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   Chapter 54 Years of Isolation

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They all studied medicine, so they all knew the meaning of this sentence. Wendy blushed and didn't say anything for a long time. It turned out that it was a sin to indulge in beauty.

"Uh... Are you off duty this weekend? "

"Yes. What's wrong? " Sam raised his head to look at Wendy.

"Well, Sam, we didn't have an appointment yet. " Wendy said eagerly.

"And then? " Sam stirred the porridge in his bowl.


"Shall we go on a date? "

Wendy's mouth opened in an O shape. She had never expected that she would hear such words from Sam.

Sam smiled as he watched Wendy feeding the porridge to her nose.

Wendy took the tissue with embarrassment to hide her excitement and joy. She touched the cup on the table in a hurry, causing a crackling sound. The cup fell to the ground and broke into pieces in an instant.

Wendy was in a daze for a moment, and then stood up to look for the duster. With his head down, Wendy couldn't see his expression, but she could clearly see the Sam's shoulders shaking violently. Humph! Taking pleasure in other people's misfortune!

Sam also noticed Wendy's bad mood. For example, she deliberately stepped on his foot when she went to clean the room. How cruel she was——

"Wendy, you don't have to be so excited. " Sam felt bad and wanted to take the broom from her hand fawningly. Wendy waved the broom at him, but she didn't want to beat him hard. She used the broom gently to touch him. 'She is very angry. 'Sam though.

Sam didn't dare to irritate her again. He coaxed, "All right. I'll clean it up. Have a seat. Let's go to the hospital together later. "

Ignoring him, Wendy turned around and walked towards the sofa. Sam shook his head resignedly.

"Did Lily call you yesterday? " Wendy found the call log when she checked the phone.

"Yes. What's wrong? " Sam said seriously.

"You answered it? " Wendy looked at him in disbelief.

"Is there any problem? " Sam didn't think so.

Wendy shook her head and said, "It seems that you have to prepare to bleed. "

Sam was confused.

The hospital.

"Click, click, click, click..." The sound of typing lasted for a long time.

"Wendy, come here. " With a medical record in her hand, Lola greeted her.

"I haven't finished my work yet. "Wendy was dissatisfied. Sam had told her to stay away from Lola.

"Put your things away first. Someone is looking for you. " Lola was not in a good mood as well. There were some rumors in the hospital recently, so she was not very happy.

"Oh... "Although Wendy was unhappy, she was curious who would come to the hospital to see her.

In the head nurse's office.

"Marvin? " Looking at the tall man standing by the window, Wendy called him in a certain tone.

The man slowly turned around. The difference in height made him look down at Wendy

? What's wrong with you? " Helen felt strange when she saw Wendy came out of the Lola's office absentmindedly.

"Nothing. I'm fine. " Wendy appeared a fake smile.

"By the way, who was that handsome man just now? " Helen approached her curiously.

"Who? " Wendy pretended to be innocent.

"It's the man who looked for you just now. He is so handsome. If I were not married, I would definitely chase him. " Helen narrowed her eyes exaggeratedly with an infatuated expression.

Wendy shook her head speechlessly. She really wanted to remind Helen that it was not easy to chase him, but on second thought, what did it have to do with her?

"Lily. " Wendy adjusted her mood and answered the phone from Lily. She had just finished her work and leaned against the wall leisurely.

In Sam's office. Because of work, he had to take Lola to his office to tell her some things and check some patients' medical records.

"Another boy is in hospital recently. He needs to be operated on immediately. You can arrange it. " Sam said seriously.

"Sam..."Lola's r voice was as sweet as honey.

"Lola, please concentrate on your work. " Sam's face darkened.

"Will she seduce you like this?" Lola didn't give up and continued what she had done.

At this time, Wendy just pushed the door open and broke in.

Sam's desk was facing the door, and Lola was sitting opposite her. Wendy was furious when she saw a women stay in with Sam alone, and she couldn't believe it was Lola.

Lola also saw her. Her eyes were a little unhappy, but she still didn't mean to stop.

She wanted everyone to know that she and Sam were a couple!

Wendy looked at Sam with inquiry, and the latter smiled at her calmly.

Suppressing her anger, Wendy didn't think she had broken Lola's arrangement. She walked towards Sam with the medical order in her hand, as if she was doing business.

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