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   Chapter 14 Have a good time

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That night, Wendy went straight to her cousin's home as soon as she got off work. When she walked out of the outpatient building, a silver Benz was thrown in front of her domineeringly.

The car window rolled down slowly, Sam's face revealed. Wendy hadn't expected that Sam would wait for her on his own.

"Your cousin asked me to pick you up. "

"Okay. "Wendy got on the car happily.

"So tonight is your banquet? " Wendy asked.

Sam didn't say a word and focused on driving. Wendy was used to his indifference, so she didn't take it seriously. She shut her mouth and leaned against the window, turning her head to the outside. The neon lights at night were speeding back as the car passing by. Before Wendy could see the scene on the side of the road, the car suddenly stopped.

It's traffic light. At this moment, the sky was covered with snowflakes.

"Sam, it's snowing! " Wendy shouted excitedly.

"Okay! "

Unfortunately, the traffic light turned green soon. Sam drove away without hesitation. Wendy was so disappointed.

But fortunately, when they arrived at Sherry's house, a thin layer had already been laid on the ground. As soon as they stepped on it, it melted. Maybe some fairy's cotton was torn, and cotton like snowflakes fell endlessly.

It was the first time that Wendy had seen such a snow scene in the south. She was so happy that she almost forgot herself.

She picked up a handful of snowflakes and carefully protected them in her hands. She was really afraid of it melting in her hands.

Sam stepped forward and asked, "What are you doing? "

"Look at this snowflake. I don't dare to use too much force. It will turn into water and run away if I clench them. Just like you, I don't dare to get too close. As soon as I get close to you, you will automatically leave me away. " Her words were sincere, but also sad.

Under the warm yellow street lamp, the girl in a fluffy hat was staring at the snowflakes in her palm. The boy, one head taller than the girl, was attentively staring at the girl.

Hearing the sound of parking outside, Sherry enthusiastically came out to open the door. What he saw was such a beautiful scene. She thought that maybe tonight's arrangement was right. She silently took out her phone and took a picture. From her point of view, it just gave people a visual sense of a girl's attachment and a man's infinite love. In the warm light, the two people's heads turned white because of snowflakes.

"They all turned into water..."

Sam said in a low voice.

"It's too cold. Let's go inside! "

Wendy clapped her hands and walked in front of him.

Sherry greeted warmly, "Wendy, Sam, come in! " She dragged Wendy into the house and took a towel to brush the snow down for her.

"Sister, where is my brother-in-law? " Wendy suddenly found that the host was not here.

Sherry smiled awkwardly.

Sam is going to leave, Your brother-in-law want to prepare a table of dishes for him. He is showing off in the kitchen! "

Sam wanted to run away.

Wendy caught him quickly.

"Why are you running? Is the food cooked by my brother-in-law so unpleasant? "

Sam put on a bitter smile.

"I have been tortured by his food for seven years! "

At the same time, he gave a sympathetic look to Sherry.

Sherry said, "Wendy, you haven't tasted your brother-in-law's cooking, have you? No matter what you eat, please forgive me! " Then she put her hands together.

Wendy was confused. What happened?

It was not until there was a crackling sound like firecrackers in the kitchen that Wendy patted Sam's back with fear, "You have suffered a lot! "

"What? I knew you were here as soon as I heard it! " Austin said happily when he held a plate of unknown food and went out from the kitchen. Three of them stared at him dumbfounded.

Austin's mental quality was so strong that he ignored the three people's expressions and continued, "There are still two dishes left! You can watch TV on the sofa first now. Oh, Have some fruits first! " Then he walked into the kitchen again.

Wendy gave a surprised look to Sherry, and the latter shrugged.

"I want to take a photo and post it on micro-blog! " Sure enough, the two sisters said almost in unison. Austin, who used to be a calm and skilled gynecologist, had received many lives with one hand, gave them a good opportunity to catch people's attention with his cooking.

There were already five dishes on the table, But they looked not very delicious. The smell... She didn't dare to think about it.

After the two women took pictures and posted to blog, they started to waiting for comments on social media excitedly.

Sam walked into the kitchen and stunned. Is this the kitchen? This was like the scene of a murder!

"Excuse me. Are you going to make firecrackers for us? " Sam picked up an eggshell in the plate with his finger.

Austin was quite confident in his cooking skills.

In the living room, on the sofa.

Sherry was replying people's comments. Suddenly, she thought of something and clicked on WeChat.

A message alert sounded. Wendy clicked on the message sent by Sherry suspiciously and looked at her in confusion.

Sherry's face was full of smile, especially when she saw that the expression on Wendy's face changed from surprise to shyness, the smile on Sherry's face deepened. She approached Wendy as if she was presenting a treasure.

"What do you think? I'm goo

d at photographing, right? "

"Sister..."Tears welled up in Wendy's eyes. She didn't know why she wanted to cry.

