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   Chapter 18 Be A Willing Fool

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That night, Wendy didn't sleep well. In her dream, a second ago, she had a quarrel with Christina, and the next second, Sam came back to her. But when she reached out to hold him, she found that she had touched an iceberg.

Christina missed Luke deeply and she waked up, turning on the light. The lights in a window of a tube shaped building were on.

Christina tossed and turned all night. She cannot fall asleep. She sat by the window and opened it. The morning wind blew in, and she shivered. So she closed the window in a hurry.

In the We Chat, she sent Luke a lot of messages, but what she received was only three words. I am busy!

She didn't get any call from Luke until dawn.

After the quarrel with Wendy last night, her roommates all comforted her. Some were blaming Wendy for what she had done, while some were sighing at the dramatic and unbelievable change for what Luke had done!

She couldn't listen to her roommates' words. There was no reason for Wendy to lie to her. She knew how honest she was! The screen of the phone was on and off. It was all the comfort words from her roommates, but there was no message from Wendy!

The phone suddenly rang, floating in the empty room!

"Hello? Lily? "

"Oh, Christina! Wendy didn't come back last night!" Lily said anxiously.

"What?" Christina was also shocked by the news.

"I had been waiting for her last night. In the end, I fell asleep on the sofa. But she still didn't go home. She didn't come back!"

"Don't worry. Call the other roommates and ask them if Wendy has gone to their places." While saying that, Christina hurried to the bathroom to wash up.

"Could you help me call the other roommates?"


"Hello? Phoebe, did Wendy go to your place last night? " With a toothbrush in her mouth and facial cleanser in her face, Christina put the phone between her face and neck.

"No..."Phoebe was sleepy and her voice was weak. Christina didn't want to talk to her anymore and quickly hung up the phone.

Lily also searched everywhere she could think of that Wendy might be. At last, Christina also contacted all the people she knew, and everyone said that they didn't see Wendy!

"Do you think she would go to her cousin's home?" Since Monica and Ray lived far away, they had bought train ticket and go home early. Hearing the news, both Ellen and Phoebe helped find Wendy and they suddenly asked, "isn't her cousin also in A City?"

"Yes! How can I forget Wendy's cousin? " Lily slapped her forehead and looked for Sherry's phone number in a hurry. Everyone looked at her intently.

Lily suddenly turned around.

"What should I say?" She covered the phone and asked in a low voice.

"Just tell the truth."

"No! I heard that her cousin is pregnant. Don't tell her, or she will worry about her! " Said Christina.

But the phone was connected.

"Lily, what's up?"

"Well. Sherry, Then. Well... "Lily looked back at them. She thought for a while, but couldn't find a reason!

"What's wrong?" Sherry asked with a smile.

"Nothing..."Then Lily hung up the phone.

"She is not here!" She said affirmatively.

"How do you know?"

"My intuition tells me."

They all rolled their eyes at Lily.

"I shouldn't have said that to her last night!" Christina said remorsefully.

"Alas! It's not your fault. After all, anyone who gets involved in this kind of thing will be exasperated. It's good that you didn't rush up to hit her! " Phoebe comforted.

Without saying a word, Ellen just turned her head and didn't look at Christina. She knew that they were the best friends at school. She must be unhappy about what she said to Wendy last night!

"I go out and look for her. " Christina couldn't stand Ellen's deliberate neglect in such an atmosphere. Even if others comforted her, she still felt that she was the one who caused Wendy to run away from home.

"We have searched everywhere we can. If we can find her, will we be unable to find her? If someone can identify good people, how could Wendy hide herself on purpose? " Ellen said calmly.

"Well, stop arguing!" Phoebe stopped the arguing immediately.

"I remember someone that we had not found!" Lily, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said.


She didn't know that her roommates were as anxious as ants on a hot pot, the protagonist of the event Wendy was still in bed.

At noon, Julie hurried to the French window of the living room from the kitchen.

"Mr. Marvin" Julie was a little worried. He seldom came to the bridal chamber his father bought for him. Since he was not married, the bridal chamber was ready. What was the reason? But she was happy to manage such a big house alone! She didn't have much work to do. Last night, Mr. Marvin suddenly brought a drunk girl back here. It seemed that Mr. Marvin was quite interested in her. When she worked in the old house, she heard that Mr. Marvin didn't date with girls. It was unusual for him to bring a girl to his bridal chamber. However, that girl hadn't woken up yet. She was so anxious. She had known that Mr. Marvin hated someone who stay in bed late most.

"Didn't she get up?" Marvin asked.

"Miss Li. Maybe she was too tired yesterday. " Her words sounded ambiguous. Marvin folded the financial newspaper in his hand.

"Then let her continue to rest! Let's have breakfast together when she wakes up! "

Julie was so surprised that she could put an egg in her mouth. The gentle

man she knew was not so considerate!

