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   Chapter 132 Shadows Flee Away

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"I'll arrange it. Then... Do you have any idea about the wedding? " Marvin hoped that she could talk to him for a while.

"……" Wendy shook her head in dismay.

In A City. The night was full of lights and high buildings towered into the clouds, which made the city looked luxurious.

"I haven't eaten hometown food for a long time. What's wrong? It seems that you are in a bad mood. Why are you so reluctant to have dinner with me? " The woman opened her mouth and took up the glass. It was not a high-end red wine, but the privately made rice wine also made her blush. An ordinary private restaurant was honored by the arrival of these two people. In the small dining room, from time to time, there would be people looking up at these two people. Perhaps it was a rare opportunity for them to meet such a beautiful woman and handsome man.

"It still smells the same as before." Shirley closed her eyes in enjoyment.

Pursing his lips, Sam stared at her with a grim face. He couldn't tell what kind of mentality he had. He actually thought about Wendy when he was drinking and talking with his ex-girlfriend. Whether Wendy was in good health and whether she had taken medicine.

Seeing that Shirley drank one glass after another, Sam waved his arm and said, "You're a mother after all. Take care of yourself. Alcohol will do harm to your body."

Shirley held his hand and refused to let it go. "You know what? Ryan has dead. I always think that I still have my son. I want to be a good mother, but Sam, I'm too tired. I'm a woman and I have my own weakness. The pain of losing my husband hasn't healed yet, and then his family can't wait to kick us out. I'm the legal wife of Ryan. I took care of him when he was seriously ill. Now he's gone, but his family doesn't recognize us. Sam... " Shirley was so drunk that she fell into Sam's arms.

"Since you are so tired, why bother yourself?" Sam lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms. Time was so kind to her. She just like how she used to be. It could be seen that Ryan had treated her very well. She had never changed, but her heart had changed.

It was wee hour when Sam sent Shirley back to Tess's house. Tess looked pale.

Sam thought it was because she had been taking care of two kids these days.

"Is there any news about Wendy?" Tess walked out of the room and asked Sam, who was looking at his phone in silence.

Sam pressed the screen. The smiling woman on the screen was also drowned in the darkness.

"Auntie, it's getting late. I'm leaving now." Since Sam didn't want to talk about it, Tess didn't say anything more but told him to be careful on the way.

She went back to the Shirley's bedside and tucked her daughter in. Then she went to see the two children. Sam looked calm on the surface, but no one knew how sad he was.

On the day Wendy left, Sam went crazy to look for her. He had always been calm and imperturbable, but now he didn't behave as usual. He could expect that result. Unless the person wanted

ly and grinned like a child who stole candies.

"You..." Wendy was in a fit of pique. Before she got angry, Marvin quickly ran away, leaving Wendy alone, stamping her feet angrily.

The warm yellow street lamp lengthened the shadow on the ground with the footsteps of the person. At that moment, he came to her side, with the stars and moon. Wendy inexplicably thought of a classic saying, "The person I love is an overwhelming hero. One day he will marry me under the colorful clouds."

However, although her beloved man was a hero who saved lives, he did not come to marry her on colorful clouds.

Before Sam stopped, Wendy wanted to take a step back subconsciously, but she was pulled into a familiar embrace. If it weren't at the door of her house, she really wanted to hold him so tightly and tell him how much she missed him these days, but she couldn't! There were many unknown reporters lurking outside the villa. Sam had seen what had happened just now. 'Forget it. When the hug is over, everything will return to the starting point.'

Perhaps it was because of her obsession, or perhaps it was because she hoped that Sam would never let her go. Sam indeed held her even tighter and tighter, making her unable to breathe.

Wendy pushed him away, and he finally let go of her. He buried his head in her neck and said sulkily, "Is it because I'm late?"

Then, without giving Wendy a chance to answer, he left in a hurry, leaving no room for her to explain.

'Perhaps it's because of the media's overwhelming publicity of the wedding, ' she thought. 'Sam came to find me. Isn't this my purpose? Why didn't I feel happy at all? Why didn't I even have the courage to catch up? Wendy asked herself.

Sam suddenly stopped and turned to Wendy. "I have an exchange study meeting tomorrow. I'm going to fly to Germany. The date of my return is uncertain. I'll give you one night to explain. If it's too late, I won't wait." Then he turned around and left a proud and resolute back to Wendy.

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