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   Chapter 50 Last Warning

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Wendy was so angry that she was about to overturn the table, ignoring Mike who was still talking in front of her. The bowl of rice in front of Wendy was treated badly. It was stabbed by Wendy as a vent of anger.

Mike finally realized.

"What's wrong? Don't you like the food? " He considerately put the untouched rice in front of Wendy. Wendy earthed to herself and saw Sam walking towards her with a plate.

She didn't dare to look at Sam.

"What? Isn't Mike eating with her? The man of internal medicine department? "

"Humph! I thought she was a picky woman. But finally she found a sissy as her boyfriend. " Several nurses whispered to each other and tried to comfort themselves in this way. However, Wendy didn't get angry. There was only one person in the canteen looked at Sam who was not far away, which was Anna.

There was no emotion on Sam's face. For a moment, Wendy seemed to have heard her sigh. She wondered why all her emotions were written on her face. That was the evidence that she cared about Sam, but why there was no emotion on his face?

At last, when Wendy's heart was about to jump out, Sam sat at the seat in front of her. Mike was sitting with his back to Sam, and she was facing Sam, so she could see his expression clearly.

"What? Why don't you say something? " Mike said for a long time and felt that his mouth was a little dry, so he stopped drinking water and found that the girl sitting opposite him had been absent-minded.

"What? I...I'm listening to you. "

During the meal, Wendy had seen how talkative Mike was. He could start from the scenic spots and historic sites in the northeast to the historical story. At last, he saw Sam leave the canteen with a smile. Why did he feel that Sam's smile was very gloating?

"Well, Mike, it's time for us to go back to work. We are neighbors. We can meet each other almost every day. We have plenty of opportunities to chat in the future. " Wendy thought she was being implicit. But Mike didn't understand her implication.

"I'm taking a day off today. You said just now, there is plenty of time, what did that mean? "

Wendy was speechless.

"I mean, I have to go back to work now. " 'Can't you understand me? '

"Okay. Bye. "Mike bit the chopsticks and smiled like the leading actress of the Taiwan idol drama. Wendy felt a chill and felt her goose bump all over the ground. She'd better leave this place as soon as possible. If she stayed here any longer, she was afraid that she would spit out blood and die.



One of them was anxious and the other was depressed.

"Go ahead. "

"Tell me first..."

Noticing that Lily didn't look happy, Wendy turned her around and looked into her eyes.

"What's wrong? "

"Wendy, I don't want to work anymore! " Lily's eyes turned red.

"What happened? " It was just a meal. What happ

a, Sam would deal with on his own. After all, he owed him.

"Got it. " Roy put away his phone and punched the white wall.

"It's so rare. Why did you ask me out? " In a high-end restaurant built by the river, Lola's legs crossed elegantly, she put her fingers under her chin casually and said calmly.

A bitter smile appeared on Roy's face.

"Lola, do you remember this place? "

"The first time you asked Sam out, and we met at this restaurant. " Lola closed her eyes, recalling the past.

"At that time, he was dull and boring, immersed in the pain caused by his ex-girlfriend, as if he would never be able to walk out of it all his life. "

"After so many years, the once dull boy has become mature and charming, but he still has no sorrow or joy on his face. "Speaking of this, a greedy smile appeared on Lola's face.

Roy looked at Lola who talked to herself. After a long time, she stopped.

"Your body is fine? "

"Much better. I have taken the medicine and saw the doctor on time. "

Sam was right. It was true that Lola was insane, and she was suffering from severe depression. Sam wondered why she had gone to work in the hospital. And he supposed that it was her tricks at first, and second, it was an era where she can depend on her father! In a word, she had been relying on medicine for treatment. Except for not too much stimulation, she looked like a normal person, both mentally and physiologically.

"By the way, Roy, you are so dishonest. "

"What? "

"Why didn't you tell me when you had a girlfriend? "

"Girlfriend? Wendy? " Roy pointed at his aching temple.

"Well, if it weren't for the gossip in the hospital, I might have offended her by accident. "

That was why Roy spread the gossip about him and Wendy in the hospital on purpose. He did this in order to distract the attention of Lola. He knew her too well. How far could he know a person so well?

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