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   Chapter 51 Karma

A Lifetime Love By Liu Lici Characters: 10184

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How could she know a person so well?

Deep hatred or deep love!

"By the way, Lily doesn't deserve Sam at all!" There was a storm in Lola's eyes.

Roy thought he had misheard.

"Who? Lily?" Lily and Sam?

Roy covered his nose with his hand to hide the smile on his face. No wonder that Lily was put under pressure by Lola as soon as she came. It turned out that she was mistook. But it was good. She didn't deal with Wendy.

"But she is not a rival for me. Sooner or later, Sam will come back to me." She still had something on Lily. She would kick her out of the hospital sooner or later.

"What do you want to do?" Noticing the viciousness on her face, Roy's heart sank.

"Nothing." Lola quickly smiled to prove that she didn't do something bad.

But the real storm always came after peace.

"Lola, let go of Sam. He is not your Mr. Right." Roy advised kindly.

"What are you talking about? Sam is mine, and he will only be mine. No matter who he is with now, I'm the only one standing by his side in the future." Lola argued.

"Have you forgotten how badly you hurt Sam?"

"That was an accident. Sam said he wouldn't blame me."

A few years ago.

Roy walked towards the University in a hurry. The advanced education of the British Empire had not changed his dandiacal and lewd look.

His professor was a French lady. They all called her "Mrs. Meryl."

She was born with a noble temperament, especially when she was holding a knife on the operating table, cold and gorgeous.

"Oh, Black, you are late again." "Mrs. Meryl."

Roy grinned.

"Well, kids, today I want to introduce a beautiful angel to you." Mrs. Meryl always liked to add some metaphor to her words.

It was the first time that Roy had seen her. Her long black hair fell on her hip, her curved willow leaf eyebrows and her big purple and black eyes made her smile more charming.

Then he heard the self-introduction of Lola. It turned out that she was also Chinese. A feeling of meeting an old friend in a foreign country was born naturally. Although they were not familiar with each other at that time, he immediately stood up, ignoring the surrounding British friends and the instructor. It seemed that he only saw Lola in his eyes, and said hello to her in Chinese, the language that only the two of them could understand.

"Hello, I'm Roy."

Lola also looked at him in shock. A moment later, she realized that Roy was greeting her and then she smiled as a greeting.

"I'm Lola." Lola said. Someone who was Roy's friend teased Roy immediately.

"Hey! Beauty... "Someone began to whistle and tried to accost Lola in stiff Mandarin. Roy warned them not to accost her with eyesight.

"Just ignore them," said Roy, looking at the pale face of Lola.

"No, I just haven't seen such a warm scene for a long time."

Roy smiled awkwardly.

Later, when they were studying together, Roy, who had been studying with her all the time, had a good impression of Lola and began to carefully plan a love proposal.

It was the first time that

where he is? I cannot find him. I can't find him."

"Okay, I'll call him..."

"Lily, hurry up. What are you waiting for?" Wendy heard someone complaint at the other side of the phone. Not knowing who was calling Lily over there, Wendy touched the sweat on her forehead.

"Okay, give me his number. I'll call him. Go ahead with your work."

It was getting late. Wendy waited by the road for a while and received a message from Lily.

"Who is it?"

"Is it Michael?" Wendy asked.

"Who are you?" Michael repeated.

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, can you tell me where you are now?"

"Who are you?" 'Can you stop thinking about this.'

"I'm the roommate of your girlfriend Lily. She is on duty today, so she asked me to pick you up. Can you tell me where you are now?" Out of professional reasons, Wendy explained patiently to him.

"I'm... There is a coffee shop near me. I'm here."

"Coffee shop? Okay, wait for me. I'll be right there."

After hanging up the phone, Wendy hailed a taxi. The coffee shop was not close to the train station, which made Wendy speechless.

With his suitcase in his hand, Michael sat by the window of the coffee shop. Suddenly, he looked out of the window and noticed a taxi that had just stopped. The door opened and a woman got out of the car. Because of nearsightedness, he could not see her face clearly, so he could only see that she was tall. He wondered if this woman was the one on the phone, and then she had already walked up to him.

"Are you Michael?" Looking at the photos on the phone, Wendy was not sure. After all, he was quite different from the magic in the picture.

"It's me." Michael finally saw the woman's face clearly. She was beautiful and lovely, and fortunately, she had a good figure.

Wendy swallowed hard and was surprised.

"Uh Then what Where are your things? " Unable to find a word to say, Wendy tried her best to find a topic to talk about. As she spoke, she wanted to take his suitcase.

"Oh. It's okay. I'll take it. "

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