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   Chapter 39 Returning Home (Part One)

A Lifetime Love By Liu Lici Characters: 5602

Updated: 2020-05-16 00:24

A few days later, Mr. Han's matter came to an end.

One day, Wendy went to the prescription room to prepare medicine as usual. As soon as she reached the corner of the stairs, an old man stumbled towards her, covering his heart.

"Little girl..."

"Sir, what's wrong with you?" Wendy hurriedly held his shaky body and took out her phone.

"I am dizzy. My heart hurts! "

"Where hurts?" His voice was weak and he almost spit out the words with breath, so Wendy couldn't hear him clearly.

"Do you usually take some pills that can resist heartache?"

"……" Wendy could hear nothing but his heavy breath.

She had just made a phone call. Helen and the others quickly pushed a wheelchair and sent him to the doctor's office. Wendy was ordered to take care of this old man.

When Wendy accompanied him to do an ECG examination, the result shocked the doctor who specialized in the ECG examination. His heartbeat was more than 400 beats per minute, and the image on the screen almost jumped out.

When Wendy handed the report to the attending physician, the attending physician was also shocked to tremble. He dare to give the doctor's advice until he confirmed it again.

It was a typical heart tremble accompanied by an arrhythmia.

When the old man's condition stabilized, it was almost noon. Wendy didn't need to be on duty this noon. After changing her clothes, she was thinking about what to eat for lunch all the way. At this time, Sam called.

On the phone, Wendy put on a sweet play almost every day.

Although Sam always kept silent when she talked to him, she could feel that he was in a good mood. Since the last incident, Sam had learned to be a g

Wendy tried her best not to look so nervous, but the woman looked at Wendy who was sitting beside her from the corner of her eyes and sighed that her son's taste was too bad.

"I heard that Miss Wendy is having an internship in the hospital now?" Her tone was contemptuous.

"Mrs., you can call me Wendy." Wendy was in fear, but in her heart, she had cursed Roy's whole family. Why was his mother so strong while Roy looked like a dissolute man?

"Wendy? It was a beautiful name. The name was as beautiful as yourself. The person who named you must cherish you very much! "

Wendy wiped her sweat and said, "Yes, this is the name my father gave me."

"Miss Wendy, what do you study?"

"Department of nursing, X Chinese Medicine University."

"X Chinese Medicine University? A good school."

Wendy was still expecting her next sentence, but then there was no more.

After turning a corner, the car finally stopped at the gate of an antique garden which was a little remote from the city. It was like a house in an ancient costume drama. It was a high-end club, but it was pitiful with few people

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