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   Chapter 122 Twittering (Part Two)

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With the strength of her only leg, Wendy gently lifted the rocks in this narrow space and solid sound could be heard. She didn't know if the sound could also be transmitted to the ground from the soil.

A stone fell from her feet, making a moderate sound.

The man on the ground burst into tears. "Wendy. Did you hear me? Don't be afraid. I'll save you right away! Don't be afraid! " As Sam spoke, he tried to lift the board. The team leader, who was discussing the rescue plan, was startled by his behavior. The captain hurriedly pulled him. His hand was scratched by the small edges of the cement board. It was blood over his hands. It was so horrible.

"Doctor, are you crazy? Be rational."

Let him be rational? He was rational when he knew the cause of his parents' death, and when his childhood sweetheart left, he was rational too. But the person below was his heartbeat, which would hurt him for three days every time she was injured. How could he be rational! He had lived for nearly thirty years, and Wendy was the only one who would make him irrational!

Sam shouted hysterically, and the villagers and soldiers couldn't stop him. Unfortunately, Wendy couldn't hear it. She felt a heavy object hit her on her back, and the pain came. Although it was just a small stone, the pressure on the ground was heavy. It was undoubtedly adding insult to injury to Wendy's body, so Wendy tilted her head and was unconscious at next moment.

Marvin found that there was something wrong with Wendy in the evening. When Camila got up, he was standing by her

now how many people will die in that kind of place?"

Camila didn't say a word. Marvin continued, "If I don't lock her up, she will definitely go to X province. Do you know that your kindness will kill her?"

Marvin was so angry that he overturned the tablecloth, and the dishes on the table fell to the ground. As he took out his phone, he walked out, "Prepare the helicopter right away. I'm going to X province. What? I drove the helicopter away? Bastard! Get a helicopter that transports materials! I need to go to X province right now. "

With bare feet, Camila rushed out and held Marvin's arm. "You can't leave me alone and go to X province. I want to go with you!"

Marvin shook off her hand irritably. Camila said angrily, "Marvin, is this how you treat Wendy's family if you want to marry Wendy?"

"Family? Humph, are you sure she will admit it? "

Camila was speechless and choked, "No matter what, I have to go anyway."

Marvin went ahead directly. She followed him.

"Don't make trouble for me!"

"Okay, okay!"

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