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   Chapter 13 Restoring relationships (Part Two)

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Moreover, the man had changed six or seven responsible nurses one after another. There were two reasons. He had a bad temper and his wife was not reasonable. Besides, he often said something bad to bully some nurses, so no one was willing to take care of him.

"Hi, When am I going to have an operation? The new year is coming! " As soon as Wendy entered the ward, the greasy man on the bed spoke in a local accent, and his yellow teeth were undoubtedly exposed. He shouted loudly.

"Sir, you are not in a good condition for the surgery. " Wendy explained patiently.

"Humph! You said the same thing when I were in the hospital just now. But now, more than half a month has passed, and I don't get recovered at all. My husband has lost a lot of weight! Is this hospital deceiving us? " The one who spoke was his wife, who was not a considerate person. She was beautiful even in this age, but she never control herself. She looked like a shrew.

Good professional ethics reminded Wendy that she must calm down. In fact, it was common to meet such a patient in the hospital. Many people didn't believe hospital, so they took the sanatorium arranged by the doctor as a scam. When this kind of patients were in a bad mood, some nurses would be anxious. Wendy had lots of experience so she still said patiently.

"As you can see, we have been using medicine to lower his blood pressure and blood fat since he was hospitalized. His heart is not in good condition, and if he doesn't nurse his blood pressure and blood fat, I'm afraid that the operation won't be successful. You don't want to waste your time and money in vain, do you? "

Unexpectedly, the couple were stubborn.

Wendy had to keep a good temper and said, "Although this kind of medicine is a little expensive, the most important thing is the effect. Haven't you seen that your husband's spirit has been much better these days? We have made time available for you. When all the indexes become standard, we will have a doctor to perform the operation immediately! "

Sometimes attitude was really important.

The couple were dubious. Wendy took the opportunity to put his medicine on the drip and ordered him again after he took the tablets.

"Remember not to be emotional. Call me if anything happens!"

Seeing that the couple didn't say anything, Wendy's toes curled up in her shoes slowly loosened. God knew how nervous she was when she encountered such a thing.

"I was afraid that you would quarrel with each other when I heard the noise. " Lily knew too well about Wendy's impetuousness. She was very impatient most of time. She was used to quarrel with anyone who displeased her. The reason why she could be so patient to explain to the couple today was probably Sam.

"Do you think I have a better temper? "

Wendy smiled proudly.

"Go ahead! "

Wendy smiled heartlessly, but she was thinking about the couple in her heart. The man had been affected by the illness all year round. The earlier the operation was, the better. He had been hospitalized for so long, but no one had ever seen his children come to see him. Only his wife had always been with him! Maybe it was why he had bad temper.

Thinking of this, Wendy touched her forehead and sighed.

"Wendy, what's wrong? "

"Dr. Roy? " Wendy raised her head.

"Why are you sighing? What happened? " He continued to say, "Are you in a bad mood because of Sam's leave? Do you need me to arrange you go with him? "

Wendy rolled her eyes at him.

"Dr. Roy, are you still so idled? "

"Well, do you want me to be occupied by work? "

"I wish! But not Sam, I'm just thinking about the patient in bed 175. " Wendy frowned.

"What's wrong with him? " Roy asked.

"Should we have an operation on him? " It suddenly occurred to Wendy that maybe he would die if he got operation. That's why they delayed it again and again.

"Yes, it's quite troublesome. The liver function is weakened. He has stepped into the gate of death. Why they waste money in hospital? "

"Ah? What are you talking about? As a doctor, do you think it's appropriate for you to say that? We serve patients based on the principle of patient first and life first! How could you say something like that! " Wendy was annoyed by what Roy said.

"Well, I shouldn't have said that! But to be honest, if we can't extend his lives, what we can do is to improve the quality of his life! "

Wendy fell into silence. If a doctor said these words, it meant that the patient was really hopeless.

"Then...How long will it take? "

"I don't know. Maybe he can get recovered. If he can have operation, he should still have one or two years to live. But if..." He didn't finish his sentence, nor did he need to say it, Wendy knew it.

"Are you going to give up? "

"Sam have leaved, we can't find a doctor who is 50% sure of success! "

"So what? "

"I'm not sure either! " Roy lowered his head.

"In fact, I really envy the patient. "

"What? " Roy was confused.

"Although his child doesn't fulfill the duty as a child, at least his wife always take care of him. "

"Yeah, that's quite enviable! "

"Maybe this is the real love! "

Seeing her sadness, Roy patted her on her shoulder and said, "Wendy, death and illness are common for people. You have chosen to be a doctor, you must adjust your emotions when you are facing life and death. In the future, you will definitely encounter more such things. Do you want to be sad all the time? We should think more about what they need. "

Tears welled up in Wendy's eyes. She thought of her father

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