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   Chapter 16 Go To Marvin's Home (Part One)

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As soon as they walked out of the restaurant, the snow began to fall again. It suddenly occurred to Wendy that the night before Sam left. It was the same snow. But since the person who accompanied her to see the snow was not there, her mood was different.

She didn't dare to go back to her rental house. Lily would definitely scold her. She wandered on the road aimlessly, and the wind blew. Wendy smiled bitterly. She couldn't find a place to go until now.

"What are you doing here? " A man, who was a bit familiar to her, stood beside a car in front of her. Wendy ignored him and walked past.

"Hello? Wendy! " Marvin stopped her.

Wendy paused for a while, and then walked forward. Marvin felt kind of bored. Then he got in the car and was about to leave.

Wendy suddenly walked back.

"Hey! Do you have any money with you? "

"What's wrong? " Marvin watched her take out a wallet from the pocket of his shirt and take out a piece of cash.

"I borrow it from you. I'll pay it back another day! " Wendy put the wallet back into Marvin's pocket as if it belonged to her.

Seeing her wandering around like a fly, Marvin asked.

"What do you want to buy? "

"Wine! " Wendy finally saw a shop. She held the cash tightly in her hand and walked towards it.

Marvin felt strange but didn't want to talk to her anymore. When he started the engine, he saw Wendy carry a big plastic bag full of various kinds of beer and a can in her hand. 'What happened to her? '

Marvin drove the car behind her. It was not far, not close, just five meters away.

Wendy didn't notice it at all. Perhaps she was tired after walking, she sat on the bench at the bus stop by the roadside and drank. Then she threw away the bottle and opened another. There was no expression on her face. After a while, she drank up two bottles of beer as if it's water. She didn't drink very often, so her face turned red at the moment.

As soon as she took out the third one and opened it, the bottle in her hand was taken away before it was handed to her mouth.

"Stop drinking! " Wendy didn't want to talk to him when she saw the meaningful look in Marvin's eyes. She was drunken and felt the man in front of her looked familiar, but she couldn't remember anyone.

Ignoring him, Wendy took out another can. But this one was taken away along with the bag.

"Wendy, what's wrong with you? " Sitting next to her, Marvin grabbed her head and asked.

Wendy felt her forehead burning, then she held Marvin's arms crying.

"Sam, are you back? "

"Sam, I don't know why. I did it for Christina. Why did she lose her temper on me? "

"Luke cheated on her first. Why didn't she appreciate my kindness to tell her the truth? "


Marvin had been listening to her, but he ha

d never been so calm. Did she call Sam's name? Good!

"Where is your home? "

Perhaps she was drunken, Wendy didn't notice the faint anger in Marvin words.

"Home? My home... " Wendy shook her head and didn't say anything for a long time.

Seeing this, Marvin had to carry her into the car.

"How dare you drink so much while your drinking capacity is so bad? "Marvin put her on the back seat of the car then went back to the driver's seat. When he was thinking about where he should send her to, he heard a sound behind him...

"Wendy!" There seemed to be thousands of knives in Marvin's eyes, as if he was going to kill the woman who had vomited all over his car into pieces in the next second.

"Eh? " After vomiting, Wendy, who felt much better, sensed the stressful atmosphere around her. She pulled her hair nervously, fearing that the man would throw her out of the car the next second.

As it was dark outside, Wendy didn't know where they parked their car, but she can see the luxurious door reflecting in the light.

Wendy thought for a while and decided to pretend to be drunk.

"Julie, let someone to clean up the mess in the car! "

What? 'Why he call me the mess? 'Wendy thought angrily. Wendy got off the car in a big stride, which scared Julie who was about to open the door

"Mr. Marvin..."

"Oh? Are you awake? " Marvin asked her while standing on the stone steps in front of the door.

"Thanks to you! I haven't died yet! " Wendy said angrily.

The vomit wasn't enough to make her sober up quickly. The only possible reason was that Marvin had rolled down the windows on both sides of the back seats.

"No, if I'm not do this, my car will be full of the smell of alcohol! " Marvin was also angry, "Not to mention that you vomited all over my car! I haven't settled accounts with you yet! "

Wendy felt embarrassed and wanted to muddle through.

"Ha ha, you are so generous! Don't be angry with me. "

"Really? You not seem to be a weak woman. Where was your bad temper just now? " Marvin asked and led her into the room.

Wendy was confused. Why there was no one in such a big house?

"Is this your home? "

"Yes! " Marvin got himself a glass of wine.

Wendy rolled her eyes in disdain and looked around.

The modern design was mixed with eastern and Western elements, unlike the general men's room which was only white or black. This house, from inside to outside, gave people a deep sense of joy. It could be seen that the furniture was also brand new.

"Hello? I also want to drink red wine! " Wendy took off a goblet and poured herself a glass of wine in front of Marvin.

"Hello? You drink red wine in a wrong way! " Seeing that Wendy drank wine like drinking cheap liquor, Marvin felt very angry.

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