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   Chapter 123 Telepathy

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Marvin had an icy face in front of her, and the loud sound of the propeller behind her stimulated all kinds of discomfort, which made Camila really uncomfortable.

"..." When she was about to say something, Marvin cast a glance at her It was so scary.

The helicopter descended at the private airport, and soon someone came to take them on a truck. Because a batch of medicine and food was temporarily gathered, there were lots of large trucks waiting here. All of these were prepared to be sent to the center of the earthquake area.

"How many of the casualties?" Marvin asked.

"Now there are more than 200 people injured and more than 100 people dead. There are also some remote villages. The rescue team is currently organizing deep rescue. " The driver was an employee of Marvin's company, a young man of more than 20 years old. He was willing to go to the disaster area.

"Where is the medical team?" Camila asked eagerly.

The driver's face was not good. "The doctors in the medical team were also killed by the earthquake. There were more than 20 people who went to the countryside, and only ten people were safe and sound. One died, and the rest were injured." There were stones sliding down in front of them from time to time. The driver was very careful, not daring to drive too fast or slow.

Camila's heart was still hanging high, because along the way she saw many ruins, natural disasters and human disasters, life and death. She had never encountered such a thing before.

At the thought that Wendy came to such a dangerous place because of her, if anything happened to Wendy, she would not only be sorry for Marvin and Sam, but also her expectant mother.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Marvin, I'm a little flustered." She didn't dare to say anything because she had been enduring the discomfort in her heart and the terrible look on Marvin's face.

With a fake smile on his face, Marvin asked, "Are you panicking now?"

Hearing his reproach, Camila looked out of the window sadly, but the panic in her heart increased for no reason. "Stop! Stop!"

The driver hurriedly stepped on the brake, and the group of trucks stopped one after another. The driver was a little unhappy. He took a look at Marvin from the rearview mirror, but Marvin didn't even raise his eyelids. Camila opened the door and jumped out of the car. She took a deep breath of the fragrant air mixed with thick soil.

"Marvin, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that something bad would happen to Wendy." Seeing her red eyes, Marvin got out of the car too.

"We are twins. Do you believe the telepathy between the twins?" Camila asked. She suddenly cried, "What if something really happens to her? What should we do, Marvin? "

Although Marvin had heard about telepathy, he didn't believe it. After all, he had never met it before.

"We haven't found them yet. Don't worry. Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable after sitting in the car for a long time. Drink some water." Marvin handed the unscrewed bottle of water to Camila and tightened his hand. He was unwilling to admit that it was also a sign of his fear.

They set out again and soon arrived at the camp. Marvin knew the village head here and told him everything. The village head called in some young men to help them unload the goods.

"Is there any village in the mountain?"

"There is also a Lotus W

ow? "

Marvin didn't say anything. He was fully responsible for this matter. If he hadn't been negligent, Wendy was still at his home. Even if she had quarreled with him and hated him, then what was the matter? At least it was better than being uncertain of life and death now?

"Marvin, how dare you come here?" Sam punched him again, and the crowd gathered around them. Seeing the two fighting, to be precise, it was Sam who had hit, and Marvin had never fought back.

Hearing the noise outside, Camila didn't try to persuade. She held Wendy's hands in her hands. Her hands were so cold, but her forehead was so hot.

"Wendy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please hold on. Look at the two men outside. They love you so much. And mom, you said you only have one mother. You said you wouldn't recognize us. It doesn't matter. If you don't recognize us, you can just ignore us. As long as you wake up, okay?" But Wendy couldn't feel her apology.

When a gust of wind accompanied by a roar fell from the sky, the two fiery men who were beating suddenly stopped, as if they had seen hope.

The stretcher lifted Wendy to the helicopter, but there was only one person in the helicopter. Covering his face, Marvin didn't say anything. In fact, he wanted to go, but Sam had already sat on the helicopter. He was Sam's boyfriend and a doctor. Besides, it was still up to him to decide the chaos here, so he looked at it with hatred, but then turned to pity.

"Please, please save her." In this life, he had said extremely humble words to his rival in love.

Sam snorted and asked the driver to depart.

Marvin had arranged everything. The helicopter landed on the top floor of the hospital, and a group of experts were waiting for Wendy. As soon as she landed, she was pushed directly to the operating room with medical trolley. Even though Sam was a famous doctor in the First Hospital, he was stopped outside the operating room at the moment, because his body was too dirty to enter the asepsis room.

The more people cared about, the more chaotic he was. Dr. Sam, who had always been reserved, was now in rags and his face was dirty. He sat outside the operating room dejectedly, ignoring the surprised gazes from people coming and going.

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