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   Chapter 27 Destined Redemption (Part Two)

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"You will not see me for nearly two months after tomorrow. Don't you miss me?" Wendy grabbed Sam's arm and said pitifully.

"If you had known what would happen today, you should treat Wendy well in the beginning." Sam thought to himself.

But time is like quicksand. The tighter you pull, the faster it will flow. The night passed quickly. When both of them returned to the hotel with the things bought by Wendy who shopped crazily. Wendy who had been tired all night was lying on the bed, looking at Sam who was busy packing up her things around the room. Wendy rolled on the bed.

"I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back." Dr. Sam who was helping her pack luggage ignored what she said.

Wendy noticed that Sam ignored her words. She suddenly sat up straight on the bed.

"How about I change the air ticket and go back one day later?" As soon as she finished speaking, she received a Sam's gaze like blade.

"How many times have you been late for work during your internship in the past six months? Wouldn't it be another day off if you delayed the flight? Do you still want to graduate?" Sam questioned her seriously.

Wendy looked at him listlessly like an eggplant beaten by frost. Did he want her to leave as soon as possible? Was this the performance of a young couple who had just begun to fall in love? Well. Besides, they had just been in a relationship for one day, and now she was going to leave him. They were in different countries in the beginning.

When Sam was done packing her things, he turned around and was surprised to see that Wendy was sleeping soundly. It was still early, and it wasn't too late for her to go to the airport after she woke up. Sam didn't know what she had seen in her dream, there was a smile at the corners of her mouth. What made she smile so happily in her dream?

Sam touched Wendy's hair softly with one hand and stroked her face with the other. His lips kissed Wendy's lips, then kissed her face following the traces of his hands. Then he kissed her lips deeply. Of course, Wendy didn't know anything about it. She totally fell asleep.

Sam was also reluctant to part with Wendy. He had been abroad for more than a month, but every smile and every move of Wendy had intruded into his mind. He thought that she was special in his heart, she always made him restless for a moment. He had been lonely all the years, so he couldn't remember the meaning of the family reunion. This year, he was abroad. He had planned to go to Malacca with his colleagues. Before he left, Wendy called him immediately. What should she do if he had got on the car? He might miss her.

What happened later was so natural that even the confession of love at the top of Penang mountain was so reasonable. It turned out that the

y had been destined to be together one day.

Because of her sleepiness, she almost missed the plane back home. What's more, Penang was a paradise for shopping. Wendy spent a night searching for a lot of fresh second-hand goods, but the weight of the things that can be took on the plane was limited, so she couldn't take all the things with her. Sam comforted her, "it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if he spends a few money to consign them back, but time is limited. It's urgent for her to get on the plane." Sam asked her to board the plane as soon as possible!

Before the security check, Wendy looked back at Sam from time to time with tears in her eyes.

"You. Alas! Forget it. You're a piece of wood. I don't want to say those sentimental words to you. Take care of yourself! " There had been thousands of words, but now they all choked in the throat.

Looking at the silent Sam for a long time, Wendy finally couldn't help but stamp her feet.

"Don't you have anything to tell me? Even if you say be safe or something else.. "

When Wendy's lips covered with two soft lips of Sam, they are hot and wet lips, Wendy decided to forget his dullness just now. She calmly accepted his deep kiss. In the airport, people came and went, and from time to time, someone looked back at the handsome man and the beautiful woman.

After a long while, Sam finally let go of Wendy. His furtive lips moved to her soft earlobes. Wendy finally understood what it was like to murmur against each other's ears and faces.

"Call me when you get off the plane."


"Miss me every day."


"Keep a distance from the male doctor in the hospital especially Marvin."


"Let me hold you a little longer."


Wendy was shocked by the lines that Sam had said. These were the lines that spoke by the heroine in the soap opera. Wasn't she supposed to say these words? Why did Sam sound so childish to say these words? It felt like she was lying on a marshmallow, and the air was filled with sweetness. It turned out that Sam was so sweet. Fortunately, she had always liked him and never given up!

"I'm leaving!" Wendy pushed Sam away.

"I can't catch the plane if I don't leave now!"

Sam nodded.

"Wait for me!"

The plane flew across the sky, leaving behind a white smoke band. Sam stood under the sky and watched the plane fly away until it disappeared.

For so many years, he had never had a peace of mind. He suddenly owned it when he kissed Wendy. Maybe, Wendy was really an angel sent by God to save him? No. She was a sparrow in his life!

Looking at the plane disappear in the distance, Sam smiled, which amazed many passers-by.

However, he was not sure whether he could let go of the past?

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