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   Chapter 22 A Rare Visitor

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"To Malaysia?" Sherry frowned.

Wendy smiled from the bottom of her heart.


Seeing the smile on her face, Sherry suddenly understood.

"Are you going to see Sam?"

Wendy blushed and nodded.

"Well, I won't force you! Do whatever you want when you are young! I'm sure Sam loves you! "



"Thank you, Sherry!" Wendy's eyes turned red.

As time went by, it was unusually cold in winter in A city this year. Every morning, when she got up, there was a string of ice beads hanging on the balcony, like crystal lamps. At night, thousands of lights were on. In comparison, the loneliness and helplessness of Wendy didn't fit in with the hustle and bustle of the city! She was like a passer-by who watched the world coldly. All worldly troubles had nothing to do with her!

One night, Wendy didn't sleep well. The dream that had troubled her for many years appeared again!

In her dream, her mother was still so beautiful and kind. Every night, she hugged her and coaxed her into sleep. Every night, her mother would tell her a lot of interesting stories, such as her mother's hometown. Living in the depths of the mountain, her mother was a girl who always treat people with kindness and faced the difficulties strongly.

Her mother told her that grandpa's two daughters had left the mountain, but Wendy had never seen her grandparents when she was a little girl. She was looking forward to her mother taking her to visit her relatives in the mountain!

But no one had expected that she hadn't been able to wait for her mother to take her to visit her grandparents. Instead, she had seen her mother's loving parents for the first time at her mother's funeral!

She was young and ignorant at that time, but the scene that her mother hugging her in her arms and jumping into the river was still vivid in her mind! Fortunately, she was saved by the search and rescue team before her last trace of oxygen was exhausted. Her mother's face was close to her, but she could not grab her. When she touched her, she found that it was water that had passed!

She screamed and woke up. Cold sweat rippled from her forehead. She wiped her face, only to find that her hand was stained with tears!

At this moment, outside the balcony, some mischievous children had lit fireworks! With a loud bang, the fireworks rushed into the dark sky. In an instant, the dazzling light merged into the boundless darkness! With a loud bang, Wendy curled up in bed. The room was warm. Several silk quilts were wrapped around her body, but her coldness still couldn't be expelled. The only thought in her mind was that she couldn't wait going to Sam!

It could be said that when Wendy felt that the whole world was away from her, it was Sam who made her feel that there was a glimmer of light in this turbid world, like a moth that darted into the fire, knowing that she would die, but she still rushed into it without hesitation!

The second day was New Year's Eva. Early in the morning, Wendy began to tidy up her clothes. In fact, she didn't have much to pack up. The insomnia last night only made her look a little haggard, but it didn't affect her good mood. She not only tidied up her own things, but also cleaned the house! As a result, when Wendy opened the door and saw Roy and Marvin standing in front of her door, they were all stunned!

"How do you know I live here?" Wendy couldn't believe what she saw this morning.

"What's wrong with you? You look pale." The two people outside said in unison.

"Why do you speak like me?" The two of them seemed to have a tacit understanding.

"&#&#……" They started to fight outside the door.

Wendy turned around and slammed the door.

"You can consider whether to come in or not after you have quarreled enough!"

The two people outside looked at each other, and when they realized what had happened, they immediately rushed forward and rang the doorbell again.

"Hey, what's going on between you two guys today? What's wrong with you? Why are you coming here together?" Wendy sat on the sofa leisurely, sipping a cup of milk tea.

As if they had returned to their own home, Marvin and Roy lay on the sofa on both sides. Each of them took either side of the sofa and sat casually, which made Wendy flabbergasted.

"Wendy, after all. We're colleagues. It's my first time to visit your house. Why don't you give me some water?" Roy asked pitifully.

"Then why are you here?" Wendy looked at Marvin.

"Me? I, of course, am... "Before Marvin could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Roy.

"Don't you know that he is immoral? He came here with no reason." Roy glared at him and said.

Wendy was confused, but she still went to prepare water for them obediently. But she found that there was no food at home a few days ago. Since she was going abroad today, there was even no burning water. However, the two men in the living room were still sitting there, as if they had no intention of leaving, so she had no choice but burned water again.

"Wendy, I have been waiting for so long. Is it ready?" Seeing her coming out, Roy stood up and asked.

"It's burning! How do I know you suddenly come to my house today? I don't have anything to eat or drink at home. The only thing we can drink is running water. Do you want to drink it? " Wendy said slowly, flipping through the magazines scattered on the tea table.

Marvin didn't know that she was leaving at noon. He looked so ignorant.

"It's New Year's Eve. No food. No roommates. It's not bustling a

t all. You look shabby, don't you?"

Wendy looked up and calmed down for a while. Then she heard the sound of boiling water. She stood up and went to the kitchen.

