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   Chapter 129 Gossip

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Instead of waiting for Amanda to come back, Marvin came to see her.

Wendy looked at Marvin as usual. She was neither angry nor familiar with him, just like a stranger. Sam was also cold, and both of them were pale. However, Marvin remained calm and skillful at greeting with them.

"I heard that your father has come to A city? Why I didn't see him? "

"It's not the right time for you to come here. He just left." Wendy looked at Sam and said to Marvin.

"What a pity. Oh, Wendy, how's your wound? "

"I'm fine. I won't die." Wendy said coldly.

"Wendy, I'm sorry. If possible, I hope I can do something within my ability to make up for you." Marvin lowered his head and made up his mind to say these words.

Wendy finally focused on him, "Well, then we cancel the engagement. You go to tell your father, and I'll explain to my father, then we can still be friends in the future."

"You don't like me?" Marvin said disappointingly.

"Mr. Marvin, what do you mean?" What Sam meant was that you dared to steal my girlfriend in front of me?

"If we cancel the engagement, can we be friends?"

"Yes." Wendy agreed without hesitation.

"I will explain it to my father." Marvin's bangs covered his eyes. Suddenly, he raised his head and shot a sharp glance at Sam. Sam glanced at him casually.

"Sam, you'd better be on the alert for every minute. If you dare to bully her, I'll fight you to the death at any time!"

Wendy smiled with relief. She was afraid that Marvin would stick to it.

Marriage was sacred, and the people involved didn't have to love each other. But at least, they didn't have to live up to their expectations for their other half. If Marvin kept his engagement with Wendy, he could only break the friendship between him and Wendy if he stacked to compete with Sam. It is not good for both of them. If he did so, at least they would be friends in the future and wouldn't be too embarrassed to meet each other.

"About Camila, I think you have to know something. Dr. Sam, could you please leave for a while?" Marvin looked at Sam politely and defiantly.

Wendy gave Sam a reassuring look. Sam cast a warning glance at Marvin and shook the corner of his white gown to let them stay alone.

"I met them on a business trip in Finland. Because of the accident, I did something wrong. But please trust me, Wendy. I asked people to investigate them for your own good. This is the information about them more than 20 years ago. Camila's mother was originally called Coral. Coral's family was a big family more than 20 years ago and was very famous in B City, but unfortunately it declined overnight. "

"Coral? Was this her Chinese name? Was it really like what Camila said that it was her father's fault? What's the use of giving me these? Don't you see that my hands can't move? " Wendy muttered to herself in a low voice, and then complained to Marvin with dissatisfaction.

"Well, I will give these things to you after you recover. Don't worry. I won't let Camila know." Marvin folded the A4 papers and put them into a yellow paper bag.

"Camila? Why does she live in your house? "

"Oh, because I have business with her company, her mother helped me a lot in Finlan

in her hand slipped and fell to pieces.

"Who is it?" Coral's tone was a little unstable.

"Mommy, go downstairs and have a look." Camila supported her mother and went downstairs carefully.

When she saw the people in the hall downstairs, her legs became weak and her tears ran out of her eyes.

Greg was also surprised. When he heard his daughter say that he had seen Coral in A City, he still didn't believe it. From the looks of it, Coral was indeed alive that year.

Coral tried very hard and wanted to call him brother, but she couldn't. She felt sore in her chest and even in her eyes. When Greg slapped Coral in the face, Camila was anxious and pushed him away. "Who are you? Why do you hit my mom? "

"Camila!" Coral scolded Camila. Camila supported her mother reluctantly.

"Brother." The man in the military uniform trembled after hearing her low voice. For so many years, he had thought that he would never see his only sister again.

"Why don't you go home? Why? For so many years, do you know how much dad and mom miss you? Why don't you come back to see your old parents when you are alive? Coral? Where is your heart? Where is your heart?" Tears welled up in Greg's eyes. He recalled that back then, David's followers and he were looking for Coral and her daughters, but it was too late. When he found the small village where she lived, there was no one there. Everyone said that the woman died of difficult labor and the child was left alone. It was only three days after the baby also died. But he didn't know that it was David's act to deceive others and that what Greg got was fake news.

"No, brother. I asked the family who took me in to say that I was dead, and the child who died was my another daughter. David dared to let go of any false news in order to get the child. He didn't know that I gave birth to twins at that time, and this is my eldest daughter I took away. Camila, Camila, this is my biological brother, your uncle." Coral held her daughter's hand.

Camila called his uncle in a sweet voice, which made Greg cry again.

"When will you take your daughter back to see your grandfather?"

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