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   Chapter 125 Talk about Marriage (Part Two)

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"Auntie." Sam called out. He raised his head like a child at a loss. "More than ten hours have passed. Why hasn't Wendy woken up yet?" It had been more than ten hours. He had truly realized what a second was like a year.

Noticing that something was wrong with Sam, Tess looked at him worriedly and said, "My child, the most dangerous thing has passed. You can't be defeated by your own willpower. Wendy is just too tired. She will wake up when she has a good rest."

Sam smiled bitterly. The woman who was nestling in his arms last night was in coma in bed now.

"Auntie, I really don't know what to do."

Tess was also frightened. When Shirley left him, he just hid all his emotions in his heart.

She had never seen him so sad. It was as if the person on the bed had just let go of him, his life will be taken away. He muttered to himself and seemed to be lifeless. 'It's not Sam I've seen since he was a child.'

"Baby, don't be like this? Trust me, go and have a rest. Wendy will wake up tomorrow morning. "

Sam covered his face and cried. He didn't say anything or go to bed. He just covered his face and cried silently beside Wendy's bed.

Tess just looked at him. 'After all, the child had let go of Shirley.' She didn't know whether she should be happy or worried.

"Sam... Sam... " Wendy's hoarse voice seemed to come out of a crack in the ground. Sam suddenly forgot to cry and thought he had misheard. "Aunt, Wendy..."

"She called you just now. She, she, she woke up. She woke up."

"Doctor, no, I'm a doctor..." Sam was like an intern who had just gone to the clinic, at a loss and didn't know where to check.

her since childhood.

"I appreciate your kindness. You've seen me. I'm fine. You can go now." Holding back her anger, Wendy said in a cold tone.

Camila's face was pale, and her mother was at a loss. "Wendy, it's our fault. I, I should say sorry to you."

Camila's mother said in a hurry, "I'm the one who should say sorry. My child, you haven't been with me since the first day you were born. In the past more than 20 years, I've put all my love for you on your sister, but I've always missed you, my little daughter. Every time Camila sleeps in my arms, I'm wondering if my little daughter also has such a warm embrace to snuggle up to. I'm sorry. "

Wendy didn't dare to move her hand. She was in plaster, so she turned her head away, allowing tears to wet her cheeks and even her hair.

"In the past more than 20 years, I have lived a good life. I have a mother, only one mother. She has passed away for nearly ten years. No woman in the world can afford to be my mother! "

Camila's and her mom's faces turned pale. In this case, David and his wife did take good care of Wendy.

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