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   Chapter 25 Childhood Sweetheart

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"When will you go back? "

"What? " Wendy was watching the gala, and she was too engrossed to hear Sam's words clearly.

"As far as I know, your internship nurse seems to start working on the 6th day in the lunar month. When will you go back? "

'He knew everything! '

"I booked a ticket to return on the 5th day. "

Hearing this, the man's expression softened a little. Wendy pouted unhappily!

"You don't want to see me? "

"As I said, there is only one person in my heart forever. But that's not you! " Sam said mercilessly.

"Then...Why did you come so soon when you knew I was taken to the police station? "

"I..."Sam was speechless.

"Just admit it. You are nervous about me, or you won't be so angry when you see Marvin who appeared in the police station at the same time. You are jealous. You are not happy that I came all the way to celebrate the festival with you but another man followed me. That's why you threw me to Marvin at the gate of the police station. " Wendy was satisfied with her analysis.

'Is that right? ' Sam asked himself in his heart. God knew how excited he was when he knew that Wendy was here. But when he bumped into Marvin in the police station, he had to admit that he was angry. He was angry why Wendy had invited such a person! That's why he threw Wendy to Marvin. Even Sam himself didn't dare to admit that he had a crush on Wendy. But she analyzed so clearly.

"Well... These days...We can't spend all our time in this hotel, can we? " Noticing that Sam was a little embarrassed, Wendy was afraid that she would offend him if she continued to be so arrogant, so she changed the topic.

"You talked too much. Go to bed early! " Sam cast a cold glance at her and continued.

"You sleep on the bed. I'll stay on the sofa for only one night! "

"Well...It's okay. The bed is big... "Wendy almost bit her tongue, which also startled Sam. He gave her a glance and said in a low voice.

"I sleep on the sofa."

At this moment, Wendy had no strength to retort.

However, they still didn't go to Penang city. Because of the heavy rain, they stayed in the hotel for several days. Then they got along with each other in the way...

Wendy was either sleeping or watching TV, while Sam was sleeping or reading. Fortunately, there were all kinds of equipment in the hotel they lived in. When they felt bored, Sam would take her to the gym. Well, although he looked cold on the surface, Wendy knew that his heart had begun to melt.

On the third day, the heavy rain seemed to stop all of a sudden. Wendy was overjoyed. The sun was shining in the afternoon, which swept away the haze caused by the continuous heavy rain.

"Wendy! " When Wendy was about to go out with Sam, someone stopped her.

Marvin! Was he in the same hotel? But why didn't she meet him these days?

"Hi! Mr. Marvin! " With Sam by her side, Wendy felt a little embarrassed to say hello.

Marvin sighed helplessly.

"When can you call me like a friend? "

Wendy laughed heartlessly, "Well...It seems a little difficult... "

Marvin smiled and shook his head. Then he noticed Sam, who was standing next to Wendy. His gaze suddenly became cold, and Sam also raised a pair of challenging eyes and sneered disdainfully.

"Are you going out? " Marvin took back his anger from Sam and asked Wendy calmly.

"Ah, we are going to Penang...what? Alas? " Seeing that they were talking happily, Sam's mind went blank. He dragged Wendy straightly away.

"Let's go. Why do you talk so much? " Even he himself didn't realize that there was a strong sense of jealousy in his words. Marvin wanted to take Wendy back, but he was stopped by her.

Wendy said goodbye to Marvin in a strange way. Then, Marvin gritted his teeth and watched Wendy being dragged away.

"Where are we going? " Sitting in the car, Wendy asked cautiously.

"Don't you want to go to Penang? " Sam started the engine and answered sourly, which aroused Wendy's interest.

"Why is Marvin in the same hotel with us? Could it be...? "She didn't finish her sentence, but looked at Sam's face secretly. Unfortunately, Sam was too good at hiding his emotions. She didn't notice any change in his expression. She looked away sulkily and missed Sam's gloomy gaze.

Wendy was confused. She could have spent enjoyable time with Sam, but was stuck by the heavy rain.

Penang was famous for having areca nuts on the island. Penang Mountain was the highest mountain on the island. It was Wendy's destination.

Standing under the high mountain with an altitude of 830 meters, Wendy was shocked by its majestic momentum.

"It's so high. Shall we walk up or take the cable car? "

"How long will you walk? Of course we can take the cable car! " Wendy took him straight to the cable car.

