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   Chapter 26 Destined Redemption (Part One)

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A man like a book, and you will never understand his loneliness!

"Don't want to let me down?" Wendy was so excited that she spoke incoherently, with tears rolling out.

"When I see you, just like I saw myself in the past, no one will understand how it feels to love someone carefully unless you personally experience it. I can understand how it feels to face her with all my passion all the time, and I have to be careful and afraid that she will leave me all the time!"

"I also thought that I may never be able to accept another woman. For so many years, I have kept myself in my own world. People always say that how skillful Dr. Sam is, but they don't know that only during the operation I can feel that I still alive in this world. After the operation, I sit alone in the dressing room until dawn, and no one will understand my loneliness and darkness! "

"Why are you willing to leave that world now?"

"Because of you. One day, a little sparrow suddenly flew into my world and told me all kinds of interesting things. Because of you, I knew that there was such an interesting thing in this world! And it's because that little sparrow has been with me for so long and I can't get rid of her! She is like sticky candy." Sam said casually.

"What did you say? Who is sticky candy? I am not." Wendy pretended to say angrily.

"The dishes are served. Aren't you hungry?" When the delicious dishes were served one after another, Wendy had already forgotten what he said just now.

The happiest thing in the world is that the person you like also likes you!

Sam shook his head with a smile, seeing her eat with good appetite.

Wendy was so happy as if she had fallen into a honey jar. She thought that her trip was worthy!

But soon she realized another problem.


"What? What's wrong?"

"I'm going back tomorrow..." Wendy felt a little sad.

"Yes," replied Sam.

"But I don't want to leave you..." Wendy muttered.

Sam said softly, putting down his chopsticks.

"Honey, I'll be back in a while. Or I'll go back with you secretly?"

"No! If the hospital knows it, it will have a bad impact on you... " Wendy stopped him in a hurry.

"Could you show me around again?" Wendy put forward her idea unwillingly. She wanted to spend more time with Sam.

It was a rare chance for them to have a rest. At night, they were not free at all. They shuttled through the streets and alleys near the hotel. The night was dark, and the traffic was heavy. A breeze stirred the heartstrings of people, mixed with a burst of fragrance.

Wendy pretended to be delicate and sniffed hard. Yes, it was the smell of popcorn.

"Popcorn?" She cried out excitedly.

Sam couldn't help laughing when he saw Wendy sniffing in the direction where the scent came from.

"Are you a dog? You have a sharp nose and can smell the subtle scent."


'm allergic to popcorn!" Wendy said naughtily.

Then they saw someone make the popcorn in the street. She was true.

"Bang!" A cracking sound was heard.

"It's... What's its name?"

"This is an old popcorn-making machine!" Seeing she couldn't speak out the name, Sam explained.

"That's right! That's it. I can't believe there is an old popcorn-making machine abroad. "

"Most of the residents in Malaysia have been emigrated from China. Look, isn't that old man making popcorn also Chinese?"

"Wow!" Wendy stepped forward with great respect.

"Miss, would you like to buy some popcorn?" The old man talked to them in poor English.


"Why don't you speak to him in Chinese?" Sam asked.

"Boss, we want two copies of popcorn!" Wendy answered him in Chinese. The old man looked up at them as if he had met an acquaintance in a foreign country, and then said to them in Chinese.

"Stay away from me. The sound is so loud. Be careful of your ears!"

Then the old man began to add a few corn kernels into the round machine, and then put white sugar in it. After closing the small door at the front end, he began to turn his hand. In front of the furnace stomach of the machine, there was a big gray bag to hold the exploded popcorn.

With the mechanical rotating sound, Wendy seemed to hear the crackling sound of the fried corn grains in its stomach. After a period of time, a deafening sound came from the furnace of the machine.


The old man lifted the handhold up and shook the gray bag. The scattered popcorn fell into the bag. He took the box containing the popcorn pattern, which was the kind of packing box in the fast food restaurant with the popcorn pattern on it.

Wendy took it over and was overjoyed. Sam paid for it and left holding her hands.

"HMM …The original food is so delicious... " Wendy grabbed a few pills and put them in front of Sam's mouth. Men always didn't like what girls liked. Sam frowned deeply. Wendy pretended to be angry, so Sam had no choice but to compromise. He lowered his head and let her feed him!

"Do you like it? Is it authentic?" Seeing her eyes sparkling like stars sparkling in the night, Sam nodded.

"Popcorn can be bought everywhere. Why do you like popcorn of this kind?"

"You don't understand it, do you? I prefer traditional techniques. The popcorns sold in the fast food restaurant are made by electrical machine. It is not as good as this one."

"You have the ability to enjoy the life! And you also have such a unique taste!"

"That's why I like you."

"Ha-ha, do you want to go back?"

"No! I still want to hang around! " In order to spend more time with Sam, Wendy had sacrificed her rest time and dragged Sam out of bed to go shopping with her!

"Accompany the princess to walk around. It's hard for me!" Sam pretended to be tried and complained.

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