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   Chapter 117 Hopeless (Part Three)

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Vivian came to the president's office aggressively. When she was told that the president was not there, she ran to the printing shop angrily.

She couldn't do anything, so she saw Camila when she posted the notice of looking for Wendy on the street.

"Damn it! How dare you leave me alone?" She quickened her pace to catch up with her, only to see her get on a car. Eh? Who is this man? Isn't Wendy's boyfriend Dr. Sam?

The second day, someone came to answer her full stomach of questions, and Camila came to the hospital for treatment.

Vivian directly took her as Wendy and took her away.

"It's so unkind of you to find a man behind my back. Don't you know that I'm living in this dangerous hospital without you taking care of me?"

Camila just smiled and said nothing.

Vivian looked at her suspiciously. "You are not Wendy. Who are you? "

"How could you tell?" Camila was a little surprised. Even Marvin and Sam couldn't tell the difference in the first place.

"I'm her sister. I need your help. Are you Vivian?"

Vivian didn't know about Wendy's family, so she believed what she said when she saw her did look like Wendy. She didn't know that in fact, Camila was also guessing. She knew her name from the name tag.

"Heaven will meet our every need."

Camila found her and asked her to find a way to bring Wendy out. At that moment, it occurred to Vivian that it was her father who taught her to take the waterway since the land road was blocked.

"Where is the waterway?" Camila smiled gracefully.

"Then Let her fly out? "

"Fly? Let her have wings? "

"You don't have wings. Don't you have a machine? I'll fly a helicopter and take her to X province. "

Camila thought for a while and finally agreed to help them prepare the materials. It seemed reasonable for them to enter the disaster area by the way of delivering the relief materials.

"Alas..." How could she be so cruel to her family?

"HMM..." All of a sudden, Vivian put her arms around her chest. Since she was

ited at all. There were mountains, rivers, flowers and grass, but they were buried under the soil, but there was no human beings.

"Where are we now?" Wendy asked.

"I don't know. The map doesn't show this place. I guess it's not far from the center of earthquake, well..." All of a sudden, Vivian squatted down and covered her chest.

"Vivian. Does it hurt again? "

Wendy suddenly remembered something and turned to open her backpack to look for something.

"What are you doing?"

"Check if there is any medicine." She did find it, but it was not lidocaine, but a small bottle of nitrite.

"Have you eaten nitroglycerin before?" Wendy asked her.

"No." Vivian answered weakly.

"Then what should we do?" Wendy quickly put down her backpack and spread the white coat on the ground to find a flat place to let her sit down, letting her lie on her head and lean on her legs. Then she turned around, took her backpack and found a flashlight.

"What are you doing?"

"Use the flashlight to call for help. I guess there must be a rescue team in this area. Look at the surrounding landslide, it must be caused by the earthquake. Let's light up the sky with the flashlight. If someone sees it, he will definitely look for light to find us."

Vivian smiled, Wendy put her hand on her face and said, "Go to sleep. Have a rest."

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