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   Chapter 30 The Curve Saves The Country (Part One)

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As soon as Wendy entered the ward, she saw the two old couple with red faces. It was obvious that they had just quarreled.

"Mr. and Mrs. Han, what's wrong?"

The Spring Festival had passed, but the person on the bed was bony. His eyes were sunken deeply, and his face was bloodless.

"Nurse Wendy, you came just in time! Please persuade him. He didn't listen to me at all."

"What's going on?"

The woman's eyes were red, not as shrewish as before. She pulled Wendy over.

"Nurse, please tell me the truth. How long will he be alive? "


"Alas! I hate my unfilially sons. Their father even can't get out of bed and might die soon, but they don't come to see him for one time! " Mrs. Han covered her face and sobbed. Wendy patted her hand. Then she turned around and went back to the bed.

"Mister, look outside. The snow has melted. Let's go out to have a look later, okay?"

"What? Snow melting? Honey, honey... "He seemed to think of something. Something shone in his eyes. Although he was incurably ill, his voice was still loud and powerful.

"What's wrong?"

"Well. The land at home has to be turned over, and it's time to plow the field. You go back and ask some young persons to help you."

"I know, I know! I will do that. You just need to take care of yourself!"

When he was speaking, Wendy had inserted the injector into his vein.

"Sir, I'll push you out to have a look after the infusion, okay?"

"Okay, Okay!"

"Wendy!" She didn't expect to meet Roy and he even greeted her generously.

Wendy turned a blind eye to him and walked past him. Seeing that she lowered her head and was about to leave, how could Roy let her go so easily.

"Stop!" Roy grabbed her hand quickly.

"Let me go!" Wendy struggled to get rid of him, and rubbed her wrist with the other hand. Seeing this, Roy apologized immediately.

"I'm sorry. I was too excited just now. Did I hurt you?" As he said that, he wanted to check her hand, but Wendy turned her body and got out of the way.

"It's my fault, but you have to give me a reason that why you suddenly neglect me?"

"…… Well. Before Sam came back I don't want to make some bad rumors... "

Roy suddenly understood what she said.

"Do you mean the news about us which is widely spread in the hospital today?"

Wendy remained silent.

"Those people gather together and always gossip about others' affair. We are just friends. Are we afraid of being gossiped?"

"But I still want to keep a..."

"Roy!" A clear female voice cut in. It was Lola. Roy put his hand on his forehead, looking helpless.

"Do you know her?"

"I knew her during my internship!"

"What? Wendy? You two are a couple?" Lola pointed at them and said.

"Head Nurse. I will go to help Helen... "As if her feet were smeared with oil, Wendy quickly ran away, but was grabbed by Roy.

He pulled her close to him, approached her ear with his thin lips and said in a low voice.

"I'll have lunch with you at noon. Don't refuse. I think you should be interested in knowing something about Mr. Han!"

Wendy pushed him away and left angrily.

Seeing that, Lola raised her eyebrows. She seemed to know what was going on between them, which disgusted Roy a lot. He turned around and was about to leave.

"Roy, we haven't seen each other for a long time. I didn't expect such an embarrassing scene when we meet again!"

"We are not friends in fact. "Meet again" these two words are not suitable for us!"

Lola didn't get angry but smiled.

"I just came back. Do you want to hear the first rumor I heard?"

"You are so boring!"

"But congratulations! Finally someone can take you. It's not easy!" Lola joked.

"Thank you!" Roy didn't want to talk to this woman anymore. He coldly said the two words and strode away.

It was no wonder that Roy didn't like her. It was true that this woman was not pleasing. It wasn't like what he said to Wendy that they knew each other during their internship. In fact, she was his classmate in the Royal Medical School in the UK, she was not mainly engaged in the psychological surgery. She was also a Chinese, so of course, Roy took special care of her. But he didn't expect that this woman was very scheming, and she would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. But she was very capable. A few years ago, she came back to the country and worked as an intern with Roy in the same hospital. At that time, Sam was also one of the interns. Sam was young, handsome and capable. Naturally, he became the goal of Lola. She was the kind of person who would never stop until she got what she wanted, but she was still defeated in this matter in the end. Now she came back, Roy was afraid that her goal was not simple.

"Why I haven't seen Lily for so long? That's strange! " Wendy returned to the nursing station with the medical record and murmured to herself.

The nurse who was typing data in front of the computer pushed her glasses on the bridge of her nose and quietly approached her.

"Lily was sent to room 1201 this morning!"

"What?" Wendy covered her mouth in astonishment. Room 1201 was a VIP ward of the hospital. It was located on the highest floor, with an independent European style garden. The decoration was extremely luxurious, and ordinary rich people couldn't afford to live there. One could imagine how difficult it was to serve the people living there. And this time, the person who lived there was said to be a rich lady with twisted heart. No one knew what kind of illness she had. Anyway, she was very torturous. Not long ago, a nurse was forced to jump off a building because she couldn't stand taking care of her. From now, no one dared to take over in the hospital.

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