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   Chapter 15 Something On Christina's Mind

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"Sherry, I buy something for you." Wendy, with two bags on her hands, ran to Sherry's house. In the early stage of her pregnancy, Sherry asked for a period of holiday to recuperate at home. Today was weekend.

"What's this?" Sherry took it over and opened it. It was full of baby clothes and toys.

"Why did you buy these baby things so early?" Sherry pretended to blame her. But in fact she was so happy.

"Oh, our family is going to have a baby. As an aunt, certainly I have to prepare something for the baby!"

"Look at you. You don't have much money as an intern. Why do you still spend so much money?"

"It's not a big deal. I don't spend much money on my daily life! Just take it as my little kindness! "

"I don't know it's a boy or a girl yet." Sherry said, holding a little baby clothes in her hand.

"When you are a little baby, no matter whatever clothes you wear!" Wendy smiled and said.

"Oh! I got it. By the way, Wendy, Austin's waist hurts again. Let's go to see him later! "

"Austin has a backache? He was fine a long time ago. "

"Sometimes good, sometimes bad! It took him too long to stand still to do the surgery! Austin's figure and his weight... "Sherry shook her head in amusement.


In the afternoon, they took a taxi to the office of Austin in the maternal and child care service center.

"Mister Lin, your wife is here to see you." A naughty nurse teased.

"I heard that your wife is pregnant. Congratulations!" A sensible man congratulated.

After thanking them with a smile, Sherry and Wendy went to Austin's office with many turnings.

"Honey, why don't you stay at home? Why do you come here?" As soon as Austin saw his wife, he hurried to hold her.

"Austin, I heard that you had a backache again? I'm going to visit Sherry! Sherry was worried about you, so we come here to see you." Wendy said.

"Wendy is here too. Have a seat!" After greeting Wendy, Austin turned around and said to his wife, "you are not stable in the first three months. You'd better have a good rest at home!"

"I'm fine! I just want to see you." Sherry said with a smile.

Wendy left with an excuse, leaving room for the both of them.

Walking in the corridor, Wendy could hear that babies kept crying. Wendy didn't feel annoyed at all. She always liked babies.

In the laboratory not far away, many young women who might be mothers sat on bench with their husbands waiting for the test results.

Wendy admired them a lot and turned back silently.

"Jane. Who's Jane?" The laboratory staff at the door shouted with the test result in her hand.

"What the hell!"

The voice sounded familiar to Wendy. Wendy immediately turned around! It's Luke!

"Congratulations! Miss. Jane has been pregnant for three and a half weeks!"

Luke took the test report and looked terrible. Wendy was burning with anger. As she expected, Luke was dating with two women at the same time. But at present, it seemed that Christina didn't know about yet!

Wendy walked forward with heavy steps.

"Honey, how's it going?" Jane had just gone to the bathroom. So Wendy intimated her voice and said to Luke.


"Clap!" A loud slap fell on Luke's face all of a sudden, and the people around looked over.

"Wendy!" Luke was shocked by the sudden appearance of Wendy. He didn't expect that she would see him and Jane. What's worse, Wendy must know that he dated with two women now.

"How lucky you are! Luke. You can go out with two women!" Wendy said angrily.

"Who are you?" Seeing that her boyfriend was beaten but not to fight back, Jane couldn't help cursing angrily.

"It's you!" Wendy only felt that the person in front of her looked familiar. Suddenly, a segment of memory flashed through her mind. It was the girl she saw at KFC the other day with Luke. It seemed that they had been together for a long time.

"Who am I? You can ask him who I am." Wendy said, raising her eyebrows.

Looking at Luke, there was a hint of inquiry in Jane's eyes.

"Miss, it seems that you don't know what the well-dressed man in front of you has done, do you? Ok! Let me tell you!" Wendy said to her with anger, although she had tried to suppress her anger a lot.

"Wendy, stop. There are so many people here!" Luke looked terrible.

"Don't be afraid of being told if you can do it?" Wendy sneered.

"After all, you shouldn't hit him!" The girl named Jane said.

"What the fuck are you talking about? You don't have the quality to say this to me."

Luke was afraid that Wendy would really make a fuss, so he hurriedly pulled Jane away from here.

"Hey! Don't you know you are a third person? " Wendy shouted at the back of Jane.

Then Jane stopped and looked at Luke in disbelief.

"She? What does she mean? "

Luke forced a smile, "Don't listen to her. She is a lunatic! " Then he pushed her forward.

"Wait!" After struggling for a while, Jane broke free from Luke's grip.

Wendy was so surprised, "Don't you know that he has a girlfriend?"

Tears welled up in Jane's eyes and she looked at Luke unbelievably.

"You lied to me!" After saying that, she slapped him in the face again.

"No, I didn't! I promise you that I will break up with that woman as soon as I go back! Calm down, Jane. Don't forget that we have a child! " Luke's words seemed reasonable. However, Jane was still a little rational and tried to calm down.

