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   Chapter 42 Suspicion

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"Get out of the car and eat something." Marvin opened the door for her like a gentleman.

Wendy got out of the car awkwardly and forced a smile.

The table was full of dishes, but Marvin didn't move his chopsticks. He just focused on watching Wendy eat the food mouth fully. She was so hungry.

"Why are you going to that place alone?" Marvin murmured.

Noticing that he was looking at her, Wendy asked him vaguely with her mouth full of food.

"Is there anything on my face?" She wiped her face carelessly.

Marvin took a piece of napkin and tried to wipe her mouth. "Humph! You look terrible! There is something near your mouth."

Wendy stepped back instinctively, but Marvin didn't stop. Instead, he stretched out his hand longer and wiped the rice from her mouth.

Wendy lowered her head in bewilderment, which happened to be seen by Sam who was standing in front of the window.

After saying that sentence to Lola, Sam walked out of the room. The strong smell of alcohol and makeup in the corridor made him uncomfortable. Worried about Wendy, he bid farewell to Roy and ran out to breathe some fresh air.

What a coincidence! The restaurant they were eating was not far from Kaiser. Sam walked along the street for a few steps, and many female passers-by looked at him in amazement. Some of them even dared to touch him on purpose, and then ran away with screaming. At the same time, a large number of men were jealous of him.

Sam looked at the passers-by coldly, but he was stunned by the scene behind the window not far away. He took out his phone silently. Over and over again, the number he dialed was powered off. What he could hear was the number you dialed was powered off.

Wendy didn't know that her beloved boyfriend was not far away from her, and she was broadcasting the live broadcast of another man feeding her, they were so intimate.

Sam turned his head away, unable to tell how he felt. Maybe this was the difference between a man and a woman. When a woman saw her boyfriend flirting with another woman, she would surely be angry, step forward and slap the woman in the face, but the man could remain rational.

Sam watched them finish eating and then Marvin pay the bill. Wendy followed him out of the restaurant, got on his car and left with him. Sam didn't move from beginning to the end, but he didn't notice that his eyes were so frightening at that time.

On the other hand, Marvin drove Wendy home in accordance with the rules. It was not until then that Wendy realized that there was another person she had forgotten at the airport.

Seeing that she was looking for her phone in a hurry, Marvin asked curiously.

"What's wrong?"

"What time is it now?"

"It's almost ten o'clock," answered Marvin.

"Ten o'clock. Oh, my God. He should go back by himself, right?"

"Who went back?"

"Oh, nothing. Thank you so much today. I'll treat you dinner another day."

"I am looking forward to it!"

Wendy nodded with a smile, "I'm leaving now."

After getting off the car, she waved at Marvin, turned around and entered the house.

"Wendy, where have you been today?" Lily, who was wearing a facial mask, asked

bs. And later, my phone was turned off."

"It's good that you come back safe and sound." Sam stroked her hair.

But Wendy couldn't see any emotion in his expression. When he heard that she was with another man, was he so calm? Her bright mood suddenly dimmed, and the food in her mouth tasted like chewing wax.

"Go to the hospital with me later?"

"Okay," Wendy nodded with a candy cake in her hand.

"I'm going to change my clothes." After dinner, Sam put down his chopsticks and turned to Wendy.

Wendy put the bowls and chopsticks into the kitchen to clean them up. When Wendy came out of the kitchen, Sam had just put on his clothes and opened the door. Wendy was shocked by his suit, her mouth agape.

"Wipe your saliva. Shouldn't you be more reserved?" Sam said with a smile.

"What?" Wendy wiped her mouth and found that she didn't drool at all.

"I didn't drool at all. You lie to me! Well. Why are you wearing formal clothes? "

"Have you forgotten that there is a meeting today?" Sam held Wendy's hand and walked towards the door to change shoes.

"A meeting? Why I didn't know? " Wendy touched her head and asked.

Sam was rendered speechless.

"When did you remember big events?"

Wendy was depressed and followed him to the shoe cabinet at the hallway. Sam noticed her sadness.

"Do you feel uncomfortable?" He put his hand on her forehead.

"I'm fine." Wendy pushed his hand away and walked out.

Sam frowned.

In the hospital, as a doctor, Sam was making a speech on the platform. The leaders of the hospital were all discussing his trip to Malaysia. Some praised his young and promising, while others sneered at him. These were typical people who had nothing to do but gossip behind others' backs.

As a new star in the cardiology department, Sam was popular and proud in the hospital.

Lola looked at Sam with a smug smile. Back then, they had worked as interns in the First Hospital, so many senior leaders knew what had happened between them. Some people who were good at flattering immediately flattered Lola. Lola was so proud and talked with them happily.

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