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   Chapter 124 Talk about Marriage (Part One)

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The red light outside the operating room had been on for a long time. Sam stared at it until it was off. People who didn't know him might think he was petrified.

In the operating room, the most authoritative expert in the chest surgery was operated. Because there were too many wounds all over the body, there were also doctors in the department of orthopedics. Unexpectedly, all the experts in the Department of orthopedics, neurosurgery, and in the gastroenterology gathered. Marvin asked them to try their best to treat Wendy. It could imagine how much pressure he had put on the hospital.

"Where is Dr. Sam? The seventh rib is broken and inserted into the heart. I need to cooperate with him on the surgery. "

The nurse who participated in the operation was also the head of the nursing department, Mr. Zheng. It was difficult to let him operate by himself.

"Dr. Sam, Mr. Zheng invites you in. Come with me. " The head of the nursing department repeated it three times before Sam turned to her and asked, "Is the operation over?"

The head was really scared and confused. "Dr. Sam, the operation is not over yet. Miss Wendy is not in a good condition. Mr. Zheng let you in."

"Oh," Sam nodded and followed the nurse to wash. Cold water flowed across his face. He didn't know if it was tears or water. Gradually, he regained his sanity. In the prepared room, Sam punched the wall.

Entering the operating room, he didn't say a word. Seeing him, Mr. Zheng, who was holding a knife, said, "Young man, heart operation is your strong point."

Previously, due to the insufficient equipment, he could only simply check out that her ribs were broken, and perhaps her liver was broken. He did not expect that her heart was also affected. How painful shoul

ing for her in silence.

"There are a few lorries going back soon. Hurry up and follow them. By the way, help me check on Wendy. They said that she is out of danger."

"I'm sorry, Marvin. It's all my fault to get Wendy in danger. " Camila said apologetically.

"Don't be worried. You are her sister. Of course you can't see her suffer. If it were someone else, he would definitely let her go." Now he realized that nothing was more important than her life.

"You don't blame me?" When Camila saw that Marvin was beaten and criticized by Sam without any resistance, she realized that Wendy was the weakness of these two men. But Wendy, have you ever seen the man in front of you? Isn't it too unfair?

"Let's go. It's too late to pick up the aunt." Marvin smiled and took her backpack to the car.

"Don't call me when you get back. I can't answer it, you... You know that. "

Before Camila could say anything, the village head came to discuss something with Marvin, so he waved his hand and followed the village head.

It was the first night after Wendy passed out. Sam was surprised when he saw Tess.

"I didn't come here until I saw the news. How is Wendy?"

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