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   Chapter 152 Avoid the Danger

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Being condemned by her conscience, Alice paid attention to the situation in the ward and prayed in her heart that nothing would happen.

Fortunately, there was a false alarm. More than ten minutes later, the older authority expert doctor came out. He looked at Alice and scolded, "What's wrong with you as a mother? How can you hit him when he is so sick? What if something bad happened? At that time, I'm afraid that you won't be able to cry. "

Some young doctors and nurses immediately persuaded, "Forget it, teacher. She is his mother. She doesn't have the heart to see her child like this."

With a guilty conscience, Alice didn't dare to say anything.

After everyone left, the head nurse stayed and said to Alice, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Alice. The ward is in shortage, and your medical expenses have not been renewed for a long time. The daily consumption of this ward is not low. You can... The general ward of our hospital is also very good. "

"No! No! My child lives well here. Why should I change the ward? Money? I have a lot of money! " Alice took out her bank card.

The stingy head nurse left with satisfaction. Alice covered her mouth helplessly and sobbed in a low voice.

She walked into the ward. Seeing that Kevin had fallen asleep with an oxygen mask, she went to the bathroom silently.

She didn't know how much money was in that card and how many days it could hold on. Indeed, without the David, she couldn't support her son at all. What should she do? It wasn't that she couldn't endure the hardship, but that she didn't want to go back to her childhood. She didn't want to go back to the miserable days when she was in a martial arts school, where she either went out to eat or sleep. Alice bowed to the mirror and washed her face clean. There was no trace of time on her face in the mirror. She looked like as young as Wendy.

For so many years, she had thought of finding another man who loved her, but that meant she had to give up the superior life that David gave her, which other men couldn't give her. Her house, car, and clothes were the most enviable for her peers. Except for no man who loved her, she had all she wanted.

However, she had never thought that David would die so quietly one day. If she hadn't heard the gossip in the hospital, she would have lost everything. She had always thought that even if David died, he would... He would leave some wealth to her and Kevin. But he was so cruel.

In fact, David did leave a legacy for Kevin, and Wendy learned it from Lawyer Jim.

"Miss Wendy, I'm sorry to hear that." Lawyer Jim was sitting in the office of the chairman of Brent Company, and it was Camila who give him reception.

"Lawyer Jim, please have a seat." Wearing a professional suit, Camila smiled and sat on the chair behind the desk.

"Your father had taken good care of me when he was alive. Unfortunately, a good man doesn't live long. It's lucky that he had an excellent daughter. When I came here, I saw the company was getting better and better. Miss Wendy, you must have a good management. "

After these days of t

'll tell you the truth. In fact, you are the same age as my cousin girls, but they only ask their parents for money. They either buy clothes or make boyfriends, and some of them study hard at school. But you have to compete in this treacherous business. You are smart, forthright, lively and reserved. "

"Do you think I'm a sentimental person?"

"What? Well... Miss Wendy, I just remembered that something I have to deal with immediately. "

Camila burst into laughter. He was manly in the surface, but... Just because of this sentence... He blushed. He... Did he misunderstand something?

"What happened? Did you flirt with your secretary again? " The banter in the man's voice made her heart ripple. Who else could it be except for Marvin.

Camila pouted and played with the pen in the brush pot. Marvin sit in the sofa, "Ah, how many times have you done this? Your quirk of flirting with handsome men is a disease. You have to be cured!"

"I didn't flirt with him. It was because he was too shy. What's wrong? You are so kind to me again? " Camila said with a disdainful look.

"Well, in order to show our love,"

Camila gritted her teeth and wished she could pounce on him and strangle him.

"You... Are you okay? " Marvin couldn't stand her glare and found her expression funny. He couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Enraged, Camila pounced on him and said, "The way to show off love is like this." Her lips quickly pressed on Marvin's. In an instant, the two of them were stunned, and Marvin quickly pushed her away.

Camila touched her heart to calm herself down. She was so excited that she kissed him.

Marvin's face was as cold as ice.

Camila said immediately, "Hey, you I just kissed you. At the worst... I'll let you kiss me again? It seems that I'm at a disadvantage. Why are you still angry? " Of course, she mumbled the last sentence in a low voice.

Suddenly, Marvin stood up and walked out without looking back. Camila grabbed his arm and said, "What! Don't be so mean! I'm the one who is at a disadvantage! "

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