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   Chapter 116 Hopeless (Part Two)

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"It's a wonderful story. What do you want to tell me?"

There was some expressions on Camila's calm face. Not long ago, she heard these things from her mother. She always knew that she had a sister whom she had never met before. When she was a child, when her mother bought her a piece of food, there would be the same amount of food next to her. But every time her mother ignored her hungry eyes and said that it was for her sister. Every time her mother bought her a toy, she would always buy the same one and put it away. She knew that it was her sister's. She had never heard much about her sister from her mother, but she never doubted that there was really such a person in the world. It was not until not long ago that Marvin went to Finland. On the street of a foreign country, he ran madly to catch her without any image and shouted, "Wendy, Wendy, is it really you?"

She knew that what he said was her sister, whom she had never met before, her name was called Wendy. She shook off Marvin's hand and said, "I'm sorry. You've got the wrong person."

She had thought that they would meet by chance, but later she knew that this person was from China and talked about cooperation with her mother. As the host of the party, she saw that Marvin's eyes focused on her face again.

Following his gaze, her mother interrupted him and solemnly introduced her. This is my eldest daughter, Camila.

When my mother introduced me to others, she always said that she was my eldest daughter. Everyone knew that, but they had never seen her second daughter.

"You have another daughter?" Marvin was confused.

His mother was lost in thought, and Marvin's eyes fell on her face again. This time, he finally focused with inquiry.

"Mr. Marvin, do you know my little daughter?"

"Your daughter looks like my lover very much."

"Mr. Marvin is married?" My mother exclaimed. Camila didn't notice the slight disappointment in her heart.

"No, I haven't. My fiancée... " He seemed to be a little guilty and turned his head.

Then, in the name of business p

o glare at her. "Where have you been these days? I can't even stay in the hospital. Your sister didn't find me until I posted a notice on the street. "

Wendy lowered her head. She neither admitted nor refused the fact that Camila was her sister.

A few days ago...

"Vivian, can you move away?" Many people on floor 23 didn't dare to offend this violent woman because of Vivian's "reputation". They always didn't talk with her.

"You girls are not as cute as my Wendy." With a scornful look, Vivian ran around the hospital area, but didn't find Wendy.

"Hey, did she disappear from the world?"

She murmured and saw Helen squeezing out a smile.

Helen thought that she was going to get a spot because the hospital had sent new people into the disaster area, so she said directly, "No intern is allowed."

It was rare to see Vivian's smile froze on her face. What was happening?

"Where is Wendy?" She didn't want to be polite.

"Oh, she hasn't been here for a few days. She is on holiday now." Helen walked past her and answered indifferently.

"Why can't the intern go to the disaster area?" She had heard that the rescue team still had the air force. Maybe she could see her boyfriend.

"Who knows the rules? What's wrong with you? " Helen walked quickly to the separate treatment table, and several new nurses secretly ate snacks behind the desk.

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