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   Chapter 40 Returning Home (Part Two)

A Lifetime Love By Liu Lici Characters: 5497

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It was low-key but luxurious. Following behind the woman, Wendy kept glancing everywhere with great interest for it was the first time for her to enter such a luxurious place. Then the waiter took them to a waterside pavilion, where a few koi fish were playing in the water.

"Do you like this place?" The wife of the president of the hospital, who had been silent all the time, suddenly asked with a smile.

Wendy answered in a hurry. She suddenly came back to reality from the joy brought by koi fish.

"I like it very much. It's quiet here. What's this, madam?" Wendy saw her take out a document and put it on a valuable carved wooden table.

Wendy was confused.

"Leave my son. This club is yours."

Wendy had predicted it before. And she was right. She had expected that, but she was curious whether the evil mother-in-law was so generous now? Besides, she didn't have anything to do with Roy? Wendy had to admire the power of gossip. Roy and her relationship was really purer than white paper. They were just friends.

Of course, she was not that kind of person that can be looked down. She would never yield to the evil forces, especially someone who thought money was everything just because she was rich.

"Mrs., do you think your son is worth such a club?"

"Then tell me your price!" The woman was also forthright. It seemed that she had expected that everything would be easy to solve as long as she spent money.

"You can't afford what I want."

"Miss Wendy, are you kidding me?"

"Mrs., you really think highly of your son. He is just a playboy. In my eyes, he is worthless. In other words, you treat him as a t

on. They had an appointment to have lunch together. She had something to deal with, so she asked Wendy to wait for her at the restaurant. But when she arrived at the restaurant, she didn't see Wendy. It was almost time to get off work, but she still didn't see her.

Sam didn't see Wendy either, which made him irritable. Roy approached him.

"Are you lovesick?"

"What are you talking about?" Sam glared at him. But this afternoon, he was restless and his right eyelid twitched all the time.

"One of you is as warm as fire, and the other is as cold as ice. However, fire can eventually melt ice, while water transformed from ice can extinguish the fire..."

"Well, when did you become a poet?"

"Okay, okay. But I have to remind you that now you come back, you should be careful of Lola. I can't deal with her now."

"You want to deal with her? Are you willing to do that?" Sam glanced at him and coughed when he saw his expression change.

"Thank you for what you have done for Wendy."

"You're welcome. I did that from my heart."

"What did you say?" Sam raised his fist.

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