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   Chapter 112 Daddy's Era

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It was Tess who opened the door. She warmly welcomed Wendy in.

"Come on in!" Tess was very happy.

"You don't need to change your shoes. It's just a small place."

Sam introduced to Tess, "Aunt, this is Wendy."

Wendy bowed shyly, "Nice to meet you."

Tess looked at Wendy as if she were her daughter-in-law. "Good girl, good girl." Tess looked at Sam with an unreadable expression.

"Is this Amanda? Come on, let me have a look. " Tess noticed the baby in Wendy's arms. Sam had told her that he would give her a surprise.

Wendy immediately taught Amanda, "This is grandma." Amanda rolled his eyes at Tess.

"Let me hug him." Tess said happily, "I finally have a grandson. Please have a seat. The dinner will be ready soon. "

"Thank you." Wendy didn't know how to describe Tess. She felt Tess's kindness was out of guilty. Although she was kind, she couldn't hide her sharp eyes. Wendy remembered that Sam had told her that Tess had worked in the criminal investigation team before.

"I heard that Sam is going to the countryside with the medical team. Wendy, you just started working. Who takes care of Amanda?" At the dinner table, Tess took over Wendy's job and nursed Amanda.

Wendy and Sam looked at each other.

"We hire a nanny."

"No wonder he is more intimate than his parents when he sees the feeding bottles." Tess joked with a smile. "Send the child here. I'm an old woman and I have nothing to do at ordinary times."

"What? We can take care of him. " Wendy felt embarrassed.

"Okay. When I come back, we will take Amanda back." Sam didn't feel embarrassed and took it for granted.

Wendy tugged at his sleeve under the table and said, "Sam, is it okay for us to do this?"

"What's wrong with grandma taking care of her grandson? Besides, she is too lonely. With Amanda accompanying her, we can often come back to see her. "

All Sam needed was an excuse, an excuse to let go of the past and go back home. And Amanda was a bond.

After dinner, Tess coaxed Amanda to sleep. Wendy followed her into Sam's room. It was the first time that she had stepped into Sam's room. In the dull room, besides books, the most special thing should be the astronomical telescope placed by the window of his room.

"How could he have such a hobby?"

"Sam has been fond of watching stars since he was a child." Tess was looking for something while talking to Wendy.

"Like astronomy? Why did he choose medicine? Wendy thought for a while and shook her head.

"Hobbies and prospects are two different things." Tess found a book in Sam's bookshelf and took it out.

"Sam drew it when he was in middle school." Tess handed her a thick Kraft bound book.

Wendy opened her mouth in an O shape and said, "These..."

"He likes to draw down what he sees."

There were constellations on each page, which were marked in detail. A pencil drew a pattern of the same thickness. Wendy could almost touch the marks on the paper. It could be imagined how he devoted and like

t, leaving only a shell.

Lying on the bed, she tossed and turned, wondering whether Sam had fallen asleep or not. No, it was more than ten hours' drive. Maybe he hadn't arrived yet. What about Amanda? Why is she so pitiful?

So she spent her first lonely night in infinite self pity.

Anna went to work early today. Wendy came to change shift almost on time. Anna was frightened by her red eyes.

"Girl, don't you dare to go to Korea and eyelids surgery?"

"I sneaked there last night. I got a discount on the party building Festival. Party building Festival? Party building Festival? Today is July 1st? " Suddenly, Wendy became energetic like a stimulated cock. How could she forget that today was the day Lily left?

"Anna, is the head nurse here?"

"May be in meeting? what's wrong? You don't want to leave Dr. Sam, so you want to follow him? " Anna didn't avoid the wound in her heart.

"If I want to go, I won't wait until now." Then she went to Helen's office.

Helen was a very easy-going person. She generously gave Wendy half a day off.

Last night, she was so sad that she didn't want to turn on her phone. Afraid that she might call Sam, she turned it off decisively and turned on the computer to watch movie. But she couldn't help crying in the end. She took out her phone and saw a dozen of unanswered phone calls. Some were from her roommates, and some were from Sam.

She opened the WeChat and received a message from Lily, telling her not to come to the airport if she was in a bad mood. She didn't want to see Wendy crying in the airport.

Sitting in the taxi, [Wendy held her phone and cried. Lily always thought for her at any time. Lily knew that she had just sent her lover away, but now she had to watch her best friend leave. She must feel bad. Presumably, Lily also hoped that Wendy could send her back.

Dear Lily, we may be separated for many years, and we don't know when we will meet again. Please take care of yourself and hope we can meet again.

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