"What's wrong?" Seeing that she didn't move at all, Marvin frowned.

"Yes. Yes... "

"Ah..." Feeling that the sun didn't shine on her face, Wendy stretched out her arms and legs in the bed, then stood up and walked to the window.

"Swish!" When the curtain was opened, the naughty sunshine poured in, and the eyes were suddenly stung by the strong light.

When she calmed down, Wendy patted her forehead.

"It's so late! Wendy, you are such a lazy pig! "

It was so dark last night that she couldn't see the villa clearly. From where she stood, she could see the French window of the living room. Outside the window, there was an open-air bathtub and a greenhouse. Yes, it was a greenhouse made of glass. In this cold winter, the scenery inside was as beautiful as spring!

Wendy was completely attracted by the garden house and didn't notice that a man behind the window in the living room was looking at her intently.

It was not until she washed her face that Wendy remembered her phone. Lily must be very worried about her since she didn't come back last night! But as soon as she turned the phone on, she found that there were several missed calls and then the phone turned off because it was out of battery! Out of power!

Wendy curled her lips and decided to check whether Marvin had a charger or not later!

Sitting in the living room, Marvin saw Wendy doing all kinds of things behind the window on the second floor. He didn't know that he had put down the newspaper! As soon as Wendy went back to her room, he ordered.

"Julie, bring the breakfast here!"

Sure enough, after a while, Wendy went downstairs, humming a tune.

"Good morning, Julie!"

"Good morning, Miss Li!"

Julie put down the breakfast and went back to the kitchen. Marvin sat down at the table.

"What were you looking at just now?"

"What?" Marvin looked to the second floor. Wendy followed his eyes and found out what he was seeing.

"Oh! Look at your garden! "

"Is it beautiful?"

"Of course it's beautiful. There is a place that can be so beautiful in this winter. It must be very warm, right?" Wendy's eyes shone.

"Do you want to have a look around?" Marvin realized her thoughts by seeing her eyes.

"Okay!" Wendy kept nodding.

"Let's eat first! We can discuss it later! "

"By the way, do you have a phone charger? Could you lend it to me?"

"Julie!" Marvin shouted. Then Julie immediately appeared and picked up Wendy's phone.

"I, I can do it by myself... "Wendy didn't expect that Julie would take her phone away.

"What's up? Who are you calling? "


"You can use that phone!" Marvin pointed at the phone near the sofa.

"Thank you!"

When Wendy was about to stand up, she was pushed back to her seat by Marvin.

"Let's eat first!"

"Ok." Wendy ate the bread and drunk milk leisurely.

"Hello? Who is it? " Lily, who was looking for Wendy around, suddenly received a strange call.

"Lily, it's me!"

"Wendy!" Lily shouted! Her words immediately attracted several others.

"Where is she?" They surrounded her one after another.

Lily signaled them to calm down.

"Where are you?"

"I'm sorry. Last night I drank too much, so I found a Well. A hotel! " Wendy would never dare to tell her that she had stayed in the Marvin's house for one night, so she had to prevaricate.

"Oh. You scared me to death! " Hearing her words, Lily and the others felt relieved and took a deep breath.

"Give me the phone! I'll talk to her! " Rachel snatched the phone.

"Hello? Why didn't you tell us that you went to the hotel? Do you know how much we were worried about you? We thought you were cursed to lose your meaning of life and commit suicide. "

"How can I do that? I haven't seen you get old and die yet. How can I throw myself into the river? " Wendy sensed the worry in her words and joked.

"Where are you? Come back early! " As Rachel said, she caught a glimpse of the expectant look in Christina's eyes and continued, "Christina was also worried about you. Do you want to..." Before she finished speaking, Wendy's face froze.

"Well I have something else to do now We can talk later! " Marvin looked at her with great interest.

Wendy hung up the phone.

"When are we going to visit your garden?"

"Anytime," said Marvin, shrugging his shoulders.

Wendy went straight out, followed by Marvin.

In the northwest corner of the house, there was a greenhouse made of glass. It was in spring all the year round and was full of roses! Wendy was so happy that she couldn't tell from the outside that there was a set of books, tables and chairs, and a beauty's bed. The flowers were bright and beautiful, and it could be seen that the person who planted them was very attentive!

"Did you plant these flowers?" Smelling the fragrance of flowers, Wendy suddenly raised her head and asked Marvin.

"Do you think I can do that?" Asked Marvin.

Wendy twitched her mouth. She had overestimated him!

"Rich people are really good at planning these things!" Wendy whispered.

Marvin frowned impatiently.

"This house is bridal chamber that my father prepared for me!"

"What? Your. Your bridal chamber? What do you mean? " If it was a bridal chamber, then why didn't see his wife? She also knew about the upper class circles in A city. She hadn't heard that Marvin was married?

"Idiot!" Seeing her dull face, Marvin sneered.

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