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   Chapter 119 Drifting Away

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The rain was so heavy that someone called them to go back to the base camp as soon as possible. The two men held the girl in their arms at the same time.

"Ah..." Wendy exclaimed.

On the other hand, Vivian seemed to enjoy it.

Vivian looked at Sam, then turned to the armed police. "There are still tourists trapped there. We only rescued one person, and six people were buried inside."

The armed polices immediately took action, but first let them go back to the base camp.

It was not until then that Wendy felt the man's strength. He carried her big backpack on his back and held her in his hand

"Sam, I can walk by myself. Put me down." 'He was not afraid of the slippery road.'

Although she couldn't see Sam's eyes clearly, the man was so mean that he pinched her waist hard. Only then did she realize that this man's temper was even more frightening than the storms at night.

"I'll settle accounts with you when I get back!"

Wendy kept complaining in her heart, 'I'm so screwed...'

Only six people came back, and at least more than twenty people went with them. The head arranged three people to send Wendy, Vivian and the man who had been saved back to the camp, and the rest stayed to continue to save people.

A few hours later, when they came back to the base camp, most of people had fallen asleep.

Sam said, "I'll take her back to my tent."

The head of the armed police nodded in agreement.

Sam put Wendy on the folding chair and knelt down in front of her, with his two strong arms supporting her. He just looked at her with an unreadable look.

"Sam..." Wendy felt uncomfortable being stared at, wet and cold all over. She said lack of confidence, "I'm cold."

The man immediately pulled her up, turned around and sat on the chair, while Wendy sat on his laps.

"Change your clothes and go to bed."


"No one will come?" When Wendy felt a little embarrassed and wanted to go deeper subconsciously, Dr. Sam pulled her.

"This is a military bed, not a big bed at home. If you go there... ... "

Although Sam didn't finish his words, Wendy didn't dare to say it again.

Sam held her tighter and pressed his lips against her forehead.

"Why are you here?" There was no anger, but pity and helplessness.

Tears streamed down Wendy's face. "Marvin said that you were trapped in the disaster area and no one knows whether you are alive or dead. I just want to die with you even if I die." Wendy didn't dare to raise her head, but she was held up by Sam. She lay prone on the ground and looked at him for a moment. Then she found that tears were also in Sam's eyes.

"Marvin, he grounded me... Don't let me do it... " Wendy felt wronged and buried her head in Sam's chest.

"In that case, if I wer

"After all, you are not in good health. It's so messy here. You don't know when there will be something happen. Vivian, as your friend, I don't want to see you make fun of your own health. "

"Wendy, I'm a doctor. What's the point of me being a doctor if I can't save the patient? Besides, I want to fight with him side by side, just like you. We all want to be with the one we love in danger. "

"You... It's different... "

"What's the difference? Go back. " Looking at Vivian's cold face, Wendy didn't say anything and followed her closely.

"Where did you go?" When Sam saw Wendy, he put on the doctor's uniform and said, "There aren't many doctors in this group. You come with me later. Let's go to the disaster area with the rescue team."

"Okay." There was an indescribable joy in her heart.

Seeing Wendy leave with Sam, Vivian had no choice but to stay at the headquarters. But she was reluctant in her heart!

"Follow me closely later. There may be aftershocks."

"Several days have passed. Is there still aftershock?" They walked for a few hours and passed through some collapsed hillside. Everyone was very careful. Because of the rain last night, the road was slippery.

"The situation is not stable yet. It happens from time to time."

"There is someone ahead. Where is the doctor? Come here, doctor! " Through a roadblock, someone was waving and shouting in front of them. Hearing the sound, Sam took the lead and ran over. Wendy didn't dare to slow down.

It turned out that there was also a small village here. However, because of the complicated terrain, it was difficult to get in and out, so the digger dug a path for a few days, but it was unable to get in the car. The heavy rain and wind last night caused the soil piled up to roll down. So they got off the car and walked a very difficult journey.

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