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   Chapter 120 Clean Spring

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The soil was wet in the rain and sticky. Before Wendy could stamp her feet, she was pulled to the ruins by Sam.

"Where is the injured?" Regardless of the mud on her feet. Even though she grew up in the city and had never encountered such an embarrassing situation.

The armed police didn't care about it at all. Their mission was more important than anything. They took Sam to a cave. As the ceiling above smashed down, the board was pressed down, and there was a person under it. Wendy found that it was a person until she looked at for a long time. She racked her brains but couldn't find the word to describe it. The whole body was covered with mud, and she couldn't tell the face and head, because the faces were covered with scars. If she didn't look carefully, she couldn't see it clear there was still blood in the mud, but it lost its color.

"Why don't you move the ceiling?"

"No, the other end of the board is on the man's legs. If we open the ceiling, the man's legs will not be able to be saved, and he will probably die on the spot."

"It has been such a long time. I think the muscles of the legs have been necrotized. Even if the lower part of the body is out, it can only be amputated, but there is no tools." Sam hesitated.

"Doctor, if you delay any longer, they will die." Some soldiers said seriously.

Sam looked at him and then at Wendy.

"There is no surgical saw. We can only take it out by force and send them away by helicopter immediately."

"I'll contact the military helicopter right away." The voice was from the leader of the soldiers who saved Wendy last night. He turned around and took the phone from the young soldier.

Wendy used the mineral water with her to clean up the injurer's face.

"It's a girl, but it's a pity that her face..." Wendy saw clearly that there was a deep wound on her face from the root of her left cheek to the corner of her mouth. It should not be scratched.

Sam took out the medicine and asked, "Where's the beauty treatment line?"

Wendy went to rummage through her bag. Fortunately, she found the stitches and thread. "You want stitches?"

"Of course. She has been soaked in the rain for so long, and the risk of infection cannot be excluded. She has to be sent to a big hospital as soon as possible." After that, Sam gestured for Wendy to hold the woman's head.

"Can you hear me?" Sensing the woman's reluctance, Sam asked in a louder voice.

"Ah... Ah... " Unfortunately, women could say nothing except "ah" and "ah".

Sam wanted to continue, but Wendy held his hand. "What are you doing, Wendy?"

"She has something to say." Wendy approached her ear. Because of the wound on her face, Wendy didn't dare to give her too much water. She was afraid that the wound would be pulled if the woman swallowed.

Hearing the woman's words, Wendy got shook. She looked at the woman's desperate and pleading eyes, where there was a gurgling spring.

"Doctor, doctor, something is wrong. A group of seriously injured people were sent away by the military helicopter today. What should we do?"

Sam's brows knitted into a frown. He didn't care much. He had to ask the women to get out of t

rs holding watermelon in their hands, he didn't hesitate and asked them to share it with the villagers. He thought that the villagers had been trapped for a few days and hadn't eaten anything. If he rejected it, he would continue to torture them in a disguised way. At least half of the watermelon was eaten, and he told them that he couldn't eat so much. The villagers were kind enough to choose a few similar portions, and the big and sweet ones were left to the army.

Wendy came to the leader and proposed her idea. At that time, the captain was busy saving an old woman, so he didn't care about her at all and said a few words casually.

Wendy thought, 'He is busy now. What if I disturb him so rashly and miss the best time to save people?'

"What can I do for you?" Wendy thought that although she was very tired, she should try her best.

The captain looked at her and said thoughtfully, "There is an old woman buried under the bridge, but the deck is too heavy and there is no crane. We think about letting a thin person go down and take her out... Forget it. It's so dangerous. You'd better go back and help Sam. "

Hearing that, Wendy was unhappy. "Look at your team. Who can be thinner than me?"

The leader didn't say anything. Indeed, none in his team could entered the small hole.

"Then..." The leader untied the rope around his waist. "Put this on your waist. Be careful when you go down. We will pull you."

After Wendy tied her belt, the leader frowned and said, "Tie it tightly." He stretched out his hand and tied a knot for her, but the rope was so tight that she felt uncomfortable. Enduring the nausea, she looked at the green branch shed in the open space with a palpitation. Fortunately, Sam didn't come out.

"Are you ready?" The leader grabbed the other end of the rope around his waist and suddenly stuffed something with temperature into her hand.

"This flashlight..." Wendy didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. How could she hug an old woman with a flashlight?

"Be careful." Following the small hole, Wendy walked on the loose stone and fumbled for the next step.

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