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   Chapter 115 Hopeless (Part One)

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Wendy was very angry. What a shabby house! The sound insulation effect was so bad that she heard clearly what Marvin and Camila said.

Wendy's brain exploded. What? 'Camila was her sister? What else? Her mom? What was going on? No wonder she looked exactly like Camila. But she was the only daughter of David, wasn't she? If not, why didn't David know the existence of Camila? Wait, she had her own mother, and her mother fell into the sea and passed away. Why didn't she know that Wendy had a sister? Why was she with Marvin? And it seemed that Marvin also knew all of this? What was their purpose?

What the hell was going on?' She needed to ask her father about it, but she heard footsteps from far to near in the corridor. Knowing that it was Marvin, she tiptoed back to the French window and sat on the floor.

Someone creek the door as the door was open, the voice of Marvin was heard.

"Why are you sitting on the ground?" He wanted to hug Wendy, but she avoided him undisguisedly. Her hand was so stiff that it was less than a centimeter away from her.

"Did that maid make you piss off today?"


"I've already taught them a lesson, and that girl has also been driven out."


"Wendy, are you losing your temper with me now?"


Marvin sighed helplessly. He didn't want to see Wendy spoil herself like this. It would be more painful than letting him suffer a lot of punishments.

"I just got the news that an exploration team had found Sam..."

"What did you say?" Before Marvin finished his words, the woman on the ground jumped up, her eyes full of expectation and excitement.

"The housekeeper said you haven't had dinner since yesterday." Marvin changed the subject. Wendy glared at him and continued to sit down.

Marvin turned around and closed his eyes. "Who are you torturing?"

Wendy sneered, "Are you restricting my human rights?"

Marvin was rendered speechless.

Wendy continued to look out of the window through the gap of the curtain, completely ignoring Marvin.

Marvin's temper was so bad that he had nowhere to let off. He went downstairs in a hurry. At the same time, Camila was tasting tea elegantly on the sofa. Seeing his angry face, she knew that he wa

he helped him deprive the glorious family without knowing it. When she regretted and went to find the man with a big belly, the man told her that he had divorced with his wife. In fact, he had always had her in his heart. The woman was tempted again, but a few days before she was about to give birth to the baby, she knew the man's motivation. It turned out that all this was because of his wife, who gave birth to a dead baby. He just wanted the baby in her belly to be filled. The woman was unwilling to give up and ran away overnight. In a quiet mountain village, she gave birth to a pair of daughters. But no one knew that she was pregnant with the twins when she gave birth, and the conditions in the village were limited and only a midwife was hired. When the second daughter was born, she was almost out of oxygen. The woman choked with sobs and begged the villagers to save her children. When the youngest daughter fell on the ground, the man's followers found her, and the woman had a plan. She handed over her dying younger daughter to them. The man's followers immediately sent her to the hospital. No one had time to care about her, just thinking that they couldn't delay the best time to save the baby. The woman left there with her eldest daughter and never went back. " Speaking of this, Camila's eyes were wet, and Wendy was still biting the apple with her big mouth. It was not until Camila finished that she loosened her grip and found that her mouth had been stiff.

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