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   Chapter 128 Meeting Son-in-law

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David drove away the bodyguards and sat in front of Wendy's bed.

"Why I don't you see your boyfriend?" David changed the topic.

"Didn't Edith come?" Wendy asked.

"You want me to bring her here?"


"Well, that's right."

Wendy chuckled, "Old man, how many years since my mother died?"

David was stunned. He didn't expect that Wendy would ask him this question. His wrinkled face looked as bad as chapped.

"What's wrong? Do you miss your mother? " David asked.

"Yes, I do. Do you think I look like my mother for so many years?"

"You are the flesh of your mother. Who else do you think you look like if you do not look like your mother?" When David said this, Wendy had been observing his face, but she didn't find anything unusual.

"Won't you think of my mother when you see me?"


"Wendy, I heard that your father is here?" Sam came at the right time.

As soon as he entered the room, a man's gaze was fixed on him. Sam cast a sharp glance at the man on Wendy's bedside. His gaze was sharp and hostile to him.

"Hello, uncle. I'm sorry that I didn't pick you up because I am on duty tonight!" Sam said politely to David.

David smiled, "It's good for young people to focus on their career. Wendy, where is my son-in-law, Marvin?"

Hearing this, the faces of the two changed dramatically. Wendy glared at David. He knew who Sam was, but he still dared to mention Marvin in front of him!

"Where is my son-in-law? Wendy, why didn't he come to the hospital to take care of you? "

Wendy saw Sam's face darken. "Old man, get out of here! If you want to find Marvin, go to the disaster to find him."

"Eh? ? I am just telling a joke. It is a joke. Are you Sam? " David knew his daughter's mood swing. He must have knew something about Sam.

"Uncle, you are playing a big joke." Sam smiled with a dark face. Wendy tightened her grip.

"It's getting late. I've seen my daughter. I will go back to the hotel first. Young man, I have something to tell you. Come out with me, please." David glanced at Wendy and turned to Sam.

"Hey, old man, what are you doing?" Wendy wanted to get up.

"Wendy, don't move. Be careful of the wound. I'll be back soon. " That was what Sam said to her.

Seeing this, David said, "I won't eat Dr. Sam. Look at you, you are so nervous."

Sam gave her a reassuring smile.

Wendy had been anxious for a long time, but still didn't see Sam come back. She pressed the nurse call button many times, which made the nurse on duty impatient.

Finally, Sam was back.

"What's wrong? Did my father do anything to you? " Wendy asked worriedly.

"What can your father do to me? He just told me to take good care of you."

"Really? Didn't he ask someone to hit you? " Wendy asked with her eyes wide open.

Sam laughed. "Do you think your father wants to beat me by asking me to leave? Ha-ha -- don't worry. I'm fine. It's just that my father-in-law meets his son-in-law, just like my mother-in-law meets her daughter-in-law. " Sam tried his best to

firecrackers. She didn't close her mouth that day.

"Why are you so happy?" Sam smiled.

"Since the third party has left, I must be happy." Looking at the ceiling, Wendy was overjoyed.

Sam nodded. "You said your father was a third party? Then I won't have a daughter in the future. "

"Ha-ha." Sam's words hurt Wendy so much that Sam didn't notice the stiff smile on her face.

"From now on, I will come to accompany you to do the rehabilitation at noon every day. If I can't get out of here, I will also ask Vivian to accompany you, okay?"

How could she say no? As a doctor, Sam was always busy with doing operations. Although she longed for the company of her boyfriend all the time, she was not an unreasonable person. She didn't want Sam to come to her when he stayed in the operating room or made rounds of the wards. Or because of her phone call, she said that she had fallen here and that she was disappointed. She asked him to put down his patients and come to see her.

"Well, if you are busy, don't come over. I have nurses here. Remember to take care of yourself. Don't forget to drink water when you are busy. If I see your lips dry again later, humph! I'll teach you a lesson! " Wendy wanted to touch his dry and cracked lips, but she couldn't because she couldn't use strength now.

"Sam, I can get off the bed now. When can I get off the diaper? It's so uncomfortable to stick it there. " Deep inside, Wendy was conservative and traditional. At least, she hadn't discussed the discomfort with the man loudly.

"You can only do some walking exercise now, and you can't squat down, so you can't take the diaper for the time being. If you... If you really feel uncomfortable, you'd better reduce your exercise. " Sam's face turned red. Wendy saw a red mark on his ear.

"Well... I'd better not. The doctor has suggested me to exercise properly. What if it's not good for recovery? "

"Okay. Nanny asked you if you have something to eat. She made it for you at noon."

"I miss Amanda."

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