"Humph! Luke. I can report what you have done to the school!" Wendy said.

"Can you stop? Jane is pregnant, can you bear anything if she got a shock? " Luke was also af

raid that this matter would spread to the school. After all, they were only interns now.

"Humph! Why should I have a pity for your bastard? " Wendy left angrily.

What Luke said was right. No matter how many unforgivable mistakes he had made, the child was innocent after all. It seemed that something bad would happen to Jane if it went on. At the moment, what she was worried about was Christina!

"Wendy, where have you been?" Seeing that Wendy was absent-minded and restless, Sherry asked anxiously.

"What? I just went to the bathroom. "Wendy smiled.

"You don't look well. What's wrong with you?" Austin asked with concern.

"What? Maybe it was because of the cold wind! I just went to the garden for a walk! " Wendy made up an excuse immediately.

"Sherry, why don't we go back now? As you see, Austin is very busy!" Seeing a patient come in, Wendy said to Sherry.

As soon as they walked out of the hospital, Sherry asked Wendy whether something happened to her.

Wendy lied that her aunt had come to visit her home.

Since she and Lily were on holiday, Lily went to another province to accompany her boyfriend. She had so many complaints and had no place to vent. For some reason, she called Christina.

"Pretty girl, what's up?" The sound of Christina came through the phone.

At the thought of what had happened today, Wendy felt like she was pressed by a heavy stone and couldn't breathe.

"I just miss you a little. Have you taken a holiday? "


"When will you go home?"

"New year's Eve!"

"Then are you going to take Luke back to see your parents this year? "

"I haven't asked him yet."

Wendy suddenly felt it was ridiculous.

"Then when will you invite him? And the other girls in our dormitory and their boyfriends to gather together! "

"No problem!"

The two of them burst into laughter.

After hanging up the phone, Christina dialed Luke's number, but it was still on the phone. She didn't give up and called him again and again.


"Hello?" A languid voice came from the other end of the line.

"What are you doing?"

"Go to sleep..."

"Are you free tomorrow?"

"What's up?"

"Would you like to go to a party with me?"

"Tomorrow?" Luke pushed the little head buried in his chest.

"What are you doing?" Christina heard an unusual sound on the phone.

"I have something to deal with tomorrow. I can't leave the hospital!"

"Didn't you have a holiday?"

"How could it be so early?"

"All right!"


After hanging up the phone, the two of them began to guess in their hearts

On the second day, girls of the dormitory came with their boyfriends, except Wendy and Christina. The two of them looked extremely lonely among the group of lovers.

"Where is Luke?"

"He said he couldn't come because he had to work in the hospital." Christina took a sip of wine and said.

Wendy criticized Luke in her heart.

"I will call him to see if he will come or not."

"Please don't..."Before Christina could finish her words, Wendy had already dialed the number.


"What are you doing?" Wendy asked crossly.

She had put her phone on speaker, and it seemed that the sound around Luke was different from in the hospital. It was so noisy that their quiet box was suddenly filled with noise.

Wendy looked back at Christina and found that she didn't look good.

"I..." Luke wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He knew what she wanted to do.

Wendy didn't say anything and hung up the phone.

"Didn't he say that he was busy in the hospital?"

"Maybe the emergency room is noisy, isn't it? " Christina tried to find an excuse for herself, but Wendy didn't want to save her face.

"Are there sounds of rock music and subwoofer in the emergency room?"


"Christina, he is lying to you! He is not in the hospital at all! "

"No, he won't lie to me. Maybe..."

"He is lying to you. He is actually in a bar, isn't he?"

"…… Enough! What the hell do you want? " Christina felt annoyed and irritable, but Wendy didn't want to stop at all.

"What do I want? I want you to see that this man has changed a long time ago. Luke is no longer the person that you knew before!"

The others were frightened by the scene and didn't dare to come up to mediate.

"Yesterday, oh, no! I saw him in KFC with a girl closely a long time ago. Yesterday, I saw them go to the maternal and child care center. That girl is pregnant! "

Hearing this, all people in the room were stunned. Back then, Christina was the model of love. Luke's affection moved everyone in their dormitory. Even if ones who had never seen the real person before, their love story was absolutely familiar, but they never expected that Luke would betray Christina.

"Do you think I will believe you just by a few words? Who are you? " Christina retorted.

Wendy didn't expect her to scold her back.

"Don't be silly! It was obvious that Luke was dating with two women at the same time! He doesn't want to date with you anymore! "

"It's none of your business. I would like to believe him."

Wendy had never seen her like this. As the oldest student in the dormitory, Christina had always played the role of a big sister. It was the first time that they had such a quarrel.

"Okay, okay. It's out of my business. I won't meddle in your business anymore!" Wendy ran out of the room, crying.

As soon as the rest of them realized what had happened, someone immediately followed Wendy.

Christina sat on the sofa in low spirits, weeping.

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