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   Chapter 23 Call For Help

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After the road was cleared, they arrived at the airport soon. Seeing that Wendy was so happy, Roy sneered, "You're not in a hurry to get married. Why are you so excited? "

"Hey! What do you know? I will marry him in the future! " Wendy said confidently.

Roy said in spades, "How dare you say that? "

"I'll try my best." Instead of getting angry, Wendy laughed.

"Then how do you know that Sam will love you finally? "

"What do you mean? " Wendy glared at Roy.

"Nothing. As far as I know, it's not that easy to get Sam's heart. Otherwise, how could he still be alone all these years? "

There was still some time before boarding. Wendy and Roy sat on the bench in the waiting room.

"He didn't meet a girl like me before! " Wendy said proudly.

Roy got goose bumps.

"Yes, you are so special and like a sticky candy. Who can resist you? "

"What's wrong? I'm just a sticky candy. I'm not following you! "

Roy kept silent. He wanted to be stuck by her, but she didn't give him a chance.

"When will you come back? "

"I have to go to the hospital on the 6th day in lunar month, so I'll be back on 5th day. "

"Then...Wish you get what you want! " Roy stared at her, which made Wendy feel awkward.

"Hey! Why you look at me as if I were going to die? Can you give me a smile during the Spring Festival? "

Roy rolled his eyes at her. The boarding notice came from the broadcast. Wendy stood up and took her bag, intending to take her suitcase from Roy. However, someone pulled her suitcase hard.

"If I met you first, would it be different? "

Wendy was in a daze for a moment and immediately pushed him away.

"What are you talking about? "

The boarding notice came again from the broadcast. Regardless of him, Wendy grabbed her luggage and entered the security check without looking back.

The man didn't walk back until he couldn't see her.

At the same time, after Sam turned around, another tall figure stood at the security checkpoint and stared at him for a long time, shaking his head sarcastically.

Thinking that she would see Sam in a few hours, Wendy felt as if she were sitting on cotton. She was so sleepy last night that she was surrounded by the tiredness. She closed her eyes unconsciously.

Not knowing how long the plane had flown in the air, Wendy was woken up by a hurried sound of rustling. When she opened eyes, she saw that the passengers around her all stood up and looked to one point. Driven by their eyes, Wendy took off her blindfold and looked back blankly. An old man on two seats away from her fell to the ground, and the flight attendant was giving him emergency treatment.

Wendy asked a woman beside her what had happened in English. As soon as the plane left the ground, the old man began to breathe rapidly, his face flushed, and then fainted.

Seeing that the old man didn't seem to have a faint reaction, Wendy immediately realized that he might have a disease of his own.

As a nurse, she ran to the old man's side in a hurry. The stewards were still doing cardio pulmonary resuscitation for him. Wendy immediately asked if the old man had someone accompanied him.

Obviously, the stewards didn't want to tell her. Wendy had no choice but to tell she was a nurse.

In the moment of desperation, she forgot another important thing.

Obviously, the old man had a heart attack. Normally, people with this disease would take medicine with them. As expected, Wendy took out his medicine from his pocket and a glass of water immediately came.

However, the situation was still not optimistic. The old man's breathing was normal, but he was still unable to wake up. Fortunately, it was not far from the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

As soon as they got off the plane, an ambulance was arranged to send the old man to the hospital, and Wendy also followed to the hospital.

The airline also contacted the old man's family member. Before they arrived, Wendy was sitting alone in the hospital.

After treatment, the old man's situation finally stabilized. Wendy also waited for his family members to come. She thought that this matter could finally come to an end, but the old man's family members bit back and reported Wendy to the police station. They insisted that she deliberately framed the old man in order to murder him for money.

Wendy was dumbfounded.

In the police station.

The local police looked at her ID card and passport and asked her in non-standard Mandarin.

"You...What's your relationship with this gentleman? "

Wendy said disdainfully.

"I can speak English!"

The policemen smiled awkwardly.

He wanted to ask again. Before he spoke, Wendy explain in English, "I saw him on the plane and helped him! I just helped him find his medicine and gave it to him! "

"What's your career? "

"Nurse..." All of a sudden, Wendy seemed to think of something. When they were having classes in the school, the teacher had told them that the medical staff had to rescue other under the permission of the hospital. If they were not in the hospital, no matter where they were, they would be bitten back! The teacher also warned them with his own experience, like on the train or plane, where there shoul

d be medical equipment and medical personnel, it was better not to interfere without the obligation of the hospital.

