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   Chapter 44 Love As Before

A Lifetime Love By Liu Lici Characters: 10785

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The hospital was as quiet as usual. Even if some of patients' family members walked up and down, they were very careful. However, many people saw Sam, they would greet him with a smile, which made Wendy feel that she was bluffing.

"The second bed. Mister. Do you feel better?" Standing at the head of the bed, Sam looked through the infusion list and the medical records handed over by Wendy.

"I'm much better now. Fortunately, Wendy dealt with it in time. Otherwise, I would have died..."

Sam smiled with relief. Then he told the patient a lot of things that he needed to pay attention. Wendy stayed and sent the patient to the clinic.

"Send the result report to my office." Sam said to Wendy, taking his phone on the hand.


Wendy saw Sam out of the ward and then pushed the patient into a wheelchair with her family together.


"Come in!"

Wendy put two pieces of paper on the table, and Sam didn't say anything. He took them over and read them. Wendy leaned against the edge of the table, and her buttocks just fell on the table. Her toes touched the ground, and her hands were in her pockets.

Sam cast a sidelong glance at Wendy and frowned.

"If your nursing etiquette teacher sees you behave so presumptuously in the doctor's office, will she be pissed off?"

Wendy smiled, slipped off the table and walked behind Sam. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, in a voice that only they could hear.

"Our teacher only taught me to maintain good nursing etiquette in the doctor's office, but she has never taught me to maintain it in front of my boyfriend."

Sam touched Wendy's face and asked, "How can I focus on my work?"

"You do your job and I do mine. Is there any problem? Anyway, I'm free now. The head nurse hasn't arranged much work for me recently."

"You mean Lola?" Sam asked, tilting his head.

"Yes, but she seems to be targeting Lily. Lily doesn't know her before. It's so strange."

Sam held her in his arms and they looked at each other.

"Don't think too much. Just remember to stay away from Lola. She is a mad. Don't provoke her."

"Ha-ha! She? is a mad? Sam. Are you cursing her? " Wendy smiled out of breath. Sam scratched her nose speechlessly.

"Anyway, listen to me."

"You seem to have a big prejudice against her?" Wendy rubbed her nose.

"By the way, why I didn't see Dr. Roy today?" There should have been two people in this office, but she hadn't seen Roy today.

"Don't you find that I'm free today?" With one arm around Wendy's waist and the other on the armrest of the chair, Sam looked at her seductively.

"Don't worry. You won't be able to see him before you get off work."

Wendy saw a hint of complacency in his eyes. What a mean man! But it was good. She hadn't forgiven him for what happened yesterday. Was Sam avenging for her?

Later, Wendy specially checked the schedule of Roy, only to find that on that day, Sam had given all his operations to Roy. Poor Dr. Roy, he had been in the operating room since he went to work and didn't come out until he got off work. What's worse, he had to have meals in the lounge of the medical staff, and he didn't know why?

After work, as both of th

d buddy, could you work overtime? All of us were pulled up in the middle of the night with blurred eyes. The director of the hospital has personally had an operation. "

Sam was forced to change into an asepsis gown and then was wheeled into the operating room. Because of the shortage of temporary staff, there was only one doctor and one nurse in the operating room. It was just a small operation, and the people coming here were all bruises, and it was not difficult and complicated.

When Wendy arrived home, she found that there was no one at home. She called Lily, but no one answered. She sat on the sofa and thought for a while. The key in her hand seemed to still have Sam's warmness, as if it would burn her skin. She wanted to throw it away, but after thinking for a while, she didn't do it. She was worried about Sam and Lily. Finally, she decided to pick up her bag and go out again.

When she passed by the duty room of the porter, the TV in the duty room was broadcasting the news.

A series of rear end collision happened on the expressway, resulting in the rear end of seven private cars. The scene of the accident was filled with thick smoke, and there were firemen and armed police coming back and forth constantly. The cause of the accident was that a truck suddenly stopped on the road, causing the car behind to be directly loaded without brake. Due to the critical situation, the accompanying reporters could not enter the starting point to shoot. According to the description of the live interview, the truck had been turned over and stopped in the high-speed roadside channel. Everyone was trying their best to save people.

The camera suddenly cut to the gate of the hospital. Many patients were sent to the hospital. The people in white coats were sent back one after another, and no one could see Lily all the time who were not familiar with her. But Wendy could. She saw Lily in several groups of people coming and going.

The news was still on, but Wendy was not in the mood to watch it anymore. It was getting dark, and there were many taxis. At the gate of the community, Wendy took a taxi to Sam's apartment.

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