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   Chapter 118 Survivor of the Disaster

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Calm and composed, which were what David had taught Wendy. When she was a child, he told her not to be panic no matter what happened. Now she found compressed biscuits and mineral water from her backpack.

"Vivian, are you hungry? Would you like to eat something? " Fortunately, Vivian's condition was slightly better, but she had no appetite to eat anything. After taking two sips of water from the hand handed over by Wendy, her physical and mental fatigue was driven away, and she finally became energetic.

"I really hope that there will be no natural or man-made disasters in the world we live in one day." Vivian said.

"Why do you have so many hopes?" Wendy saw that she was energetic, so she argued back again.

"Oh, Wendy, I like you more and more. What should I do?" Vivian leaned on her shoulder.

"Don't be obsessed with me. I'm just a story."

"…… Old-fashioned... " Vivian raised her head. The sky was dark and clear. The sky of the village was not like that of a city. In the city, the night was always affected by the flickering neon lights, which made the night lose its nature. The night here was so pure and clean, like an obsidian embedded in the sky, exuding an extraordinary attraction, especially for the girls who had lived in the city since childhood.

"If it weren't for the earthquake, this place must be very beautiful, right?" Wendy sighed.

"Wendy. Have you ever seen the old corpse of the village? " Vivian said, which damaged the view.

Wendy was speechless. Why was there always someone who didn't cooperate with her and ignored her when she sighed?

A few miles away, there was a temporary tent set up in the base of the survivors who had been rescued. At this time, the living goods had just been released. The logo of the Red Cross on the white ground was printed on the top of a large tent. A nurse hurriedly took a bowl of instant noodles which had just been made and put it on the table in front of the man who was working hard.

"Dr. Sam, the villagers just made it. You can eat while it's hot. Only when you're full can you have the strength to work."

Sam raised her bloodshot eyes, ignoring the hot steam of the bowl. "Tell everyone to take precautions. In this case, we need a lot of medicines, especially TAT. Tell villagers not to drink the water in the village at will. How much medicine do we have?"

The nurse couldn't stand it anymore. She remembered that they were in the office of the village commissar that day. The sudden shock made the villagers who had never been so shocked panic. In just a few seconds, they were buried under the ceiling of the smashed walls. It was already two days before they were rescued.

"Dr. Sam, you haven't eaten well for a long time. You need to eat something. You can't fall down at this time." The disaster came all of a sudden. The rescue team was unable to get into the mountain for a while. As the only medical team with high medical level, Sam was the leader of the team. After the disaster, he was the mainstay of them.

Sam picked up the bowl and said, "Go ahead and have a rest."

As soon as the nurse walked out of the curtain, Sam asked, "Is there any signal on your phone?"

The nurse stopped and shook her head. Sh

re, there may be landslip and serious mountain torrents! " It was raining heavily. Even if Vivian was in front of Wendy, she was not sure if Wendy had heard everything clearly. After all, she worked so hard to save people.

"You can leave now. I want to save them." Wendy seemed to have a deep obsession, and Vivian couldn't persuade her at all. All of a sudden, she held her chest and deliberately fell on the ground in front of Wendy.

Wendy was shocked and immediately helped her back to the place where she had been. There was no shelter in the mountain, and there were trees everywhere. In this kind of weather, whoever dared to stand under the tree was absolutely courting death. The man would rather get wet in the rain than hide under the tree.

All of a sudden, someone's voice came. There were several rays of light, and the light was so dazzling that Wendy couldn't see who it was. She only knew that it was someone who had saved them.

From afar, Sam felt that his breath had stopped. When the light fell on Wendy's face, it was so unbelievable. In the dark days and nights, he had been holding on just because he missed her face and wanted to come back to her alive. Now the person he thought of day and night was just a few meters away. He suddenly felt how unreal it was!

Someone's speed was obviously faster than his, and the new reinforcement's head suddenly rushed out.

"Vivian!" He rudely took Vivian away from Wendy's arms. Seeing that she was very uncomfortable with her eyes closed, he took off his military cap and covered it on her face.

Wendy was frightened. Before she came to her senses, she fell into a cold and familiar embrace.

"Wendy, why are you here?" Sam pushed her away and held her in his arms again and again, surprised and pleased. After several rounds, he finally believed that this woman was alive in front of him. He didn't feel relieved until he boldly held her in his arms. Wendy's nose suddenly turned red, and tears fell along with the rain on her face. No matter how frightened she was, or how she pretended to be calm, she couldn't hold her lover's arms and make herself cry so unscrupulously.

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