Sure enough, the island was worthy of

its reputation. On the way to the top, the whole island can be seen. Wendy couldn't help but feel excited. She took out mobile phone and took countless photos in a row. Even the serious Sam was impressed by this scene, and many photos were taken secretly by Wendy.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, Wendy's phone was turned off. It was a shame. There were many Buddhist temples on the island. They were not Buddhist people, but they were also devout Buddha by the atmosphere.

"Alas!" Wendy, who had run for a long distance, collapsed on the bench.

Sam handed her a bottle of water.

"Thank you! "

Sam glanced at Wendy from head to toe, then took a sip of water and said slowly.

"You deserve it! Why did you wear high heels? "

Indeed, Wendy wore a pair of eight centimeter high-heeled shoes in order to be beautiful, which not only closed the distance between her and Sam, but also showed her slender legs. However, it made her feet suffer.

"What? Well... "She stuck out her tongue and lowered her head to drink water awkwardly.

"How about having a rest in a restaurant? By the way, treating your feet? " Sam asked with amusement.

"No, I haven't enjoyed enough! " Sam forgot that Wendy is really stubborn.

Sam sighed helplessly. They were at the top of the mountain. Neither of them were afraid of heights, so they can enjoy the whole island as they want.

"Sam! Sam! " Wendy flattered.

"Now that you've made up your mind, let's go downstairs! "

"No, lend me your phone! "


Taking the phone from Sam even though he was reluctant, Wendy hopped to the other side to take pictures. Sam didn't care about her and sat there for rest.

Wendy regretted getting his phone. The screen saver of the phone was a girl, who seemed to be a photo of many years ago. It could be seen that the quality of the photo at that time was not very good.

With a guilty conscience, Wendy look at Sam, only to find that he didn't notice her. So she clicked the picture carefully. A girl's figure fell into her eyes. Although her face could not be seen clearly, Wendy could still vaguely see her school uniform. 'Was she his ex-girlfriend? ' 'Was she the girl who hurt him? ' 'Is she the girl who has occupied Sam's heart? '

Wendy looked into the distance absentmindedly. She wasn't a person who liked to pry into other people's privacy, but this time she really wanted to know more about Sam.

"Thank you! " Lowering her head, Wendy returned the phone to Sam in a muffled voice.

Taking back his phone, Sam sensed that something was wrong with Wendy. He supposed she was tired.

"I'm hungry! " Wendy said in a soft voice.

"Okay, let's have dinner first! "

"Okay! "

In a local restaurant, Wendy kept silent for a long time. Even Sam noticed that something was wrong with her.

"Are you hungry? " Sam handed the food to her. Wendy mechanically reached out her hand to take a piece and fed it to her mouth, but didn't enjoy its flavor at all.

"What's wrong with you? " Sam asked nervously.

"Sam, what kind of person is your ex-girlfriend? "

Sam's hand holding the teacup shook. The water in the cup splashed a lot, and the hot tea spilled on his shirt. Wendy wiped his hands with napkin in a hurry. When their bodies touched each other, they were in a daze for a moment. Wendy wanted to withdraw her hands in a hurry, but she found that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of Sam.

"You! Let me go! "

Sam didn't say anything. He just stared at Wendy, his eyes burning as if he were going to burn two holes in her body!

"Don't you only care about your ex-girlfriend? So what? "

"Wendy! Sorry, I... " Sam hesitated.

"How dare you! What? Let me go! Don't hold me like this. What's the relationship between you and me? " Wendy shook him off.

"You...Have you seen the photos on my phone? " Sam had thought of many reasons for Wendy's abnormal behavior, and finally asked the most possible one. Seeing from her expression, he was more certain.

"Her name is Shirley. We grew up together. I'm their adopted son of her family. "

Wendy felt a lump in her throat because she hadn't expected that Sam would explain it to her.

"We didn't start dating until we went to college, but...Fate plays a big joke on us. We are destined not to be together! "

"Why...Why? "

Sam stroked her hair. They looked so intimate.

"Because there is endless hatred between us. It has been many years. What's the point of saying that? It's my fault to lose her! "

"Then...Then she now... "

"She's married. Maybe she's already had a baby! "

"You...Why did you tell me this? " Wendy pouted.

Sam smiled faintly. It seemed that these were other people's story. He was just relayed.

"Because I don't want to disappoint another silly girl! "

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