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   Chapter 17 Go To Marvin's Home (Part Two)

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Wendy grinned, "I like it! Besides, you are not that narrow-minded, are you? "

Marvin ignored her and sat down on the sofa.

Wendy felt bored and wandered around the room, and she found that there was no TV in the room.

"Marvin, you are a rich man, aren't you? Why is there no TV in such a big villa? " Wendy complained, forgetting that she was in other people's home.

Marvin was not annoyed at all. He just slowly took a remote control on the tea table and pressed the forward button.

A TV screen slowly rose from the black antique table in front of them.

Wendy sighed that she hadn't seen such a fancy thing. She shut up and sat on the Persian carpet at the feet of Marvin. Why did she sit on the carpet? It's warm on the ground! The sofa was made of buffalo leather, which was very cold. Wendy was born with a cold body, so she couldn't sit on it.

Marvin also noticed something.

"Why are you sitting on the ground? "

"Oh, your sofa is too cold. " Wendy told the truth without turning her head.

Marvin remembered the detail.

Julie walked quickly to the side of Marvin.

"Mr. Marvin, the room is ready. Then..." Julie glanced at Wendy.

Marvin waved his hand and Julie left immediately.

"Get up! "

Wendy's arm was pulled up by Marvin.

"What are you doing? "

"What time is it? Why don't you go to bed? "

Wendy glanced at the watch he handed over and found it was already twelve o'clock.

"Where am I sleeping tonight? "

"Turn left the second room upstairs! "

"Okay! "

After going upstairs, Wendy lay in bed, trying not to recall what happened before, but every word she said and every action she did was like a movie replaying.

"Hello?" Wendy couldn't help but feel lonely, so she dialed Sam's number. But it took her a long time to get through.

"What's wrong? " A deep voice came.

"You...Haven't you slept yet? " Wendy was so stupid that she forgot the fact that Sam was in abroad.

"Soon. What's up? " At this moment, on the other side of the continent, Sam looked at his watch. Shouldn't she sleep now?

Wendy tried to hold back her tears, but failed. Hearing the weeping sound over there, Sam's heart sank.

"Dr. Sam, come on in..." Wendy didn't hear the last sentence, but she realized that Sam was still busy.

"Dr. Sam, did I bother you? "


"Then...Go ahead with your work! " Before he replied, Wendy hung up the phone and put her head under the pillow like an ostrich.

After a long time, a piano music came from outside the window.

It was so late, and whose child was so naughty? Wendy was already angry, and when she heard the soothing music, her heart gradually calmed down unexpectedly.

She lifted the quilt and went downstairs barefoot, tiptoeing like a thief.

Fortunately, there were not many people in the hou

se, and the lights were brightly lit at night. Wendy was speechless. This rich man was so extravagant.

After walking around the house for a while, she felt that the music was not as clear as that in the room. Then she went upstairs with a cat. The wood floor was covered with a thick Persian fur carpet, and there was no sound when she stepped on it. As a result, Wendy could peep at the way that Marvin played the piano, without face blushing or heart beating, and without considering the embarrassment of being caught.

'He looked a little bit melancholy...'

Wendy was surprised by this thought. A man like Marvin couldn't have a trace of melancholy.

But the only thing she could tell was that something must be wrong with Marvin. crap! Of course he had something wrong, otherwise he couldn't played the piano in the middle night. It's obvious.

"How long will you see? " The music stopped abruptly. Marvin frowned and looked at her in an unfriendly eyes.

"Well..." Wendy knocked on the door frame subconsciously and didn't look at Marvin.

"Hungry? You haven't had dinner yet? "

"What? Ah...That's right! I am hungry! I want something to eat. You won't refuse me, will you? Don't be so mean! "

"There's food in the kitchen. Julie is asleep. You can cook by yourself. "Marvin said.

"What? " Wendy thought she had misheard. After all, the visitor was a guest. Was this his way of entertaining guests?

Seeing Marvin's cold glance, Wendy swallowed what she were about to say immediately. She ran downstairs unwillingly.

"Humph! I can do it! " Wendy opened the fridge while cursing. It was hard to tell from the man's appearance that he had all kinds of ingredients in the fridge.

Wendy didn't believe that it was prepared by him. It must be Julie.

Since it was late at night, she looked at the crab and steak swallowing saliva. It seemed Marvin was quite good at eating. Thinking of this, Wendy's stomach rang at the right time. But time didn't allow her to have a big meal. She quickly cracked two eggs and added water. As soon as the noodles were thrown into the pot, she put a few more pieces of vegetables. A bowl of delicious noodles was finished.

"Thank you!" When she put down the noodles on the table, Marvin got the noodles without asking and began to eat.

Wendy couldn't stay calm anymore and jumped up in an instant.

"Why do you eat my noodles? "

Marvin looked at her innocently. "Using my noodles, my pot, why do you say it's yours? "

Being speechless, Wendy was annoyed. She wanted to go back to the bedroom but her stomach kept growling.

"There is still something to eat in the kitchen. " The implication was that you can refill the bowl yourself.

No matter how much she wanted to say, Wendy could only swallow it. Who allowed you to eat and live here?.

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