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   Chapter 75 Astonishment

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The car whistled incessantly. Many people were waiting for the sudden disaster to subside, and at the same time, they were glad that the victims were not themselves.

Wendy took a melancholy look at Michael, who was still in a coma, then made up her mind. Her firm eyes conveyed her feelings at the moment.

There was a medical box in the ambulance. Wendy jumped out of the car with it. In the billowing smoke, she looked for the injured alone.

Several of the motorbike had been crashed into pieces, and the people on it had been thrown out of the car. The scene was horrible.

Without thinking, Wendy hurried to save people.

"Can you hear me?"

There was no response.

"His hand is broken and must be fixed immediately."

She tried to turn over the person lying on the ground, but it caused a cry of pain from the injured.

She was both surprised and pleased.

"Can you hear me?"

The man's eyelashes trembled slightly. Wendy gave up helping him turn over. She picked up the motorcycle debris that could be seen everywhere on the ground. Fortunately, she found a useful object.

"I'm going to fix your broken hand. It may be hurts. Please bear."

After finishing, Wendy ran to the next injured person. The situation was a little tricky. It was a woman who was pressed under the motorcycle. There was a pool of blood on the ground. Wendy guessed that it might be because the motorcycle was knocked down when it fell, and then the broken parts pierced her abdomen. But Wendy didn't know the specific part, and she couldn't hold up the motorcycle by herself.

Fortunately, the firefighters arrived in time.

"Hurry up! There are casualties here!" Wendy shouted and two firefighters rushed over at once. The firefighters tried to lift the motorcycle up, but when the motorcycle just got up a little bit, the woman showed a painful face.

"Wait!" Wendy stopped them in time. She lay on the ground and saw a bent iron shell inserted into the woman's abdomen through the gap. There was little blood flowing for the time being, but if the motorcycle was suddenly lifted up, it was very likely to cause flooding.

"No, no, No."

"Her spleen has been pierced. Raise it first."

Wendy looked at the source of the voice and was surprised.

"Roy. ... Dr. Roy? "

Taking a look at her, Roy turned around and said to the firefighters, "Sir, lift it."

"What's wrong with the girl? If you are not professional, don't command randomly. Do you know how much time will be wasted to save people just in a short time? " One of the firefighters kept chattering, showing his dissatisfaction.

Wendy felt a little ashamed.

At this time, Roy had stopped the bleeding of the injured woman and said casually, "It's not up to you whether she is professional or not. We know what kind of people we recruited in the First Hospital. Oh, by the way, the woman might not be able to keep her spleen. "

The two firefighters left resentfully.

"How did you come back?"

"I come here as soon as I get the order. All the doctors who have been off duty for rest have been called back. Oh, poor me! I didn't sleep last night. I was about to lie down for a while when the hospital called me. "

"Is Sam here too?"

Roy shook his head/

"He is busy in the operating room."

ut he had lost his breath. She tied the black tie to the old man's arm. Then she looked for the next casualty.

She ran past a bus, which was overturned. The scream for help from inside made her unable to move away for a while.

"Help us! Help us!"

Wendy smashed the window with a motorcycle cage that fell from the roadside.

"Come out!"

In the overturned car, there was a pregnant woman whose head was broken and bleeding, leaning against the other side of the window that was close to the ground. It could be seen that the other people in the bus had escaped, but the pregnant woman was trapped inside. Human nature was so cold.

All of a sudden, Wendy thought of the scene of the last car accident. She patted her forehead and jumped into the car immediately.

People who had never experienced such a scene could not imagine how difficult to walk in the narrow space of the collapsed bus. Let alone saving people.

Wendy came to the pregnant woman with difficulty.

"How many months have you been pregnant?" She took a look at the pregnant woman's lower body. There was a thin flow of liquid

"Seven. ... Seven. ... More than seven months... ... ... " The pregnant woman's voice was hoarse, and her tears were frozen on her face. It seemed that she had been calling for help for more than a while.

"Can you move your feet?"

The pregnant woman tried.


"Do you have a stomachache now?"

"A while."

"Contractions! No, maybe it's about to give birth. How long has your lower body been bleeding? "

"No. ... A short time. ... "

Wendy didn't have time to think too much. Fortunately, the seat of the car they were in could be flat. In this way, she could set up a stone position for the pregnant woman to deliver her baby.


"Is it painful again?" Sweat broke out on Wendy's forehead. The pregnant woman nodded painfully.

After settling her down, Wendy quickly pulled out her trousers.

"Delivering the baby here?" The woman asked.

"Your amniotic fluid has been broken. If it goes on, I'm afraid that you and your baby will be in danger."

The pregnant woman was a little resistant.

"No, no, it's not yet the proper time!"

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