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   Chapter 127 Once Anxious

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"Are you Coral?" When Vivian said this sentence, she couldn't believe her ears.

Hearing that, Coral was stunned. In China, no one knew her Chinese name except her parents and brother. How could this little girl know her name?

"Who are you?" Coral asked defensively.

"My name is Vivian and my father is Greg."

As expected, Coral's eyes narrowed. "What's your father's name?"

"Greg." You... Are you my aunt? "

Tears welled up in her eyes. Coral didn't say anything. Thanks to her brother, she was able to escape and give birth to the baby safely. In the family, except her brother, even her parents didn't say anything good for her.

"Is your father all right?"

"Dad is fine, but grandpa is not in good condition. Aunt, you're back. Why don't you go to see Grandpa? " Vivian didn't tell her that since she could remember when she was a child. There were so many brothers in the family, but grandpa only gave her more love. He only remembered that grandpa often talked about Coral. Later, she learned from his father that Coral was grandpa's daughter, and her grandpa had been missing her for more than 20 years.

"I don't have the face to go back to see your grandfather. My child, go back quickly. Don't tell your family that I'm back. Just pretend that they think I'm dead." Covering her mouth with her hand, Coral lowered her head and walked away, leaving Vivian alone.

Vivian was a little flustered. Her family once thought that her aunt had passed away and her black and white photo was still in her grandmother's room. But today, the living person was in front of her. What should she do?

"Hello? Dad, aunt is back." After thinking for a while, Vivian decided to call her father.

Greg didn't say anything for a long time. After being reminded by Vivian, he said, "I know."

Vivian was happy that Wendy was her cousin, but worried that her aunt wouldn't go home.

Wendy was also in a state of anxiety. Maybe she heard from Sam that Austin and Sherry came this afternoon.

Wendy had mixed feelings and didn't know how to tell her cousin.

"Honey, you have work this afternoon. Go back first." Sherry said to his husband.

Her little daughter was already half a year old. When her child was learning to speak, Sherry couldn't even hold her in her arms.

"Baby, Auntie got hurt. Stay in Mommy's arms obediently."

Wendy couldn't help but think of her own child Amanda, and her eyes were a little sore.

"Wendy, do you have something to tell me?" Sherry knew what she meant.

"Sherry, my mother has left for ten years. I can't even remember her appearance."

"Silly girl, your mother is the most beautiful and gentle woman I've ever seen. You were still young at that time, so it's normal that you can't remember her. I still remember that your mom took you to our house to play. You were so naughty. You always said that you wanted to catch fish. Your mother could do nothing to you. She followed you to the river and helped you catch fish. She also got sick for a long time. The river was cold in the early spring. How cold it was!"

"How could I be so thoughtless? But mom... " Tears streamed down Wendy's face again.

"Hey, Wendy, why do you think of Mommy all of a sudden?" Sherry was curious. Wendy never mentioned her mother who had passed away to anyone else.


an, what should we do? My father will definitely take me back to C city when he sees me like this. Besides, you go to find Camila and ask her and her mother not to come to the hospital. "

"Where should I go to find them?" 'My aunt didn't give me the address. I also wanted to see her.'

Wendy gave her the address of Marvin and thought that Camila should be there.

"Okay, I'll go later."

"You go now." Wendy said firmly.

"Can you take care of yourself?" Vivian was worried.

"I'm fine."

It would take at least half an hour to take a taxi to Marvin's home from the hospital. Wendy felt bored staying there. It was uncomfortable to insert tubes all over her body. When she wanted to get up, she found that her arms and legs were wrapped with thick gauze, like a mummy! Now that her father was here, would her father's wife also come? She didn't want to see her enemy with such looking. God knew how much that woman wanted her to die as soon as possible.

Yes! From the first day Edith married her father, she had known that this woman had an ulterior motive. However, her father, who was obsessed with women, married this woman despite the fact that her mother had just passed away.

She hadn't forgotten last lesson. Edith might do something bad this time.

At half past nine that night, there was a rush of footsteps in the corridor. A energetic old man, surrounded by a group of men in suit and leather shoes, entered the ward.

Wendy turned her head away, ignoring the old man who was crying.

"Are you done? Why do you bring so many people with you to see me? Don't you know that the patient needs rest? How can I have a good rest in this way? "

As if waking up from a dream, David drove all the people out.

"My dear daughter, does it hurt? Your arms and legs are broken. It's okay. Come back home and I'll support you for the rest of your life. "

Luckily, Edith didn't follow him.

"Old man, is this the way that you comfort me? Why do you look like you are watching a big show when your daughter is hurt like this? "

"Does it hurt? Where does it hurt?" It was useless to talk with him.

"Ouch, get out of here with your group of people. Other patients need to rest."

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