At that time, Wendy openly challenged the teacher, saying that if the situation was very serious, should they turn a blind eye to it as nurses?

She vaguely remembered what the teacher said.

"If you are confident that someone can prove your innocence, then you can do it."

But now, she didn't expect she encountered this situation abroad.

What's more, even a professional nurse maybe couldn't get away with it in such a situation, not to mention that she was just an intern nurse and didn't even have a professional certificate. Especially now, she didn't even have a witness.

Wendy felt helpless. How could she be so unlucky during the festival?

"Miss, are you okay? " The policeman saw her bending over the table and thought there was something wrong with her, so he immediately asked.

Wendy was about to cry and said.

"Sir, I'm really wronged..."

"Then who can prove it for you? Which hospital you belong to? You can call them... "

"Wait!" Wendy immediately stopped the police from taking the phone.

"Is there any problem? "

Thinking of her family and friends, everyone must be immersed in the joy of the Spring Festival. If she called them, not only made them feel rash, but also made them say that she was unlucky.

"Let me think..."

As soon as Marvin got off the plane, he looked around the airport but didn't see a familiar figure. It was strange.

Obviously, Marvin didn't know what happened in the economy class. He was not in the same class with Wendy.

He turned around, and several men in suits immediately came forward.

"Mr. Marvin, Welcome to Kuala Lumpur! "

It turned out that these men were employees of his branch company in Malaysia.

"The hotel has been booked. Would you like to have a rest in the hotel or..."

"Help me check a person in the airline " Marvin was not in the mood to listen to the general manager of the branch company. He cut to the chase. 'Why did Wendy disappear all of a sudden? ' Did Sam take her away? 'It's impossible. It seems that she didn't tell Sam about it.'

After thinking for a long time, Wendy decided to call Sam.

"Hello? " A familiar male voice came from the other end of the phone line.

Wendy almost burst into tears when she heard the voice of missing.

She sniffed, trying to make her voice less strange.


After a long pause, Sam took out his phone and looked at the caller ID. He couldn't believe his ears.

"Wendy? "

The girl burst into tears.

"You...What's up? What happened? " Hearing her cry, Sam's heart skipped a beat.

No matter how he asked, Wendy's crying was still ringing in his ears. Finally, he said.

"Where are you? Ask the people around you to answer the phone! "

Wendy sobbed.

"I'm in Kuala Lumpur..."

"Kuala Lumpur? You... "

"..."Wendy sobbed, "I'm in the police station. They...It was so unreasonable... "

After all, she was young and had never experienced such a thing. Wendy couldn't help but burst into tears. Sam wanted to scold her, but now he said something to comfort.

"Don't cry. I'm coming soon." The tenderness in his tone was something he had never expected.

After hanging up the phone, Sam rushed to the police station, leaving his colleagues behind.

At the same time, Marvin also knew the situation of Wendy. The subordinate who reported this to him couldn't help trembling when he saw the boss's darkened face.

"Do you know what to do? " Before the subordinate finish his report, Marvin clenched his fists.

The subordinates immediately said that they would deal with it.

"Go to the police station! " Marvin commanded. The driver turned around immediately.

Today's police station was extraordinarily lively. The old man's family member who made trouble received a phone call which said that their manor was on fire! They leaved in a hurry. But they don't forget to leave one person to deal with before leaving.

Looking at the strong men who were as rough as Hulk in the movie, Wendy prayed in her heart that Sam would come to save her as soon as possible. Although Sam was not a superhero and he didn't have super power, he was her Mr. Right.

But to her surprise, Sam and Marvin met in the police station.

Two handsome men stood at the gate of the police station, forming a beautiful scenery line.

"Mr. Marvin, what a coincidence! " Sam broke the awkward silence first.

"What a coincidence! I'm here to pick up a silly girl who is willing to help others but was slandered. "Marvin said.

"What? Help others? " Sam only knew that Wendy was in the police station now, but he didn't know why she went in.

"Oh, it seems that Dr. Sam doesn't know. Wendy saved an old man on the plane with her conscience of a nurse, but was blackmailed by his family members. So she was taken to the police station. "

No wonder she cried so sadly on the phone, Sam thought.

"Thank you for your kindness! Did she also call you? "

"Do you think I need to wait until she asks me for help? "

"Then...Take her away! " Marvin was astonished, because he didn't expect Sam was so decisive.

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