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   Chapter 21 I Miss You

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As the Spring Festival was approaching, Wendy's roommates had booked tickets to go home to celebrate it.

The streets and alleys were full of the smell of the festive. Wendy was walking alone on the street. Where should she go this year?

"Hello? Sam! " There was another person like her.

"What's wrong? " Sam's voice sounded lonely.

"Well...The Spring Festival was coming. You... "

On the other side of the continent, Sam was standing by the window, looking at his motherland, imagining the expression on the girl's face who was talking to him on the phone.

In the past, when she followed him every day, he had never seriously seen Wendy. This time, after going abroad for a long time, he missed the girl more and more. She always had lots of things to talk and made him happy. Thinking of this, he couldn't help laughing.

Wendy, who was looking at all kinds of funny things on the street, suddenly heard a burst of laughter and stopped.

"Sam, what makes you so happy? "

"Nothing. The Spring Festival is coming soon. Are you home now? " Sam asked.

Wendy lied that she had returned home.

There was a sudden silence on the other end of the phone.


"Now I know the feeling of homesick."

They burst into laughter at same time.

"Can't you ask for leave and come back? "

"I'll still be alone when I come back. It's better to have a rest abroad. "

Wendy was furious and wanted to shout, "You still have me."

But her words changed, "I miss you so much. "

Without any warning, Wendy couldn't believe that she had said that. Since Sam hadn't spoken for a long time, Wendy felt embarrassed. She quickly said goodbye and hung up the phone. But as she hung up, she heard clearly what Sam said.

"Wendy, I miss you too. "Sam said.

Wendy was as excited as the contestants who won the championship at the Olympic Games. The next second, she even went to the airport and booked a ticket to Malaysia!

"Miss, I'm sorry. Today's flight is full. " In the ticket office, Wendy eagerly looked at the cashier checking the flights to Malaysia over and over again.

"Please help me check it again!"

The cashier clicked the website and shook her head apologetically at Wendy.

Wendy was a little discouraged and turned around with her head down.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman in a thick jacket rushed over and bumped into Wendy.


"Hey, are you okay? " The women held Wendy up and asked her with concern. She was not very fluent in Mandarin.

"Nothing... "Wendy subconsciously moved her wrist to her elbow. When she just fell to the ground, her arm fell first. Sure enough, it hurt so much.

"Ah, are you injured in your arms? "

"It doesn't matter! " Wendy didn't want to make things worse in the airport which was crowded with people.

"Really? Do you want to go to the hospital? "

Wendy shook her head, and the women walked to the ticket office concernedly.

"Miss, please help me cancel my ticket to Malaysia on new year's eve."

"Yes, madam. Please wait a moment!"

Wendy felt a sharp pain in her arm, but her ears were sensitive. She quickly walked back to the ticket office.

"Excuse me, is there a ticket to Malaysia available? "

"Yes, this lady just canceled the reservation. Do you want to book the ticket? "

"Yes! Yes! Yes! " It was enough to have a ticket. Who cared it's time.

Holding the ticket in her hand, Wendy kissed it again and again, as if the ticket was Sam.

As soon as she got out of the airport, her phone rang.

The joy in Wendy's heart disappeared when she saw the name on the screen.

"What's the matter? " She said coldly.

"Wendy, the new year is coming. When will you come back? " The voice on the phone sound much older than before.

Wendy softened her tone.

"I'm quite busy in the hospital. This year...Maybe I can't go back... "

"Well..."The voice from the phone was full of disappointment.

"Anything else? If not, I'll hang up! "

"Hey, hey, take good care of yourself."

"Got it! " Then Wendy hung up the phone.

In the city which was a thousand miles away from where Wendy was, an old man was holding a phone with a walking stick. His deep eyes seemed to lose focus all of a sudden when he ended phone.

Wendy took a taxi back to her residence. She had to book a hotel first, but she suddenly thought that she didn't even know where Sam was in Malaysia!

After thinking for a long time, she called Roy.

"Wow! It's so strange. How could Wendy call me in person? " Roy's mocking voice rang in her ears.

"What's the matter? "

"Dr. Roy, I want to thank you for taking care of me in the hospital. The Spring Festival is coming. Let's have a meal together! "

"Are you kidding me? You must have made some troubles for me. " Roy teased.

"Alas! I just want to go to the bar by myself since Lily and other friends have gone home and no one can accompany me! " Wendy said.

"Alas! No! What kind of bar are you going to? Wait for me. " Roy quickly said.

