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   Chapter 113 All Yours

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In July, it was destined to be a month of turmoil. As the temperature rose, the flow of people in the surgery department continued to rise.

By accident, Wendy was arranged to the operating room, especially in charge of medical instruments. Because of the shortage of stuff, they, as nurses of ordinary ward, were taken to fill in.

"There were two consecutive surgeries this morning. How could Sam had left and the workload increase so much? Line 1. "

"Director, don't complain. You go to the gastroenterology department. They are so busy that many doctors don't have time to rest."

"Different department. It's hot these days. Many people who eat something carelessly would go to the hospital. All right, I could finally have a rest after the operation. Wipe my sweat. "

Wendy didn't say anything during the whole process. Director was the chief surgeon and she would hand over whatever he said.

At the last stage, everyone was a little tired. The director was getting old, and it was inevitable that he couldn't bear several operations. At last, he even threw the stitches out.

"Stop suturing right now. Everyone, go and find the needle."

Everyone was a little tired. It was inevitable for them to complain in their hearts, but they didn't dare to say it out. They had to search in the operating room.

"Even an experienced doctor can make a mistake." A very arrogant female intern followed Wendy complained in a loud voice, which was heard by the people around her. Some people laughed at that time.

Wendy looked vigilantly at her back and pulled her over. "Keep your voice down. The director would be angry when he hears that."

"Well, it's too late for him to escape from his responsibility now." The intern nurse rolled her eyes at director.

"You seem to have a problem with the director?" Wendy whispered to her.

The intern smiled and said, "My name is Vivian. What's your name? "

"Commission for Discipline Inspection? Do you have this name? " Wendy laughed out loud and her laugh passed the mask to Vivian's ears.

"That's right. My father used to be the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. What's your name?"


"Well, we will be friends from now on. what? Is that it?" When Vivian found a stitching needle on the ground, Wendy shouted excitedly, "We found it."

Soon, the operation was finished.

"What? Why don't you go out?" Seeing that all the doctors and patients in the operating room had left, but Wendy was still here, Vivian was confused.

"I'll check it again."

"Is there any problem?" Vivian came close to her.

"It's better to be cautious." After confirming that there was no problem, Wendy threw the gauze and cotton swabs into the trash can.

"Let's go. The director said that we can have a good rest at noon. Let me treat you to lunch." Vivian pulled her to the dressing room.

Wendy couldn't refuse her, so she had to follow her.

In the Chinese restaurant, Vivian, who had taken off her white coat and surgical cap, could be seen clearly that she had short hair. Her stunning face exuded a woman's heroic spirit under this hairstyle. People who didn't know her must think that she was a gentle and generous lady from an eminent family just by hearing her name.

"I was thinking about going to the milit

o you think he can return and marry you?" Marvin took a deep breath and looked at Wendy with a charming smile.


"As long as I don't let him come back, do you think he will come back by himself?"

"Sam... Did you arrange him to go to the countryside? " Wendy slowly pointed at him with her index finger, "What the hell do you want?"

"Don't you know what I mean? Wendy, I can't wait any longer. Let me tell you the truth. Have you lost contact with him since the first day Sam left? I asked someone to remove the communications in the countryside and cut off the signal there. There is also an apologetic news. Sam was so unfortunate. He had gone to the village for less than two days and then encountered an earthquake. Now he has lost contact with you. Are you still waiting for him to come back and marry you? "

Marvin's very word was carved into Wendy's heart like an ice knife.

"What did you say? Earthquake? Lost contact? " Wendy shuddered, "Marvin, why do you want to hurt me. Why do you di that beyond our ridiculous engagement? We had a chance to be friends, but what you did disgusted me and made me feel ashamed."

"Why do you have to hurt me every time I see you? Tell me, it's not true. It's not true?" Wendy suddenly grabbed his arm and exerted all her strength, as if two pieces of meat would be torn off his arm if Marvin didn't say anything satisfied.

"Wendy, I'm sorry. There was an earthquake of 7 magnitude in X province. Sam and the others were in the center of the earthquake. I'm sorry. I didn't care about your feelings again, so I..."

"I don't believe it. I don't believe it..." Why didn't anyone tell her? No wonder Marvin came to the hospital for a meeting. No wonder Sam hadn't contacted her for a long time.

Wendy ran all the way to the dean's office. The dean was having a video meeting with other rescue teams. He was slightly annoyed to see Wendy.

"Dean, is something wrong with Sam?"

It was not until then that dean remembered that Roy had told him that Wendy was Sam's girlfriend and asked him to take care of her.

"Are you a nurse of the surgery department? Are you Sam's girlfriend? "

Wendy was surprised that the Dean knew her.

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