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   Chapter 49 Changing From Cold To Hot

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"What happened in the hospital?" Sam said casually.

Wendy swallowed a mouthful of hot tea. It took her a long time to recover, which made Sam frown again.

"Nothing. Just quarrel with the patient."

"You are not a child anymore, and you are not a student now. You should have a look like a professional person. In this profession, we should stand on the patient's point of view, think in another position, and be more patient. Maybe some patients are disturbed by the anxiety of their own illness, and they may be a little too emotional. If you meet the nurse's terrible service at this time, will you still be happy?"

Wendy waved her hand helplessly.

"I know. Why are you the same as my former head teacher?" Wendy whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"You are nagging the same like her."

'Really?' Sam chuckled. He didn't even realize that he had become such a chatterbox?


"What? What's wrong?" Wendy raised her head. As expected, Sam reached out his hand and grabbed a napkin. At that moment, some scenes flashed through his mind. They were Marvin and Wendy. They did the same action at that time.

His hand suddenly stopped when it was less than two centimeters away from Wendy's lips, and his tone suddenly became cold.

"How old are you? You are like a child now. There is something near your mouth. Wipe your mouth!"

Wendy was overjoyed and thought that Sam would be so gentle to wipe her mouth, but she didn't expect that he would suddenly put the napkin into her hand and then didn't talk anymore.

Wendy couldn't figure it out. The atmosphere was deadlocked until they took a walk home by the road after dinner.

"Where are you going?" Sam noticed that Wendy was heading in the wrong direction.

"Go back home."

"This is the direction to the hospital." Sam pointed ahead.

"Eh? Have you recovered?"

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't you angry?" Wendy stared at him with innocent eyes.

"You know I'm angry?" Suddenly, he grabbed Wendy's face.

"You know I'm angry, but you still don't talk to me!"

"Uh I'm just afraid that I would make you angrier. And you are too changeable, aren't you?"

Sam felt a little helpless after hearing her responds. He couldn't blame her at all.

"Can't you take the initiative to talk to me?"


"You must be more active next time!" Sam acted like a kid who couldn't get candies.

Wendy was shocked by Sam's words deeply.

"By the way, I have to tell you something."

"Okay. What?"

"I'm living in the hospital dorm now..."

"What?" Sam turned around.

"It's arranged by Lola. She said that staff were so busy in the hospital recently. She asked us to live in the dorm until they were not busy." Wendy told him in detail.

Without saying a word, Sam's face darkened. Wendy didn't know why. But Sam knew why Lola did that to them.

"You'll be fine after a few days." He touched her hair and took her into his arms.

"Let me drive you home."

The night was too cold. The two people snuggling up to each other sucked the heat, wh

northeast accent. It didn't fit at all. ...

"Thank you, thank you." Lily was very grateful.

"It's not a big deal. We can help each other because we are neighbors now. If you need any help, remember to call me."

He came and went in a hurry. Before the two girls could react, they had already established a good friendship with each other. Wendy didn't pay attention to it, but one day in the canteen, they met their neighbor by chance.

Wendy had just bought the sweet and sour fish and was about to find a seat. A crying voice in a northeast accent behind her almost scare Wendy away.

She turned around mechanically, as if she had been cast a slow magic.

Mike rushed over in surprise.

"Oh my God! It's you!"

Before Wendy could react, the man held her hand and played a scene of reunion.


"Oh my God! Why are you so forgetful? I'm Mike! " Mike put his hand on his left chest.

Wendy thought for a while.

"Oh, it's you. Why I don't see you come to the canteen for dinner before?" She couldn't remember she hadn't met him in the canteen before.

"Well, I'm not busy in the Internal Medicine department. I seldom eat in the canteen."

'So why are you here today?' Wendy glanced at the full and high built spareribs in his plate. 'It's unfair!'

"Well. There is a vacant seat over there. Let's go there. " Mike was very enthusiastic.

Under the gaze of the people in the canteen, they sat in the most eye-catching position. Not long after Wendy sat down, Sam, who seldom came to the canteen, came to the canteen with Roy. She felt wronged. She couldn't defend herself. It was accident that she met Mike today.

Wendy heard some people whispering.

"Isn't she the intern nurse brought here by Dr. Roy?" A passer-by said.

"It's her!" said another passer-by.

"Well, nowadays girls are very powerful. They would find a backup even if they had a boyfriend now." Another passer-by said.

"She is a bitch!" A passer-by said.

Wendy was so angry that she wanted to overturn the table.

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