"Okay, let's go to the private room on the third fl

oor of the Elegant Restaurant. See you! "

When the waiter had just served all the dishes, Roy pushed the door open on time.

"Wow! You are punctual. " Wendy looked down at her watch.

"Of course! Wait? You have ordered the dishes. Haven't you ordered the wine? " Roy looked at the table full of dishes and asked.

"Well, all traditional dishes. The Chinese dish with red wine... Seems to be strange... " Wendy gave a funny expression.

Roy waved his hand and said, "Waiter, a bottle of highly-flavor liquor! Fifty-eight degree! " It was straightforward.

"Can you really drink so much? " Wendy said skeptically.

"What a joke! "

The waiter took off the red wine glass and served one used by Chinese people.

"Do you dare to have a try? " Roy took the glass and wondered if he should fill it for her.

"Of course!"

After getting the answer, he poured two glasses of liquor.

Wendy said to him, "Dr. Roy, this glass of wine is supposed to be a toast to you. I'll toast first! " Wendy drank it at a breath, so was Roy.

But Roy was choked and coughed.

Wendy laughed undisguisedly.

"Idiot, you can't drink like in this way."

"So you are..."Roy was frustrated.

"I...ha... "Wendy laughed but said nothing.

A bottle of liquor was forgotten after being ruined by the two people. Fortunately, the delicious dishes suppressed the alcohol rushing to their heads.

Seeing that the atmosphere was almost suitable, Wendy was considering how to ask him.

Roy said now.

"Are you going home during the Spring Festival? "

"What? I won't go back. "

Roy thought for a while.

"Then...Where are you going? "

"I will..."

"If you have no place to go, just go to my home and stay with me!" Roy said.

"What? "

"What's wrong? Are you unwilling? Many girls dream of going home with me! I have never given them the chance! You should seize the opportunity! "

Wendy was embarrassed. Not every girl wanted this!

"By the way, how is the man in bed 175? "

"Oh, he took the medicine and went back to his hometown during the festival. I wonder how long the medicine can make him hold on. " Roy's eyes darkened.

Wendy knew it was a little awkward to say that. She didn't want to eat any more. She put down her chopsticks and began to drink the soup.

Seeing that she didn't say anything more, Roy grabbed a tissue and wiped his mouth.

"You can ask whatever you want to know!"

"What? No...No...Yes... "Being seen through, Wendy picked up the bowl and gulped it down to hide her flickering eyes.

"Don't lie to me. You won't invite me to dinner for no reason. I'm afraid you don't just want to thank me! Tell me, what's the matter? "

Wendy twitched her mouth.

"I can't hide anything from you..."


"Actually, I've booked a ticket to Malaysia on new year's eve. But I don't know where Sam live. I suppose you know something about the hotel booked by the hospital. So I asked you out... "Wendy stammered.

A faint smile appeared on Roy's face. Somehow, Wendy saw a trace of loneliness in his eyes.

"If you don't want to tell me, then forget it! I can call him and ask him! " Wendy said hurriedly.

"No! You'd better give him a surprise! "

Wendy finally heard from Roy that Sam was staying in Kuala Lumpur Hotel! Wendy took a deep breath, and extremely looked forward to the arrival of the day of flight.

Of course, as Wendy's only relative in the city, Sherry would also invite her to celebrate the festival. Sherry's body was getting fatter and her belly was obviously bulging. She invited Wendy to her home to help arrange the decoration. It turned out that not only Austin's parents would come, but also her aunt and uncle in Canada would also come back!

At this time, Wendy felt like she was redundant. She couldn't help but think of Sam who was in a foreign country. They were both suffering from the same kind of bad feeling...

"I think the door should be painted again, Look at the rusty ones... " With a glass of milk in her hand, Sherry concentrated on discussing with her husband. She didn't notice the abnormality of Wendy, so Austin nudged her with his elbow. Sherry didn't realize what had happened until Austin pointed to Wendy. Sherry held her belly with one hand and walked to Wendy.

"Wendy!" All of a sudden, the back of her hand was covered with warmth and softness, which brought Wendy back to her senses.


"Are you still not going home this year? " "Okay! Just celebrate with me. Dad and mom are going to come back. We can go to visit Grandpa and grandma together! "

Wendy's heart skipped a beat when she heard her grandparents! In the past, she always stayed with her grandparents during the Spring Festival. But since that incident, she hadn't visited them for a long time, nor had she returned to her own family.

She used to be so lonely. Even with the love of her grandparents, it was difficult to expel the loneliness in her heart. But this year, she finally found a way to get rid of it.

"I want to go to Malaysia this year! "

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