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   Chapter 130 Forcibly Take Her Away

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"Well... I'm afraid it's a little... " Coral faltered, her face full of embarrassment.

Greg frowned and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Brother, that child... Well, it's not the right time anyway. " As she spoke, Coral wiped her eyes with grievance.

In the hospital, David held his breath and stared at the sleeping Wendy for a long time. Since her mother died, he hadn't seen her daughter so carefully for a long time.

Perhaps parents all had one common characteristic. They all thought that they had done everything they could to treat their children. But such a big and rough man loved his daughter in the way he thought was good, and pushed her out of the family. However, parents are great and selfish. David thought he had set a good husband for Wendy, but he had never asked about the wishes of the two children.

As a result, David forcibly took Wendy back to C City before she recovered.

Wendy had no idea of this, so did Sam and Marvin.

In the morning, Edith and nanny had been cooking in the kitchen for a long time, as if they were stewing tonics.

"You must stew it for a little longer. Wendy was seriously injured this time. She has lost a lot of weight, so she needs to nourish her blood energy." Edith held her elbow with one hand and supported her chin with another hand. Her words were warm, but her disdainful expression and her body keeping away from the pot betrayed her heart. Yes, it was Annie who did it, and what she did was moving her lips.

Annie was thinking about something, but she could only keep silent.

Wendy had been back for nearly a week. She didn't accept the fact that she hadn't drunk up the water on the bedside table and came back home after a long time. At first, she thought she was in a dream, but when she saw the arrogant and hypocritical look on Edith's face, she suddenly realized that it was not a dream. The culprit didn't show up for nearly a week, but cut off all her contact with the outside world. She tried to escape, not to mention her body, but even her body allowed her to escape from David's spies, once she stepped into the threshold of the room, her every move would be watched, and the eyes of the servants were rolling on her. She understood that David was determined to imprison her.

There was an old saying that one should hide his strength and bide his time. During this week, different authoritative doctors in the medical field would personally examine her at home, and the chefs and nannies would give her the best food and care. Wendy recovered faster than when she was in hospital. Edith sniffed. The reason why she behaved so courteously today was that David had come back to take charge.

It was daytime. The three thick floor to ceiling curtains in Wendy's room blocked the bright sunshine. A strong German sheepdog lay on the edge of the bed, its head drooping and its long tongue sticking out. David was not at home, so she didn't want to face Edith's face. Anyway, the most audacious thing for her to get close to her was leaning against the door, because as long as she stepped further into Wendy's room,

e opened the door, a round meatball flew over, leaving a deep tooth mark on her slender leg. It was Bella's work. If Wendy had known that there was a fertile egg in her belly that was half related to her by blood, she would definitely not let Bella bite her, or when Bella pounced on her, she would have ordered, and Bella would never move one centimeter.

With her back to Alice, Wendy said coldly, "No one can replace my mother. From now on, I don't want to see you."

Alice didn't know she was pregnant. In the tenth month after the rabies vaccine, she gave birth to a dying baby in a foreign country. Perhaps it was because of the injection that Kevin had a heart problem. Therefore, when Wendy learned that there was something wrong with the heart of Alice's child in B City, as a nurse with certain professional common sense, the first thing she thought of was the inheritance, but later she thought that David's congenital heart disease was acquired, and she estimated that it would only take four or five years. Wendy suddenly realized that the reason why Kevin had heart disease. It was because of her. How innocent a child was! She had tried every means to take care of him in the hospital. To put it bluntly, it was her own willfulness that had caused the miserable mother and son to drift out of the country, and had also brought her a strong enemy, that was, Edith!

"Why are you so kind?" Wendy sneered at Edith when she saw her standing at the head of the bed with a bowl in her hand. Edith didn't get angry.

"Wendy, look at you. You are so eloquent even when you are sick. I'm also worried about you, aren't I?"

David stood on the other side and looked at the unfriendly "mother and daughter" with satisfaction.

Without hesitation, Wendy took the white porcelain bowl and said, "Good, it smells good. I wonder if I can survive this meal."

Edith's face froze. "Silly girl, what nonsense are you talking about?"

David's crutch hit the floor, making a sound. The three of them were silent, and there was a hint of tension in the air.

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