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   Chapter 57 Come Up with an Idea in a Hurry

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After making love, Michael held his chin with one hand, and Lily leaned in his arms, while he caressed her face with the other.

"Lily, is Wendy living with Dr. Sam? " He wrapped Lily's hair around his fingertips.

"No way. " Lily said in a lower voice than mosquitoes.

"Why is it impossible? Aren't we living together before marriage? "

"Wendy won't. Even if she wants, Dr. Sam may not agree. "

"But it was Dr. Sam who picked her up last night. "

But Lily didn't response. She fell into sleep and breathed evenly.

It was boring for Wendy to stay at home alone. After making up, she went straight to her cousin's home. Her cousin's baby was almost seven months old, and she hadn't visited her for a long time because of her busy work recently.

As soon as Sherry saw Wendy, she became very excited.

"Why are you free today? " She smiled and ushered Wendy into the room.

"I asked for a leave. Did the baby make trouble for you? "

Sherry put Wendy's hand on her soft belly, and her eyebrows were full of the radiance of maternal nature. Feeling that the baby in her belly was strongly moving to show his existence, Wendy smiled.

"It must be a boy. He is so naughty. It's uneasy in mommy's belly. "

"Yes, I'm like a pig now. I eat and eat every moment. It's too hot and I don't want to go out. My feet are swollen. " Then she took off her soft sole shoes, revealing her snow-white feet. Sure enough, her feet were much swollen.

"I wish I could have a son. "

"What? Isn't it? " Wendy noticed the regret on her cousin's face.

"It's a daughter. Your brother-in-law is overjoyed. " Sherry said.

"Daughter is father's lover in his previous existence. My brother-in-law must be very happy. Don't you like daughter? " Wendy thought her cousin didn't value boys more than girls.

"I was lucky to have a daughter. How could I not like her? But the family members of your brother-in-law are more likely to have a boy..." Sherry wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Wendy understood that Austin's mother was eager to have a grandson. The elderly had traditional thoughts and ideas. Was this what Wendy was worried about?

"Sister, now the policy of second child has been loosened. You and Austin are the only child. The worst result is to have another child. " Wendy tried to comfort Sherry, but Sherry's face darkened.

"That's true, but..."

"Is there anything I don't know? "

"I can only have one child in my life. " Sherry looked into Wendy's eyes and said seriously.

"Wendy, you should know that I has Rh-negative trait. " Sherry smiled bitterly.

Rh-negative trait! Wendy almost forgot that pregnant women with this kind of blood were likely to suffer from blood purification. Only first child could be safe. This was also the reason why Sherry and Austin had always been cautious.

"Isn't it good to have a daughter? Girls are so cute. "

"Exactly. Although their family didn't say anything, I still feel a little sorry for his parents. " Sherry sighed.

"Don't worry. You should be a happy mother. The baby doesn't want to see a sad mother. " Wendy put her hands on Sherry's shoulders.

"As the aunt, you should prepare the red

as his usual way to kill time.

"What did you do today? " Wendy raised her head and saw Sam.

"You ate too much just now. I don't mind you urging yourself to vomit in this way. It's very convenient. "

Wendy sat up straight suddenly and felt a little dizzy. She didn't speak for a while.

"How many surgeries did you perform today? "

"Two. " Sam opened the book Pride and Prejudice.

Wendy continued, "Dr. Sam, may I know your salary for a month as an attending physician? "

Sam glanced at her.

"5000 dollars for one operation, at least two for one day, ten for five days a week. Not to mention occasional overtime on weekends. Your monthly salary should be at least this amount, right? " Wendy made a gesture.

"Do you think all patients are fools? " Sam refuted.

Wendy didn't think so, "Why is there such a big difference between a nurse and a doctor? "

"Well, first of all, the work is different. The nature of the work is different, and the risk of work is different. "

"What? You don't know how busy and hard nurses are. I was almost beaten by a patient last time... " The more she said, the more aggrieved she felt.

"You should go towards the camera next time. "Sam said.

"Poof! "

"In that case, even if the patient is unreasonable, with the video as the evidence, even if go to the court, we are still reasonable. "

"You are awesome!" Wendy thumbed up silently.

These words were then reposted to a group of friends by Wendy, and they were all guided for reference.

"Wendy, your boyfriend is so smart. "Christina said.

"Next time I encounter this kind of thing, I will definitely run there as soon as possible." Phoebe said.

And someone said, "Wendy, don't show off your love to us. You have Dr. Sam. Who dares to make trouble in front of you? "

Others mentioned, "Last time when Wendy was injured, a doctor roared and kicked the patient out of the hospital. What a man! "

Rachel responded," Please take a photo of this doctor! "

All of them echoed," Please take a photo of this doctor! "

Lily, who hadn't spoken for a long time, said slowly," It was not Dr. Sam! "

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