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   Chapter 133 Quarrel between Sisters

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"Sam!" Wendy called him in fear, but she didn't have the courage to catch up.

"Go ahead." Sam stared at Wendy, his eyes full of affection.

"…… Shirley... wish you happiness with her! " At a distance of twenty meters, Wendy could see his cold face clearly, and she could even hear him gnashing his teeth.

"Thank you! I wish you and Marvin have a baby as soon as possible! "

This man just poke her sore spot. Wendy suddenly laughed, then cried.

His meaning is obvious. You can't even have a baby. Who else will want to marry you except me?

After that, Wendy was not affected at all, but welcomed an unexpected guest.

Coral and her daughter.

Wendy was not surprised to see them at Marvin's house, but she still didn't like them.

Coral asked Marvin to invite Wendy out and booked a private room to invite her to dinner. Marvin picked up food for her considerately. Wendy was like a princess who was taken care of by a knight.

The whole scene looked so harmonious. If something had to be pointed out, only Camila was the most unnatural. She lowered her head to eat without saying a word.

Wendy had a good impression of her. Her unnatural behavior was obvious. Her bright eyes fell on the face of Marvin. Suddenly, she bit the chopsticks and was in a daze. When her eyes met Wendy's inquiring eyes, she lowered her head hastily.

Noticing that Marvin was also trying to avoid the burning eyes of Camila, Wendy suddenly understood something. She pursed her lips, put down the chopsticks in her hand, and picked up the spoon. The sweet soup that Marvin had just filled for her was supposed to be sweet to her heart, but she didn't enjoy it.

It was shocking news that Camila liked Marvin, but Camila quickly concealed her feelings, thinking that she could hide it from Wendy.

Coral was the happiest one among them. For her, she didn't expect her younger daughter Wendy to recognize her, nor did she expect Wendy to call her mother. She just had a meal quietly. Even if Wendy didn't talk to her, she thought it was enough.

"By the way, when you came, were you found by my father's subordinates?" Wendy thought that it would be bad if someone found a woman who looked exactly like her. She had been chased by the media recently.

Obviously, Coral didn't know, but she was cautious enough.

"Recently, because of my and Marvin's family, we have been treated like celebrities, and every move of us is always monitored." Wendy pouted at Camila and said, "You should be careful." This was also a friendly reminder. After all, it was not good for her if they were exposed too early.

Camila looked at her mother in a daze, and then looked at Marvin. The man's eyes were full of Wendy, and she smiled with self-mockery.

"Don't worry. We will pay attention to it. Wendy, are you sure your wedding with Marvin will be on 24th next month? Then... Mom... I... Can I come? " Coral wanted to call herself mother, but Wendy gave he

Shaking her head slightly, she turned to Wendy and said, "I know I haven't raised you, so you are naturally not close to me. In order to make up for my guilt for you over the years, I plan to transfer ten percent of the shares of your father's company to you unconditionally. Just take it as my dowry prepared for you."

Wendy was surprised and pleased, because what she needed at present was such a wealth. For nothing else, she owned 10% of the shares of Marvin's company. Then she can have the right to speak in Brent Company.

"That's all? Why should I accept it? " As the old saying goes, "one doesn't take food from others".

"As I said, this is your dowry, and you don't need it now." As a decisive woman, Coral knew who what kind of person Wendy was. She took out the share transfer agreement immediately.

"You..." Looking at the papers, Wendy had mixed feelings. "Well, she..." Wendy didn't look at Camila.

Camila replied frankly, "That's never what I want. You deserve it. Why did you get married earlier than me? " The implication was probably only she and Wendy could understand.

"Thank you." There were no thousands of thankful words, only these pale words.

After Wendy left, Camila helped her mother sit on the sofa.

"No matter what she wants to do, we can try our best to help her. Honey, if you feel wronged, just tell mom. Don't hold it back."

Camila shook her head with tears in her eyes. "Mom. I'm wondering, don't you hate dad? "

"Dad?" Hearing that, Coral forced a smile and said, "I really hated him when he wanted to kill me and take away my children. In the past few years, I couldn't fall asleep day and night because of Wendy. His hateful face kept flashing in my mind. In the past twenty years, I have hated him every day. But when I saw that Wendy was raised well by him, I didn't hate him anymore. His wife was dead too. He also understood the feeling of me from these years' experience. Let bygones be bygones. "

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