marvin more tightly. "Admit it. You are actually very worried about me."

"You... You go down! "

"Hey! Marvin, why are you as ungraceful as Sam? " Seeing that he was really going to put her on the ground, Camila shouted anxiously.

"What's wrong? Did he do the same to you? " He didn't realize that his tone was already very nervous.

With a guilty conscience, Camila stuck out her tongue and said, "Of course not. You are behaving impolitely, but he is speaking."

"What did he say to you? And then you sprain your ankle? " Marvin's eyes and tone were full of pressure. Camila swallowed before replying.

"It's... He... He said he came to see Wendy was not because he had nothing to do. "

Marvin said, "In my opinion, he is just an idle man!"

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