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   Chapter 33 A Mess (Part Two)

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"Don't look at them anymore. Go back. Go back!" Wendy sent away the onlookers.

Roy faced towards to three patients and said, "Auntie, what are you doing? Is there anything that can't be solved by words instead of fight? "

"I want to change the bed!"

"I want to change too!"

"I want to change too!"

The three of them looked at each other coldly. The family members were afraid that the fight was not becoming worse. What they did made the situation be in chaos.

"Just for this? The head nurse is in charge of changing rooms. It's not easy to change a room! " Wendy explained

"I don't care! I have to change it! Otherwise, I will transfer to another hospital! "

"Yes! Yes! You must change it! "

"I don't want to live in the same ward with these ignorant bumpkins!"

"Who are you calling bumpkin?"

"Who are you talking to and it is you who I am cursing?"

The three of them began to rub their hands again. The three of them were like a triangle, and where Wendy and Roy stood were like the junction of the triangle.

"Let me go!" The woman who was called the bumpkin broke free from the shackle with one hand and slapped on her face with another hand. Another fight began.

Wendy, Roy and several colleagues immediately stepped forward to separate them. Inevitably, Wendy was slapped several times. Roy easily caught one of them. In the chaos, someone pushed Wendy to the corner. The force of pushing increased to Wendy. She stumbled and lost her balance. Her forehead hit the corner of the marble table heavily. Wendy let out a cry of pain. Seeing that she was injured, Roy roared at them madly.


seeing what they did today, I found that there are indeed many shortcomings in our hospital that need to be improved!"

She faced him slowly.

"Do you mean me?"

"You know what I mean!" Roy said coldly.

"Then are you angry because of Wendy?"

Roy kept silent.

"Wow, you really make me jealous, Roy."

Roy's huge body suddenly shook, and he recovered in a moment. Just now, he thought Lola... But he didn't miss the slyness in Lola's eyes.

Wendy didn't know how long she had been asleep. In a trance, she felt a figure swaying in front of her. She wanted to open her eyes and see who it was. Was it Sam? She struggled to get up, but to her surprise, the figure spoke.

"Hey, don't move!" It was a female voice! It wasn't Sam!

All of a sudden, Wendy's face darkened. The person in front of her gradually became clear. It was Lola, not Sam.

"Lola, why are you here?" This was the way she called others' name no matter she worked in the hospital or even in any other place. Not to mention that they were in a higher rank than you, you had to call them with respect.

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