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   Chapter 43 Confused

A Lifetime Love By Liu Lici Characters: 9784

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"Lola, you and Dr. Sam were known as the golden couple in our hospital at that time. Dr. Sam is now a popular star, many girls likes him. You can't miss it again. " The head of a department said.

"Mr. Shao, you are wrong. I have never missed him. " Lola said it as if she was announcing the ownership of an item. In her eyes, Sam had always been her possession.

All of a sudden, thunderous applause resounded in the hall. Sam walked down in the applause. Just now, Mr. Shao waved at Sam, indicating Sam to sit down beside him. Sam smiled politely and nodded. Lola was very complacent.

When Sam walked up to them, Lola became so nervous that she clutched her toes tightly in her shoes. Sam stopped in front of her, as if he was looking at a stranger.

Mr. Shao said, "Sam, this time Lola came back..."

"Mr. Shao, maybe there was some misunderstandings. " Sam looked at him calmly.

Mr. Shao was stunned and smiled awkwardly.

"It has nothing to do with me who she is and why she comes back. Even if you want to fawns on someone, you aren't find the right person. " Sam's words made Mr. Shao feel ashamed. At the same time, he cast a reproachful glance at Lola.

Lola didn't expect him to be so decisive. He didn't show any respect to her in front of so many people, and even made her so embarrassed.

"Besides, it's better to think more about the patient's safety than to focus on socialization. We are in the hospital now. "

Mr. Shao's face darkened. Seeing Sam leave her alone, Lola furrowed her brows and her eyes were like a poisoned sword. She had never failed to get what she wanted.

"Wendy, the patient in bed 15 has entered the operating room. You need to arrange her bed as an anesthesia bed. Do you know how to do it? " Helen said to her while looking through the medical records.


Pushing the bed sheet and quilt cover to bed 15, she encountered with Sam who was making ward rounds. They looked at each other and paused for a moment. Wendy turned her head subconsciously, thinking that there were a lot of irrelevant people in the room, and she didn't appear familiarity at this time.

"Is there anything wrong with the cardiac arrest? " Sam didn't mind how others saw them. He wanted to ask Wendy why she pretended that they were unfamiliar.

"My chest doesn't hurt as much as before. " The patient answered honestly.

"It seems that the treatment is good. Remember to do an examination again this afternoon. " Then Dr. Sam acted as a human Google, saying lots of things from the taboo of medicines to the arrangement of food. At last, he repeatedly told the patient not to get out of bed and exercise.

Wendy listened to him silently and removed the bed sheet. She should have done it very soon, but she did it for nearly twenty minutes. The doctors and nurses who accompanied Sam to make the rounds of the wards also felt strange. Why was Dr. Sam so verbose today? Accordin

was older than her or not. She was wrong.

"The doctor in charge of that patient is Dr. Sam. Wait a minute. " Helen turned on the computer and moved the mouse.

"Damn it! Here is Dr. Sam's medical advice. I'm sure Grace didn't read it! " Helen was so angry that she threw the mouse away.

"I'm going to see Dr. Sam. "

The door of Sam's office was closed. Wendy knocked a few times, but there was no response. She thought he was not here, so she turned around and was about to leave, but someone said inside.

"Come in. "

At the sight of Wendy, Sam's serious face softened.

"What's wrong? " He stood up.

Wendy took out the medical advice.

"Look, this patient is allergic to this medicine. "

"Are you in charge of this patient? " Yes, I gave it to Grace. " Sam read the paper over and over again.

"She didn't tell us when we handed over, If the patient didn't feel uncomfortable and tell me at once, I can't imagine the result... None of us can afford it. "

"I see. Come with me to see the patient. " Sam held her hand tightly. Wendy felt a little awkward. Didn't he want to make their relationship public in the hospital? 'What would others think if they saw this? '

"We are in the hospital. Don't do this. " Wendy said in a low voice

"Are you angry? " Sam pulled Wendy into his arms. 'Her temper is worse than mine. I haven't forgiven her for sneaking out to have dinner with Marvin, but she is still angry at me.' Sam thought.

"Of course not! " Wendy pushed him away and looked at the door cautiously. Fortunately, the door was tightly closed.

"HMM..."The next second, Sam hugged her. The familiar smell of Sam surrounded Wendy.

Wendy looked at his close eyes and brows in disbelief. His long eyelashes swept across her face. She wanted to say something, but the next second, she was kissed by Sam.

The two hugged each other. Sam buried her head in Wendy's neck and didn't say anything for a long time.

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