Marvin took a glance at Roy, who went into the kitchen with a plastic bag containing breakfast.

"Wendy, you haven't had breakfast, have you?"

Half an hour ago.

Roy knew that Wendy would fly to Malaysia this noon, so he went to a famous breakfast shop to buy some breakfast for her early in the morning. Unexpectedly, a few friends invited him to drink. Who would drink in the early morning? He refused his friends' invitation. It must be those friends who had bad intentions. He didn't expect that Marvin was one of those friends? He and Marvin didn't like each other, especially when both of them were involved in the matter of Wendy!

On hearing that Roy would go to Wendy's home. Marvin decided to follow him.

"Eh? Did you just buy two breakfasts? " The breakfast was very ordinary, just steamed stuffed buns and soybean milk, but it didn't seem to be enough. Wendy felt embarrassed, but Roy didn't take it seriously, with a steamed bun in his mouth.

"I just bought it for you and me. Some uninvited people cannot enjoy it. He can decide to go back home!"

Wendy looked at him with amusement.

"I didn't invite you, did I?"

Marvin suddenly burst into laughter. His usual coldness and dignity were gone at that moment.

"Mr. Marvin, I can't eat so much. You haven't had breakfast, have you?" The implication was self-evident. Wendy invited Marvin to enjoy the breakfast together. Gnashing his teeth in anger, Roy met Wendy's smug smile.

"I just wanted to ask why you didn't go home during the Spring Festival." Asked Marvin.

With a confused look, Roy also looked at Wendy curiously.

"I have no home! " The four words were full of unspeakable bitterness. The two men were silent and ate bitterly.

"Do you have any plans today?"

"Yes, I will fly to Malaysia at noon!" Her voice was full of joy.

'The doctor called Sam seems to have gone to Malaysia, 'Marvin thought.

Waves of ripples arose in his heart, not like a breeze caressing the surface of the water, but a big stone that passers-by inadvertently threw into the lake.

Roy didn't say anything. The three of them ended the breakfast in a strange atmosphere! Marvin excused himself and left in a hurry.

However, Wendy was so happy that she didn't notice his abnormality at all.

"Hello? I'm flying to Malaysia this noon. Book a first-class ticket for me!" Marvin said in a hurry.

"What? No tickets? Don't you spend money buying one? I'll pay you to work for me. But you still can't do the job well, can you?"

"Well, forget it. Didn't my father's private plane take so long? I can use that private plane."

Annoyed, Marvin pulled off his tie. A black, aggressive Ferrari that didn't fit in with this street stopped at the roadside. From time to time, someone passing by would take a look at it and then leave in a daze!

While the passers-by were discussing about the car, Marvin sat on the driver's seat and threw his phone on the passenger seat and left in a quick speed.

"I'll drive you to the airport later!" Roy said while washing the dishes for her.

"Well. No, thanks. I don't have many things. I can take a taxi to the airport by myself! " Wendy refused.

"There must be a traffic jam today. Let me drive you to the airport."

Wendy thought for a while and thought 'why not'. Then she agreed!

"Why did Marvin come with you?" Wendy put the tableware into the cupboard, wiped her hands and asked.

"I don't know!" Roy didn't want to answer, so Wendy couldn't help teasing him.

"Can I understand that you two cherish each other?"

"Wendy!" Roy roared. "Who wanted to cherish him?".

"You seem that there is an affair between you that no one knows... "Looking at his frustrated expression, Wendy couldn't help laughing.

Unable to retort, Roy rolled his eyes at her.

"Where is your luggage?"

"Here." Wendy kicked a small box at her feet.

"What? Are you a woman? Why do you have so few things? You. This is... "He was speechless. Every woman he met before wanted to move their home every time they went out? They all have so many pieces of luggage.

"That's enough!" Wendy waved the card in her hand and smiled proudly.

With a smile, Roy tilted his head, indicating that she could leave.

As he expected, the street was packed with cars, but it didn't affect Wendy's good mood at all. The car they were driving was moving in the traffic like a snail, Roy glanced at Wendy and found she was seeing the situation outside the car, humming a tune. Fortunately, she was still in the mood to sing! Roy was defeated by her positive personality. He didn't know when the road would be cleared, so he relaxed himself and leaned against the seat, looking at Wendy with interest.

Someone who was uncomfortable being stared at finally couldn't help it.

"Hey! Dr. Roy, is there anything on my face?" Wendy asked.

Embarrassment was written all over Roy's face.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Of course I'm happy. I'll see Sam after a few hours!" Her heart seemed to bloom, and she felt so comfortable in this place full of the smell of gasoline.

Feeling sad, Roy turned around and focused on the road ahead. Suddenly, a cheerful sound came from ahead. It turned out that the road was not in a traffic now!

He had thought that it would be great if the road was blocked forever. In this narrow space, there were only the two of them.

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