"Oh, silly girl, I remember that when we were young, my mother often bought us a lot of delicious food and interesting things, and then let us choose by ourselves. At that time, as long as you liked anything, the fanaticism in your eyes was irresistible! You looked at Sam in the same way! " Sherry said seriously.

"I can't hide anything from you..."Wendy bit her lips.

Sherry touched Wendy hair lovingly and felt sorry for her. Her mother and Wendy's mother were sisters of the same kind. But since Wendy's mother had an accident, Wendy had closed her heart. Now she could learn to love someone so frankly, Sherry was really happy.

"Silly girl! "

"Honey, Wendy, dinner is ready! " Austin said.

Tears were still hovering in Wendy's eyes. When she suddenly saw Sam, who was also wearing an apron behind Austin, she forgot to cry.

Sam was born with good appearance and figure, so he looked good no matter what he wore. Unfortunately, he was standing together with Austin. It was not a pleasant picture but like a horror movie.

"Does Sam know how to cook? " Wendy asked in a low voice.

Sherry replied her with a look of course.

During the dinner, Austin proposed a toast to Sam.

The two men had nice conversation on the table. Sherry kept putting food into Wendy's bowl.

"Sister, what are you doing? "With a bitter look on her face, Wendy looked at the food in her bowl. Dish? Wendy was so depressed.

"Sister, you eat too. "Wendy didn't want to eat these unsavory food.

"Hmm... Hmm... " Sherry suddenly felt sick.

"Sister, what's wrong with you? " Wendy noticed Sherry's face changed, two men who were chatting with each other also looked at her.

All of a sudden, Sherry stood up and ran to the bathroom. Austin said sorry and followed her. Wendy wanted to follow them, but was stopped by Sam.

"What are you doing? "? "Are you going to get involved in other people's family affairs? " Sam smiled.

"What do you mean? "

"Silly girl, you may be going to be an aunt. "

"What? " Wendy was surprised and delighted.

"You've learned gynecology. You should have known the pregnancy reaction. " Sam shook his head, picked up a carrot and chewed it.

With the help of Austin, Sherry went back to her seat.

Wendy asked happily.

"Is that true? Are you pregnant? "

Sherry nodded with a smile.

"Then Austin will be very busy! "

"Yes, you're right. Austin didn't let me tell you and Sam before, because he want to give you a surprise. " Sherry exposed her husband's secret mercilessly.

"No wonder you didn't let me cook just now! "Sam exclaimed

Austin smiled sheepishly.

The host and guest enjoyed the dinner very much.

After dinner, Wendy politely refused to stay overnight. On the way back, Wendy kept talking. Sometimes, Sam would say something to her, but most of the time she said happily on her own.

During the way, Sam answered a phone call. Wendy noticed that he looked serious.

"What's wrong? "

Sam said without looking at her.

"I will fly to Malaysia tomorrow morning. "

The smile on Wendy's face froze, but she pretended to be relaxed after a while.

"Go and come back early! "

Sam didn't respond. He just looked at her calmly.

Wendy asked him when they arrived at her residence, "Then...Don't you go to the hospital tomorrow morning? "

"No, I won't. I'll take the plane at 7:40. "

"7:40..." She hadn't gotten up yet.

"Wendy, take care of yourself. " It took Sam a long time to come up with these words.

"You too! Go back and have a good rest! "

After saying good night to each other, Sam went back along the way he had come.

Wendy looked at the remaining exhaust gas of the car and thought that maybe she was too worried about it. Sam would go back over a period of time. Thinking of this, she calmed down a lot.

At night, Wendy tossed and turned in bed, and unable to fall asleep. There were lots of things lingering in her mind, including the changing attitude of Sam towards her and the good news that her cousin was pregnant.

At less than six o'clock in the morning of the second day, Wendy ran to the airport without make-up. She couldn't fall asleep for the whole night and was still in high spirits, so she decided to run and wait for Sam.

There was a long distance between her rental house and the airport. She had overestimated her physical strength. When she arrived at the airport, it was already half past seven. She estimated that Sam had already boarded the plane. Wendy was out of breath and annoyed.

However, who could tell her why the man standing at the security checkpoint looked so familiar? He seemed to be smiling at her, and he was still waving at her.

"So early? "

"Well...Because I don't want to leave Dr. Sam. "Wendy said frankly while gasping for breath.

"You didn't sleep well last night, did you? "

"What? " 'When did Sam learn to read people's minds? '

"Idiot!" Sam said with a smile.

At this time, a sweet girl's voice sounded from the broadcast of the airport, urging the passengers to board.

Wendy asked Sam, "Why haven't you boarded yet? "

"I'm waiting for an idiot, " Sam said

Wendy looked around but didn't see any idiot. Sam smiled helplessly.

"Just go! "

Sam nodded and entered the security checkpoint in a good mood.

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