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   Chapter 45 Well Prepared

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The guard didn't stop her.

As soon as the door was open, no other colors could be seen in the usual black and white decoration.

She went to the kitchen and opened his fridge. There was little food in it, and most of it was instant noodles and mineral water. Was he so careless about his health? Wendy felt a little distressed. Fortunately, she had expected that. She went to the supermarket in advance, bought some chicken, duck, fish, vegetables and eggs, and stuffed Sam's fridge which was not often used and new.

She was determined not to leave tonight!

Since she lost her mother since childhood, Wendy didn't rely on her father too much like other children of the same age. Instead, she had grown up on her own. As a result, although she looked like that she couldn't cook at all, her cooking skills were excellent instead!

She chopped the chicken into pieces, put it into the pot and boiled it with boiling oil. Then she washed the pot and put mushroom and condiments in it. Then she poured the chicken into the pot and put the pot in the furnace. She had finished the cooking. Now she just waited for the food done.

Although Wendy had been here several times, it was the first time for her to observe this place so carefully. It was a duplex room with three bedrooms and one living room. It could be seen that the decoration was the taste of Sam, without any female elements at all. There was no other decoration in the big living room except sofa, tea table and TV. However, in front of the French window which was facing the sea, there was a small round table and two-legs bar chairs. Did he like the feeling of looking down upon the world?

Wendy looked at her watch. It was getting late. When she was about to enter Sam's bedroom, her phone rang. It was Sam.

She answered the phone with a guilty conscience.


"What do you think? Are you satisfied with my house? " Sam teased.

"You. Do you have eyes that can see what happened a thousand miles away? " Wendy covered her mouth. How did he know she was in his house now?

"When I gave you the key, your expression betrayed you."

"…… You Didn't you graduate from surgery department? Why do you know a lot about psychology? " And it was in the urgent environment just now. Under such circumstance, how can you feel my expression on my face?

"Don't you know that I am an all rounder?" It turned out that Sam was so narcissistic He was also shameless.

"Narcissistic!" Wendy tried to roll her eyes although Sam couldn't see her at all.

"Wendy, I just finished an operation." Sam's voice suddenly became serious.

"…… Are you still busy now? " Wendy thought she must be out of her mind.

"Of course, it's because I'm afraid that someone will wander around like a headless fly, so I called back specially."

"I don't know where your clothes are and what clothes you need."

"There are coats and suits on the first floor of the wardrobe. You can take some. Then the tie is in the second drawer on the top of your left hand. You can bring according to the matching. There are my underwear in the drawer on the bottom of your left hand. You can take them as you like..."

Wendy wa

up when I saw you sleeping soundly. When did you go to bed last night?"

"I just slept for half an hour." Sam put off his surgical uniform and looked at his watch. He wasn't such a slovenly man. Many doctors were especially paying attention to their own safety. So was Sam. He seldom fell asleep in his surgical uniform.

"What? Then you should have a rest now." Wendy said hurriedly.

"I'm a little hungry." Sam grabbed Wendy's hand and asked for food like a child, "did you bring me all my clothes?"

"Yes." Wendy took the clothes and the breakfast bag over, opened them and put them in front of Sam. The aroma of the breakfast filled his nose.

"You made it yourself?"

"What kind of tone is that? Of course I did it myself. Do you think I'm virtuous?" Wendy approached him with a smile as if asking for a reward.

"I haven't eaten anything. I can't judge." Sam said with a smile.

"I've made three copies. Dr. Roy was tired all day and night yesterday, and Lily also didn't go home all night."

"Okay, go and ask Lily to come to my office for breakfast."

"Love me, love my dog?"

"Ha-ha, as long as you are happy."

"Then I'll send it to Dr. Roy." Wendy stuck out her tongue at him.

Sam shook his head.

"Wendy..." Lily cried when she saw Wendy.

"Poor girl!" Wendy showed her sympathy.

"I'm not as lucky as you. It's lucky for you to leave early after work. Last night, I just stepped out of the hospital, but Lola called me back again and then worked till dawn. I'm tired and hungry. I feel my body empty... "

"Oh, I know you are tired and hungry. I'm here to ask you to have breakfast." Wendy pulled up Lily who was lying on the chair.

"You are the best." It was from the bottom of her heart.

"I know."

"Can I use the foundation?" Lily leaned her head on Wendy's shoulder.

"No problem. They are all prepared for you. They are in my bag."

"You are a good girl. "what? Isn't this Dr. Sam's office? " Lily looked up at the sign on the door.

"Yes." Wendy nodded proudly.

"Do we have someone in the court now?" Lily snickered.

"Well. Well, maybe it is true! "

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