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   Chapter 121 Twittering (Part One)

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When her feet could reach the ground, Wendy shouted to the top. Although she could reach the ground, the narrow space could only accommodate Wendy, who was bending over. It had to be said that the flashlight of the captain was still useful. In the ruins a few meters deep, Wendy had to suspect that this was a collapsed floor. The light swept around and found that the target was under the stairs. The stairs had collapsed, and all the weight was on the old lady. Fortunately, there were only three stairs, which were wooden and not heavy. Wendy lifted the wooden ladder.

"Grandma, grandma, can you hear me?" The light shone on her face. Fortunately, there was no injury, but she was old and could not fall. With the help of the antenatal examination, Wendy soon found that her legs and shins were broken, which might be a broken bone. After all, the wooden ladder was just falling in her legs.

"Grandma, wake up. Can you hear me?"

"I am hungry..." Hearing her low groan, Wendy took out the chocolate and gave it to her. It was best to replenish energy at the critical moment.

But the captain urged, "Doctor, are you all right? How many people are there? "

"An old lady," She replied in a loud voice. She felt so uncomfortable with her belly. She wanted to untie the rope with one hand, and put the other on the back of the old lady. Then she slowed down her tone and said, "Grandma, slow down." Wendy helped her back.

"I'll take you upstairs now." Wendy's hands passed through the old woman's armpits, and her weight was far from what Wendy had imagined. It was normal for an old woman who had been hungry for a few days to be light. She wrapped the rest of the rope around the old woman's waist.

"Captain, pull!" She pulled the rope.

Several men stood outside the ruins, pulling the rope. At one point one, one poi

the pain in her abdomen made her dare not breathe, especially in the left upper abdomen. The only thing she could rest assured was that the broken ribs did not hurt her heart, but it was pain. As her front arms protected her face from falling to the ground, Wendy only felt a little pain in her wrists. She tried to move, but found that a pair of hands could not move at all. Her wrists were only slightly injured, and the pain came from the middle section of her front arms, and they also broken.

Wendy endured the pain and tried to move her leg. Fortunately, one of her legs was good. Just a little movement would pull the upper part of his body. Wendy knew what deadly pain was like today.

It was said that when a woman gave birth to a baby, the pain was like that she would break ten ribs at the same time. Therefore, Wendy thought that even if she would never have her own child in her life, she would still feel the pain. The strong willpower did not allow her brain to stop commanding. If she fainted, she could not imagine that if she fainted for a long time, massive hemorrhage in the abdominal cavity and the muscle of the forearm would shrink. Could she wait for rescue in this dark place with thin oxygen?

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